Scripts & Translations
Shining Force III Scenario 2: Target: Child of God
Chapter 3: The Road of Pilgrimage
The Town of Barrand
Script typed up by: Chris Spiral
Script translated by: Florent (Aspinia Team)
Translation revised by: DamonD
Imperial Soldier 1:
(Stella was spared)
General Rogan is a good friend of your, prince. He is away with the Seagate for now but I don?t think he went very far. Please wait here for his return.

(Stella was killed)
I?m sorry, prince. I know you would like to talk with General Rogan... He left because of that Republican general who suddenly visited the town. After his meeting with General Rogan, they decided to leave quickly with the Seagate...

Imperial Soldier 2:
(Stella was spared)
We put an end to the civil war in Barrand. Now, the town is finally in peace. Yet, the climate around here is quite tense these days.

(Stella was killed)
We put an end to the civil war in Barrand. Now, the town is finally in peace. Yet, the climate around here is quite tense those days. But why did a Republican general come here to talk with General Rogan? Moreover, they went out to the front together. It doesn?t make any sense...

Imperial Soldier 3:
Though the building over was the Republican lord?s one, now the Barrand army, lead by General Rogan, uses it as its headquarters.
Imperial Soldier 4:
(Stella was spared)
Lord Tybalt?s former office is the building right over here. It?s a really big place and now, it has become our headquarters.

(Stella was killed)
Lord Tybalt?s former office is the building right over here. We don?t who built it but now it has become our headquarters.

Imperial Soldier 5:
This well is a secret path that leads to the well inside the prison.
When you come out from this secret passage
Imperial Soldier 5:
This well leads to the prisons and is quite dangerous. So, it?s not a very useful secret path.
Bald Man 1:
Tybalt, who was the former lord of Barrand, was trapped inside his office when the Imperial army invaded. The building was cornered and yet, he and several soldiers were missing when the office was taken. The Imperial army inspected carefully the building to find the secret path he used but they didn?t manage to find it...
Bald Man 2:
The Imperial soldiers are still investigating the secret path in the wall. What?s the use since it?s not the right one?
Young Man:
(Stella was spared)
A Republican guy showed up in the north. It seems he was a Republican general. He was facing the town when, suddenly, a private ship landed near here. That Republican guy embarked into the ship. I can?t believe a ship was sent for only one general.

(Stella was killed)
A Republican general showed up in the plains in the west. He came straight to Barrand and wanted to talk with General Rogan. General Rogan then told us that a general was named Edmund and he described him as a hero. We were really surprised to hear such things...

Yesterday, I was looking toward the island of Elbesem when suddenly I saw a strange and huge thing flying in the sky. I wonder what it was... Maybe it was a eerie and frightening pterosaur monster... Who knows?
Old Woman:
There?s an old knight locked up in the prison of the office. I heard he had a quarrel with Lord Tybalt just before the civil war so he was put in jail. It?s really sad to see such a splendid knight in jail. He did a lot for the inhabitants of Barrand. Indeed, he worked very hard to reduce the taxes. Too bad it had to end up like this for him...
(Stella was spared)
General Edmund from the Republic was on that private ship the Seagate went after. I am sure it was him since I saw him many times in the past. Indeed he often came to the town when the Republic was ruling this territory.

(Stella was killed)
Tybalt, our former governor, was a bit weird... He didn?t like very much children. On the contrary, General Edmund, who came to town a little while ago, seems to really like children. He played with me a lot in the past.

The Imperial occupation of Barrand is really hard to live for us. Yet, General Rogan doesn?t seem to be a bad man. But, I don?t think the situation will be better for us than the one under Lord Tybalt?s rule.
Old Man:
When people think that their leaders have overpassed their rights, a civil war is unavoidable. The civil war in Barrand is a good example of that. The military men were keeping most of the food for themselves while the common people were starving...
(Stella was spared)
You want to know why the Seagate left? They told us that it?s because a private ship moored near Barrand. They went after it.

(Stella was killed)
You want to know why the Seagate left? They went to investigate about the crisis in Elbesem as General Edmund from the Republic advised them to do. General Rogan believed in General Edmund?s story so they left together with the Seagate. They headed to the south end of the island of Elbesem.

The lack of food was the main reason of the civil war in Barrand. Even with the starvation here, Lord Tybalt still gave some food to poorer towns near the frontier. A riot was unavoidable...
Elbesem Monk 1:
After the serious affair which occurred in Elbesem yesterday, our training monks came to the town. It?s the first time such a accident happened in the road to the holy land. The Imperial army that has used the road has just... disappeared!
Elbesem Monk 2:
The explosion in Elbesem yesterday only damaged a bit the outside walls of the temple, fortunately. There was no damage inside the temple. The ancient civilization was really good in architectural. That?s why the temple wasn?t much damaged.
House 1
Young Man:
In old legends, some sea boas are said to live near the road to Elbesem. I didn?t believe in this story, but after what happened to the Imperial army yesterday, I have some doubts...
I?m sure those Imperial soldiers who went to investigate have been eaten by sea boas. According to me, it?s the only possible explanation of their mysterious disappearance...
Myths about sea monsters have persisted for some time. In the oceans around Elbesesm, an old legend told of sea monsters suddenly appearing, and attacking people.
House 2
Old Man:
Sea boas are said to live underwater near the road to Elbesem for long times. With the accident that happened near the road yesterday, I guess the sea boas have finally awoken.
Old Woman:
In old legends, the sea boas are as big as mountains. Moreover, if even we manage to defeat one, another one will appear. It?s said that a lot of men tried to defeat them, but everybody failed. Water is their element so there?s nothing we can do against them. Some tried to use driftwood to reach them and to have greater chances to kill them but it ended up in a failure as well.
House 3
There are prisons in the basement of the ex-lord?s office. Some soldiers ran toward there when the Imperial army invaded. There?s something strange about this place...
I?m sure the Imperial army let a lot of Republican soldiers escaped during the invasion of Barrand. That General Rogan is really a nice guy. I?m sure he?ll let go sooner or later the few Republican soldiers who were caught...
House 4
Father 1:
(Stella was spared)
When that private ship approached ashore, I was cooling myself on the beach. I suddenly hid in the first hideout I found and stayed hidden until the ship left. I heard some very strange things about that mysterious ship. Do you want to hear about them?

- Yes
We heard the voice of a man who seemed to be the captain of the ship. He said to his subordinate that someday he will have to repay Prince Medion for his kindness. Moreover, they took with them a Republican guy who was coming from the north.

- No
Yes, you?re right, it was really scary. I did the right thing by hiding when they arrived. Oh my God! I?ve heard some many things that I can?t remember everything. But I think the name of the man who seemed to be the captain was Produn.

(Stella was killed)
When General Edmund arrived, I was cooling myself on the beach so I wasn?t able to see him. He?s a great man. Do you want to know more about him?

- Yes
He has strong opinions. For him, the ideal society should be based on equality between all the people. It?s the only way for people to be truly happy, according to him.

- No
When General Edmund came to visit Barrand in the past, he had big quarrellings with Lord Tybalt about his way of ruling the territory. General Edmund seemed to be very disappointed by the way the Republic was taking... I agree a bit with him...

Father 2:
According to recent reports from the events in Elbesem yesterday, the temple seems to have received some damages. We are really worry. I wanted to go there immediately but, because of the disappearance of those Imperial soldier on the road to the holy land, the road has been closed and traffic is prohibited.
History of Barrand.
Raids and attacks between the Empire and the Republic over this territory have been commonplace, ever since the founding of the Republic.
The Holy Road to Elbesem.
During low tide, the waves part and a path is revealed that allows you to reach the Holy Land. When it is high tide, the waves rise and the path disappears back into the depths.
Weapons Shop
Hmm... I don?t know if the weapons I sell are effective against those sea boas from legends. Buy them first and then judge their efficiency by yourself!
Items Shop
After the yesterday events, almost every Imperial soldiers are stationed in the city. What a bunch of cowards!
What?s happening to our world? Recently, I felt some bad powers in the direction of Elbesem...
In the HQ
What a deception! After all the dangers we encountered to reach Barrand, General Rogan is away with the Seagate. Now, Medion?s army is the only one that can go and see what?s happening in Elbesem. We have to find a way to leave the town as quickly as possible.
The departure of the Seagate strangely coincides with our arrival. We are really unlucky.
Julian fell in the rapids where the flows are really strong and yet he managed to survive. Moreover, he said he awakened far away from the river. Did somebody save him from the rapids?
Though he doesn?t want to say why, Julian?s main objective is to kill Galm. After what we saw, I think the people who want to challenge him are really reckless...
Even if I?m not a religious one, I still want to visit Elbesem. Your mind is washed in such a peaceful place.
I still remember of the wonderful fishes I ate in Anafect. There were the best fishes I?ve ever eaten! But the fish is quite good in here too.
I?m very sorry that General Rogan isn?t here, Prince Medion, especially after our long trip. It?s too bad that we don?t have the time to wait for his return...
Do you think the Bulzome Sect is related to this accident on the road to the holy land? I think they are behind the troubles that occurred in Elbesem those last days...
The appearance of the town wasn?t changed a lot since I last come to Barrand to visit Lord Tybalt of the Republic. Yet, the relations between the inhabitants and the army is worse than ever...
Barrand is located at the entrance of the holy land of Elbesem. It?s much bigger than our small village. Let?s buy some souvenirs!
I was severely wounded during my short battle against Galm. I don?t remember very well what happened after I fall into the rapids. But it?s a miracle if I?m still alive. Next time, I?ll be more careful and I?ll not be defeated so easily!