Scripts & Translations
Shining Force III Scenario 2: Target: Child of God
Chapter 2: The People's Rebellion
Anafect Village
Script typed up by: Chris Spiral
Script translated by: Commodore Zog (Aspinia Team)
Translation revised by: DamonD
Medion, let?s look around town and find the village chief. We need to meet with him as soon as we can!
Young Man:
With the recent fighting just outside town, the presence of the battlefield seems to be coming to the village. Even so, the people do not seem worried.
Man Standing at Wall:
There were some thieves from Dusty village who ran off in that direction. There?s no ruins over there? I?ll bet they?re attacking the train! Saraband won?t be too happy about this. I?m sure they?ll retaliate.
Man Near Pub:
Aside from those staying in the inn, all the people in this village live in boats. You can never make me take a life like that! Usually, people have to sleep on the boats too, but they always shake! How can anyone sleep when the boats are always moving around like that?
It?s very difficult to get to Barrand by ship. But still, someone who comes to Anafect quite often keeps trying. The difficulty lies in the tide, since it?s only possible to cross on foot at low tide. At high tide, the area is flooded, but not deep enough for a ship. You can find the remains of many ships in that canal?
Old Woman:
We of Anafect usually don?t expect such large-scale combat near such a quiet village. Because nothing like this has ever occurred before, there was no way we could try to stop the battle. Some of the people who were killed are buried in the small graveyard next to the inn.
Old Man:
To catch fish, all the big ships leave the port. The mid-sized ships usually have difficulty getting out with all the large ships. The village chief stays here in town to help these ships.
When you think about how large this war is right now, it does not appear to be a problem. After all, no army has yet been completely destroyed. Just to be safe, people went to warn the village chief, just in case a Republican Army shows up. Things could turn much worse at any moment.
Being able to become a strong soldier seems very important, even to women. I don?t follow this sort of information, but Mr. Shrine's wife is very strong. She?s in really good shape!
The Imperial Armies are attacking the Republican Armies. Most of the Republic?s support lines have already been cut. Mr. Shrine?s wife managed to see this assault in action! To witness such an event is truly extraordinary.
Man 1 in Bar:
For those of us who live in Anafect, it?s very difficult to meet people from other villages. The village chief can prevent any ship from docking here. Those ships that are denied must find a moor out in the river. The dock staff report on incoming ships to the village chief.
Man 2 in Bar:
A large ship went out fishing earlier. It hasn?t returned yet, and many of us are getting worried?
Man 3 in Bar:
The village chief's ship is prepared to sail at any time in case of an emergency. But once the ship is on its way, we cannot return for a while. It takes a long time to maneuver such a big ship! My own ship is docked just outside now. I?m waiting to meet someone, but they haven?t shown up yet. Drinking can help pass the time.
Man 4 in Barryudo:
If you wish to speak to the village chief, don?t yell to attempt to find him! That?s just silly. You might try going out on the pier.
Waitress 1 in Bar:
A sailor is a frank, honest person. However, a person used to the sea can have a difficult time making a living on land. I?ve seen people like that give up, sail away, and leave everything behind.
Waitress 2 in Bar:
We have a special guest today in the inn. He was injured in the battle outside town, but is not yet well enough to speak to anyone. He?s still recovering.
Some of the sailors who hang out at this bar are of rough nature, but most of them tell good jokes!
Woman 1 On 2nd Floor of Bar:
To unwind from a long trip at sea, a sailor usually drinks when he is on land. Being a sailor is a very different lifestyle. Those of us who work at the bar have a different kind of life too. We work at night and sleep during the day.
Woman 2 On 2nd Floor of Bar:
Ah! Are you coming to visit us? Well, it is nice to stay in this inn. If I may say so, it?s the best inn around!
Sailor On Second Floor of Bar:
Being able to sleep in a bed on land, like this one, is an amazing luxury to sailors like myself. Because I will be leaving soon, I decided to relax one more time up here. The bed seems even more comfortable right now?
Independant account of a keen traveller. After our sea journey, the men were in good spirits. They have been excellent companions on my travels.
Man 1 On 2nd Floor of Bar:
I?m a midshipman on one of the ships here. It?s a pretty low rank. Everyone always orders me around because they need this, or they need that? Why can?t they get what they need themselves? It makes me mad.
Man 2 On 2nd Floor of Bar:
I?m a shipbuilder. The type of ship I build is easy and fast to construct because it is so small. Even if people think the days of manufacturing are dead, at least some will listen to my ideas and my business could become very successful.
Independant account of a keen traveller. Travelled to Barrand, and we saw the famous submerged road...I must go back later to see it again sometime.
Man 3 On 2nd Floor of Bar:
If a big ship comes back into port, then that means it?s my turn to unload it. After that, I?ve got to look for dead fish onboard and get rid of them. It?s not a very nice job, but the resulting delicacy from some of the fish is truly exquisite!
Boy in Boat 1:
Whenever sailors go out on long trips, they always seem very happy to return.
Woman in Boat 1:
Working on a ship out at sea is a dangerous job, and some people do not return. However, my husband, who just went fishing, is embarrassed for leaving the children at home. I don?t know what he?s thinking. It?s much safer here.
Man in Boat 2:
My ship's meaning is different from all the others. It shares in my life's work. It earns money by going out fishing in the ocean. After a while, I can earn enough money to buy a bigger ship. Eventually, if I keep this up, I?ll have the biggest ship in the harbor!
Woman in Boat 2:
The dream of my husband is just plain silly. He wants to stop the fishing industry from using this area so he can go swimming instead. It?s a bit selfish, but it does seem like a good idea?
Man in Boat 3:
The sand bar north of here extends into the Barrand canal. At high tide, the shallow waters are masked. Without a skilled captain to avoid the area, ships can run aground, and sometimes everyone on board can drown?
Aunt in Boat 3:
Whenever a war occurs, the Sea Guardian arises from his sleep. Timing for this is terrible at the moment. As the creature wakes up, it can catch people without warning. Only anyone who?s actually escaped this creature can fully explain the terror?
Old Man in Boat:
My son is the captain of a very large ship. The power systems to the boat are amazing, and it has excellent maneuverability. Do you think captains of the Empire?s steamships might want to use technology like this?
Old Woman in Boat 4:
The captains of large ships allegedly have an excellent income, but it?s still not enough. The tax rate for a captain is barbaric. Regular citizens have much lower taxes, but they?re still too high!
Weapon Dealer:
Barrand is a very critical place, as both the Empire and the Republic both want to control it. Trying to get to Barrand via ship is very difficult because of the nearby shallow water. There?s also a reef on the shore bordering Elbesem, and that?s equally dangerous. The safest way to get there is on foot, from the Imperial lands in the east.
Item Dealer:
The road to the Sacred Ground, Elbesem only appears at low tide. The only thing you can do until then is to sit and wait. Are you planning to travel by ship? I strongly suggest you think again? Even so, the area is very beautiful this time of year.
To get to the Holy Land of Elbesem, you must be ready to cross the sandbar at the exact moment the tide goes out, maybe even a little early. While in the passage, you can feel the Sacred Ground beneath your feet. It?s quite exhilarating.
Out the back door of the inn?
Produn Soldier 1:
General Produn doesn?t really want us to destroy anything here in Imperial territory, right?
Produn Soldier 2:
True, but with the merging of Garzel and Spiriel?s forces, there was nothing we could do but fight. Even so, the chance of our victory in that battle was terrible.
Produn Soldier 1:
But only a few moments later, that female priest of Bulzome showed up. While Garzel was planning his assaults and strategies, Spiriel?s army was encircled?
Produn Soldier 2:
General Spiriel was captured. The remaining forces moved north? do you know what happened after that?
Produn Soldier 1:
I'm not sure. But I?m glad we escaped when we did. Otherwise, we might have ended up like the others?
Produn Soldier 2:
I only wonder what happened to Spiriel, even though she is an Imperial General. I?m quite curious. Maybe General Produn knows. Should we go ask him?
Produn Soldier 1:
That sounds like a good idea. We should also thank him for getting us out of that battle? Speaking of which, where did he go?
Produn Soldier 2:
He went to find a well-equipped ship to get us back to Aspinia. I?m not sure what a good idea that is, since we?re still inside the Empire? someone might track him.
Produn Soldier 1:
Let?s go look for him. Agreed?
Cut back to Medion
General Garzel is from Price Arrawnt's division. He strongly supported the plan to overthrow the Republic. Why didn?t he completely demolish the Produn army?
It is strange? but General Spiriel is in this area too, and has had a bad encounter with a Bulzome high priest. What do you suppose is going on? These events must all be related.
We need to meet with the village chief very soon. If Produn's troops borrow that ship, there's no way we can get it back.
To find Emperor Domaric, we?ll probably need a ship with high mobility and steam-powered engines. Once we get to Barrand, General Rogan should be able to help us.
That high priest of Bulzome put a curse on General Spiriel... but why? If only I could get inside one of those Monk?s heads to see what they?re planning!
I?m starting to suspect the Garzel army and the Bulzome sect worked together. Why are they cooperating? As long as we can spare time to solve the mystery, we must find out what happened.
Here, there, just about everywhere, we can see traces of the war between the Empire and Republic. We cannot neglect this in our search, as someone from either side will surely try to stop us.
The Garzel army... The Spriel army... None of us yet understand that fight? What bad timing. We need to keep moving, but this is just another stone in the road.
Produn of the Republic, Garzel of the Empire? Spiriel? the reason behind all this isn?t clear.
When I was in Balsamo, I overheard the conversations among those high priests? I was tied up in the next room, but I can tell you that Prince Arrawnt and the Bulzome sect are definitely involved in this complex conspiracy we?ve stumbled across.