Scripts & Translations
Shining Force III Scenario 2: Target: Child of God
Chapter 1: The Journey of the Third Prince
Balsamo Town
Script typed up by: Chris Spiral
Script translated by: Beyd
A well probably is safe to assume...
that the building next to that well is not empty.
However, we should not let that concern us, we have a mission to carry out.
That explosion was no mere accident...
the blast was too large not to concern us.
The timing of the blast...
It is possible that that could be a message to us, the Imperial army is not seen favorably at this time, we should arrest those involved.
The person that caused the blast must know of the risk he faces...Do you think that when he is found, he'll be prepared to face Imperial laws?
There is an answer as to why that well was blown up...Let's search Balsamo to find the key to this puzzle. Let's move out.
If you try to leave the town
We haven't uncovered the truth behind the explosion in Balsamo. We cannot leave until we investigate the town!"
Exploring the town
Old Man:
I swear the Synbios army is part of the Bulzome Sect because I saw them enter the inn at the end of town.
They left the inn and came back a 2nd time...all the members of Synbios's army had the look of those who are ready to shed blood.
Young man:
The forces of the Imperial army were gatheres at the entrance until a few hours ago. I don't mind the troubles of this country... or the fact that regular Imperial troops are staying here.
The armies of the Empire and the Republic have to be deployed for the peace conference. But the reason some Imperial troops are here is to watch what those masked Bulzome Priests say. Because of those monks, Balsamo is held in a terrible light.
Are you an Imperial Prince?
In my eyes there is no way that you are an Imperial prince. Nope, I just can't believe it.
I knew it was useless to ask you that question. I mean, if you were a prince, surely you'd be more tasteful in what apperal you choose to wear. You'd also be well groomed. Do you think I'll ever see one of the princes'?
The explosion that just occured...I believe it happened around my neighbor, Duncan's house. I wonder, why did that explosion occur?
Maybe someone was cooking something, and it couldn't stand the heat from the stove...
I heard that one of the royal Princes' is trying to catch up with the Republic army. Do you think they came to this town?
if YES
Ha, so you're the team trying to play catch up!
Since you asked, I doubt that the Republic king, Benetram came to this sorry place, unless he was in disguise. Up until a little while ago, the Imperial army was blocking the entrance, however last time I checked, the soldiers were gone. Seriously, you expect the Empire to have soldiers that would stay at their posts in case someone does sneak in.
if NO
Obviously, if the 3rd prince was with you, he'd expect us loyal citizens to aid in the search for the Republic army, of which, I do have some information.
I saw the Synbios army visit the village chief, Tobi's father and then immediately disappear at Duncan's place.
if Bernard was saved in Scenario 1
Old Woman:
When the Bulzome Monks came to Balsamo, an Imperial soldier went into the inn to stop them, but he never came out.
However, after the Republic army entered the inn, I saw the soldier run from the inn. I'm glad that that crazy soldier was all right.
if Bernard wasn't saved in Scenario 1
Old Woman:
When the Bulzome monks came to Balsamo, an Imperial soldier went into the inn to stop them, But he never came out.
Many people are afraid of those Masked Monks. However, I don't see any reason to fear themsince all of the Imperial troops are around.
Former treasure hunting Man:
In the days of my youth, I followed many paths to ancient ruins that haven't been explored in centuries.
Today, the thieves of Dusty village are united under a single leader, unlike my days when we didn't follow a boss who's also a thief.
Former woman treasure hunter:
The thief that leads Dusty village pays royalties to the Imperial army. It is truly an agreement made in the shadows, set to hurt those that seek adventure in ancient tombs. Searching for treasure is the true bond that links the thieves to the Imperials. Shouldn't the Empire create a national excavation team instead of trusting the thieves?
House 1
Young Man:
You...You are a prince... if I'm not mistaken the youngest of the three...You are Medion, aren't you?
if YES
Young Man:
The peace conference was held in a place where nobility doesn't exist, that way the judge isn't under the command or on the payroll of a king or emperor. This is why you, Medion where called there, because you can understand the way the commoners feel about this issue, because you are familiar with it, right?
if NO
Young Man:
So, you are going around, masquerading as a prince. how could anyone do something like that? It seems so useless for you to dress in armor with the symbol of the Empire and say you're not a prince. I don't believe a word you say!
Woman in house 1:
Since you have the status of Imperial prince, you've probably been on many trains in your lifetime, right?
Railhead is a big export city north of Balsamo, and naturally I dream of riding one of those trains one day. But, I've heard it is hard to gain passage onto one of those big machines!
House 2
Girl in house 2:
The men of the army enter the houses of their people freely. Most of the time, they rudely search drawers, and jars and take things from us. Since you're an Imperial prince, I hope you don't take any of those irreplaceable items that we keep hidden. Please, be polite and ask before you take.
Man in house 2:
So, the army has come to search for the remnants of the Republic army that was recently spotted here. I assure you that no one has entered this house, so there is no need for a thorough search.
Woman in house 2:
I'm sorry if my child showed you an impolitness. What a child says doesn't mean anything, their words are empty. But, my child did mean to impart some wisdom on you.
Tobi's father:
I admit that... I did the Synbios army escape this town. I know that what I did was wrong, but I sensed a precious trait not many have in this common day. If you do catch up to them... I beg you,...please don't hand them over to the Empire. I know you're the only person that will listen to my plea.
My body has shown it's age for sometime now...
However, with age comes wisdom which helps the people in this town. Also, it is sweet to the ears to hear your grandchild say your name.
Even if you lose all of your money, lose fame... Life is still sweet when you hear the cries of your own grandchild.
Man at inn:
I always love to order beer with my meals to wash everything down...also, the atmosphere in this place allows many to speak what on their mind.
Person at inn counter:
Welcome to our town's inn. Are you looking for a room? All the rooms are vacant at the moment... so you can chose the room that you like.
Lady in inn:
I cannot believe that a meal could... be this heavy. I'm afraid I won't be able to finish it, so if you want, you can have the rest?
Boy in church:
I see that the prince, Medion has come to the church to pray. I hope you didn't lose anyone in a battle.
The battles on the Balsamo plains has died down, and in order to successfully command an army, one should know when to fight, and when to run.
Old woman in church:
Many of the citizens look up to you Medion, which is why you should be the one to entrust the Empire's future.
You take time out of your busy scheduale to talk to the commoners of the kingdom. You seem like you're going to be the best ruler our country has seen.
Woman in church:
You are probably the best of the princes'. You are polite and well educated. I will be happy when the Empire is in your hands.
Even though the Republic army is the enemy of the Empire, they were probably the most kind-hearted bunch I've ever spoken to.
Imperial HQ
I cannot take it anymore, this fever, and uncontrollable shaking will not stop...If I don't have the antidote soon, I'm sure that I will perish... Please, you don't happen to have fairy powder, do you?
You can tell by looking at me, that I am vigorous, however, my companions are weak. On our way into town, we were attacked, most of my companions were wounded severly, however, one of my companions might be saved.
Prince, I beg you, save her, please.
After using Fairy powder on Waltz
(Shouting) I'M WELL!
I've been cured, cured I say.
I thought for sure that the poison would be the end of me. But you understood the dire situation I was in, and completely cured me.
So, in the name of our great Empire, I beg of you, Prince, to add me to your troops! I shall be a great asset to your army.
By the way, Prince medion, about those masked monks...Are you a little concerned about the teachings of Bulzome?
I think that those monks of Bulzome know something about the incident in which the Emperor was kidnapped. I can sense an aura of evil here, so why not check out the masked monks?
You did it, you saved Waltz. After a little rest in this town, I think that I'm ready to return to combat, so, young prince, I shall join your entourage.
Now, if you believe what Waltz told you, how about we go and investigate Dusty Village?
When we first arrived in town, I remember seeing many shady messangers travel here from Dusty, and meet with some of the priests from the Bulzome Sect.
Dusty Village is a good place to start, you can usually find good rumors running around that might hald some truths to the answers that you seek. But, people also attempt to try anything to make fast money.
Imperial soldier:
(It is unfortunate...but he does not seem to be moving.
He does not reply to your questions...)
It is unfortunate that the Imperial...soldiers that defended Balsamo lost the trail of Synbios and King Benetram, they must be in this town, there is only one entrance.
But, there is many people in someone must know their whereabouts.
The Emperor could still be held in Balsamo, and if the Medion armor is able to retrieve him, we can expect much praise.
All of the quarrels with your two older siblings... could be forgotten if you are able to achieve this.
The kidnappers of the emperor... The Synbios army is still in this town somewhere. We must...alot of luck on our side!
The Synbios battalion isn't necessarily lacking combat strength. They have the horseman, Dantares on their side, we can not underestimate them!
In order to protect the family name from generation to generation, the first born child is hoped to be a male, that is what my father desired of me. However, I was the only child born to him, and so my father decided to raise me as a man. Please, treat me as you would any...male warrior.
Waltz almost died coming to this village, all because of some lowly bat's poison...But, Waltz is always brave, she fought the poison for a long time, she never showed the weaknesses of women, but acted like a man.