Scripts & Translations
Shining Force III Scenario 2: Target: Child of God
Chapter 2: The People's Rebellion
Rainside Village
Script typed up by: Chris Spiral
Script translated by: Guido Anchvoy 16 (Aspinia Team)
Translation revised by: DamonD
Young Man:
I saw you arrive last night. Welcome to Rainside.
Fellow 1:
In the east there is a sea of trees where I honed all my skills at lumbering. One thing you should know is that it is forbidden to cut down anything in the area where the highest trees grow. Elves live there and will play tricks on you while you sleep and work.
Fellow 2:
Are you here to challenge the General of the Republican army?
A Republican army of Aspinia left here a while ago. It had little activity until yesterday. Then they were busily preparing to march when they left this morning.
The Republican Army was here on an expedition to restock their provisions. The battalion is on the run and is most certain to march into a front. Most of their soldiers sure spent a lot of time in the bar. In fact, some were left behind...
You came from the cave in the southwest? If anyone asks, please don't tell them about the passage. It's a secret.
Wasp Maki Fellow 1:
I don't believe the rumors that we're supporting the Republican army by giving them food. This village eats enough as it is. Dividing any of it up would starve us.
Wasp Maki Fellow 2:
I don't understand how the war could reach such a place as Rainside? But one thing I can tell you that there's a lot of anger on the streets.
The Republicans are crossing the ridge east of this village. I'll have to get to higher ground ta' see all the fightin'!
This town has been lucky, we avoided combat somehow even though two armies have moved through here. Most generals' are an impetuous lot but you seem different. I recommend staying out of harms way if you can.
Wood Elves are sometimes called sprites or fairies. Wood Elves are rarely seen in public these days. They are quick to defend their natural habitats from predators.
Have you seen the chicken coop?
Begin choice options
if YES
Have you given them any feed? There's plenty about, if you take a look around for it.
if NO
You should go and have a look. The chickens are very friendly, especially if you have food for them. The men usually feed the chickens...but the seed order hasn't turned up quite yet.
Young Man in private house 1:
My daughter always begs to have fish for dinner but we've only been able to hunt in the mountains. I guess she'll just have to give it up for a while...
Woman in private house 1:
Deer and other animals are being hunted for in the mountains instead of fish. With this war, you can't hang around the streams too much because armies are occupying them.
Girl in private house 1:
I don't like fish! They're slimy and they smell!
Recipe for seafish. Take some berries and herbs, and put them into a heated bowl. Then slice the fish into pieces, mix it in, and cook until ready.
Grandpa in private house 2:
The Republican army that just left apparently was General Edmund's. Considering what's happened at Saraband I don't blame him for leaving so soon.
Grandmother in private house 2:
I was so delighted that such a brave and honorable General as Edmund stayed at Rainside, even if it was for one night. I've heard a rumor that General Garzel is stationed nearby, maybe that's why he left?
The Guardian Statue in Barrand. The Guardian Statue regulates and amplifies the flow of positive energy from Elbesem. By fulfilling this role, it also damps down the power of the Dark Force.
Woman in private house 3:
The people were dissatisfied with Tybalt's rule because he always put the army first and them second.
Fellow in private house 3:
Even if Barrand becomes under the rule of the Empire its influences on our village will most likely be small. We're not some big, important city. Rainside's on the frontier and won't even be noticed.
Aunt in private house 3:
General Rogan governs Barrand now. I hear he is well respected and exceeds the previous ruler.
Soldier 1 in bar:
Even if you may believe you're going to the front prepared you should always have scouts and messengers go ahead to make sure. General Edmund does it often to avoid needless battles. I think the last communication said that he will make it to Aspia, but I'm always the last one to hear anything. I'm so relieved, I can't wait to see his face again.
Soldier 2 in bar:
Many of General Edmund's subordinates are participating in a secret strategy at this time. Many of us are dissatisfied with the politics of the present Republic and a portion of our army is cooperating with a radical sect of the Empire in hopes of a reformation. I, as well as other soldiers, am torn between loyalties. We've stationed ourselves here to wait and see what happens. Personally, I'm kind of hoping they will succeed. How about you, I would think that you'd be celebrating at the fall of the Republic.
Aunt 1 in bar:
Our village has begun to stock up on food, although preserves are far from delicious. No flavor's practically left after you cook or boil it again. There's just no comparison to fresh food.
Aunt 2 in bar:
Sorry, we've stopped serving breakfast and dinner so that we may provide for Barrand, which is having farming problems. But please come by in the evening for supper. There's nothin' like our mutton!
Bar Keep:
Don't be so anxious because there's Republican soldiers around. I've heard they've been having friendly relations with the stationed Imperial armies. I doubt there will be any fights.
Fellow 1 in hotel room:
Because of this stupid war, it is impossible to go out safely in these parts and chop down a good tree. We're getting low on kindling too...On top of that, the war between the Empire and the Republic have caused the food supply of Barrand to deteriorate. Food distribution between our two peoples will be a difficult balance, but we're they're lifeline now.
Fellow 2 in hotel room:
We're practically starving ourselves from this food aid to Barrand. Luckily, if the people in this town can stock and save their foodstuffs properly, we may just make it. We'll just have to cut back on commodities, like pie, for a while. Personally, I'm more worried about the lumberjacks that work away from home and how we're going to get food to them.
Independant account of a keen traveller. In the central office in Barrand, I learned of a village hidden inside the so-called Sea of Forests. Several reliable witnesses claim to have been there, and I trust their words.
Carpenter in hotel room:
I may just be a simple lumberjack, but I'd like to think that I know a thing or two about the world. This civil war has the same root that all wars have, money. Doesn't the selfish bourgeois understand it's meaningless? Look at me, and all the other hard working people of this village: when we all work together to mend the hotel the hotel, we grow together and make life better. You'll find that money won't do that.
Knight 1 in republic base:
We can't go anywhere right now until we receive our orders. When the next expedition is not a secret operation, we'll be called in.
Knight 2 in republic base:
The movement of goods for the Republic will have to be protected by the army. Even knights may have to traffic goods across the trade routes.
Knight 3 in republic base:
Since I haven't been keeping up with my training, the load I'm carrying feels like it's crushing me! I'm embarrassed to see that some of the civilians of this town are strapping around a lot more than me with ease.
Accomplished writer needed...will work out of Barrand and nearby villages. Report to General Edmund for more details!
Grandmother in church:
The father came to this small village only a few years ago. We welcome the chance to finally pray to Elbesem.
Fellow in church:
The father has preached to us that the food situation is a test from Elbesem on our souls and faith.
Woman in church:
Today's minister is strange. Recently, his sermons have been preaching cryptic soliloquies. Because of this, many followers' faiths are turning to the Bulzome of the North.
For the past few days I have become more aware of some unpleasant presentiments that are affecting the power of Elbesem. For instance, the villagers of this town have become lax in their faith. However, Elbesem defends himself with divine protection. Verily, wrath and damnation will fall upon the person that controls this negative power. Therefore, it is unnecessary to worry.
Weapons Shop Owner:
The weapons trade has been dismal out here in the frontier. However, since this war started, people have started buying up arms like crazy. It's so strange to see folk buying up expensive weapons in a town such as this one.
Item Shop Owner:
For a brief time, there was a strange looking chicken in the chicken coop of this village. Its color and size was nothing like any poultry I've ever seen. Maybe it wasn't a chicken at all, but it at least was some kind of bird. If we had an egg, maybe we could tell what the heck it was if you hatched the thing.