Scripts & Translations
Shining Force III Scenario 2: Target: Child of God
Chapter 3: The Road of Pilgrimage
Stamp Village
Script typed up by: Chris Spiral
Script translated by: Florent (Aspinia Team)
Translation revised by: DamonD
A village on the trees just before us... I?d never heard of it before... We should visit it before we leave.
People who don?t know about the life in the Elves Forest think this village is very small. However, people who take time to visit Stamp Village understand that our houses are on the trees.
Child 1:
The girl who rules the Elves Forest often comes to see us and reads us fairy tales. She?s very nice. Her stories are about girls who are waiting for a prince to marry with or about a maiden who finds the true love...
Child 2:
In the Elves Forest, everybody live on the trees. We really enjoy living here! But outsiders don?t really understand us...
Child 3:
A girl from the Imperial army came out of the base a little while ago was really strange... She looked at us like if we were ghosts then panicked and ran back into the base.
Child 4:
Do you think I?m a child?
Begin choice options
Child 4:
I?m not. I?m an adult dwarf. Thinking that small people can only be children is quite discriminating. Especially when it comes from an tall adult person...
Child 4:
Hmm... you?re very wise. I guess you saw in my eyes and understood.
Generally, when people come to our village, we all go to welcome them. However, with all those evil guys around yesterday, we weren?t able to welcome you when you arrived. It was too dangerous.
Weapon Shop Owner:
Because Stamp Village is always in peace, my shop is only visited by travelers. Business runs really bad...
Wood Elves usually have no need of weapons. Activity in the woods is quiet, and everyday concerns revolve around achieving a simple life. A light, easy and compact living is the ideal.
Item Shop Owner:
Here, in the Elves Forest?s Item Shop, we sell a lot of interesting items. Please buy whatever you want.
Wood Elf Lifestyle.
During the day, they are busy and active. At night, they sleep inside the thick-trunked trees of the forest
Man in the Church:
We elves, live much longer than humans. I?m sure you?ve already noticed that we never look like old, haven?t you? Instead, when we become very old, we suddenly die. But, it?s a peaceful death.
Woman in the Church:
We don?t fear old age since we always stay young. So, we always are in good health. Isn?t it a wonderful life?
Child 1 in the Church:
Because the forest and the trees are part of our life, we?ll never let anyone ruin them. Look! The tree just over here is the oldest and biggest tree in the forest... However, some people are cutting trees in the west part of the forest...
Child 2 in the Church:
Even if it may seem a bit strange to you, we are strong believers. We come to the church very often.
The ground part of Stamp Village, in the Elves Forest, is very lively on daytime. However, when night comes, the elves go up on the trees... I?m the only one who stays here during the night. I?m a bit lonely but I really enjoy this loneliness. I?m quite accustomed to it now.
Child 1 in the Trees:
There?s no chief in Stamp Village. But David, who lives in the biggest tree, takes care of the management of the village.
Child 2 in the Tress:
We have a lot of great singers in the Elves Forest. But, the best one is the beautiful Hedoba. She often sings in the top of the biggest tree of the village. Because of her wonderful voice, every male elf wants to have a date with Hedoba. However, she?s in love with David.
Legend of the 7 Dwarves.
One day, as they all returned home from a hard day working in the mountains, the 7 Dwarves found a princess sleeping in one of their beds.
The princess had been poisoned by an evil ring and would not wake. Taking a white horse, the dwarves searched high and low for a prince. Legend had it that a kiss from a prince would wake the girl!
Child 3 in the Trees:
The corridor of trees, which starts at the top of the biggest tree of the village, continues to the south edge of the mountain range. It?s called the Sea of Trees and is a very beautiful road where there is a lot of fog.
Woman 1 in the Trees:
David is an excellent ranger. He explores the forest very often to whether or not it is in danger.
Woman 2 in the Trees:
The Elves Forest has very strong relationships with Elbesem. In the past, David studied in the Ootera Academy of Elbesem.
Woman 3 in the Trees:
Barrand is now occupied by Imperial armies. General Rogan is their commander. But the inhabitants of Barrand seem to like General Rogan. Right now, there are a lot of soldiers in Barrand to maintain peace. Indeed, only a few have passed since their invasion...
Man in the Trees:
The Guardian Statue of Elbesem was built on the hill near the waterfall, just north of Barrand. The Guardian Statue amplifies the holy powers of Elbesem and protects us from the evil powers.
The dwarves came up with a plan. They created a magical soup that could only be tasted by the right man. When they finally found a prince, he took up the bowl and a spoon and was able to taste it. A great cheer went up as they knew the princess could be saved.
Man in the Bar:
The harvest in Barrand was very bad this year because of the very changing weather... That?s why they have run out of food... We?re very lucky that there?s a lot of fruit to eat in this forest...
Woman in the Bar:
It?s really sad to see that people can fight for food... However, we can understand their feelings...
Clerk 1 in the Bar:
An evil magical power approached toward our village last evening... We?ve never seen a thing around our village... That?s very strange...
Clerk 2 in the Bar:
Even if we gladly welcome the visitors, we only have few contacts with the others towns. Indeed, the people of the Elves Forest are quite conservative and shy. I don?t know if we will change someday...
This bar is a good place to hear news from the outside of the forest.
Elf Diets.
Beer is popular, as is wine. Common meals often include some kind of soup element.
Dwarf Dressed in Red:
A strange boy came to the village and talked a long time with David. Then, he left alone on a journey...
Dwarf Dressed in Blue:
Dwarves work on finding veins of ores... However, I heard the work conditions are really bad. It?s necessary to use technology to find more modern ways of prospecting...
Dwarf Dressed in Orange: la, la la la la! We're the most cheerful people in the village! However, we're quite worried today because one of us is missing. We used to be seven...
Dwarf Dressed in Yellow:
I and the the other tribes of the wood defend and protect the Sea of Forests from wild animals and other creatures that live in this area. The Sea of Forests lies between the territories of the Empire and the Republic. But it still remains under our control.
Dwarf Dressed in Green:
We generally work during the day then when the evening comes, we all go into the bar.
Dwarf Dressed in Sky Blue:
We dwarves don?t like cleaning at all. So our rooms are always filled with dust. But my girlfriend Hana is very sensitive to dust...