Scripts & Translations
Shining Force III Scenario 2: Target: Child of God
Chapter 4: The Holy Land of Elbesem
Elbesem Village
Script typed up by: Chris Spiral
Script translated by: Florent (Aspinia Team)
Translation revised by: DamonD
Old man:
Do you want to know about the current situation of the temple ?
Begin choice options
Old man:
So, you should go there and investigate on your own?
Hmm? I feel something strange about you when I take a look at your eyes ? I don?t know what it is though?
Old man:
Then just go there and see it by yourself !
Old woman:
I know you are looking about Gracia?s whereabouts but don?t count on us to help you ! You?re a prince from the empire so nobody in the village will help you !
The explosion in the temple of Elbesem was made by the imperial army. You really don?t seem to understand the consequences of your acts !
Old woman 2:
According to the story of the high priest of the temple of Elbesem, the empire and the Bulzome sect are working together. However when I take a look at you, a prince from the empire, I can?t believe you?re a bad guy? When I see your eyes, I?m sure you can?t lie?
Every household has a few powerful heirlooms or family treasures. If Elbesem is one day plunged into crisis, and the legendary Shining Force returns to save us all, please be ready to provide any aid and treasures that may be needed, in the defence of us all.
Young girl:
We always lived in peace on this island. But, since the appearance of that monster who was living under the island, a lot of troubles hit us?
Young man 1:
After what happened in the temple of Elbesem, do you really think anybody in this village will help an imperial army ? The empire has sold its soul to Bulzome!
Young man 2:
We haven?t understand yet what really happened in front of the temple of Elbesem yesterday. However, since a few days, the number of Bulzome?s subordinates has dramatically increased. We can?t let that continue ! We must stop them at all costs !
Village chief:
I never thought that, one day, the Bulzome sect could set a foot on this island. If you want us to help you, you have to prove that you?re not cooperating with the Bulzome sect and those imperial bad persons by driving those evil guys from the island.
Woman in house 1:
What are you doing in my house ? What do you want from me ??
Old woman in house 2:
The explosion occurred just when grandpa was in front of the temple? We have called back our trained monks who were in Barrand to help us? However, grandpa is missing since the explosion? I?m very worry?
Young man in house 3:
My wife and children are still in the temple? and nobody is coming to our help ! We expected general Reliance from Barrand to send troops to help us but nobody have come yet? What a bunch of cowards !
Woman in village chief's house:
This house stands here since the Elbesem village was founded. In our peaceful village, we pray for god Elbesem and for peace on the entire world.
If you want to obtain friendship with the villagers, you will have to prove that you?re standing against the Bulzome sect, like general Reliance did before.
The Guardian Protectors of Elbesem are the Innovators. When the forces of evil try to revive the Thousand Year Kingdom, it is fortold that JuMSy will arise and defend the world from this darkness.
Young man in bar:
I know drinking sake will not help me to find a solution to the crisis but I can?t help myself from drinking...
Clerk in bar:
I was not very happy when the civil war in Barrand broke out. I had a presentiment something really bad would came from it? And now see what happened ! This heretic group has attacked the holy land of Elbesem and is going to invade the temple !
The holy land of Elbesem is in big troubles and yet, nobody have come to our help. What on earth general Reliance is doing ?
If you want us to believe in you, please fight instead of general Reliance against those evil guys and drive them from the island.
Woman 1 in church:
Please, protect us Elbesem !
It seems general Reliance, in whom we deeply trusted, betrayed us too? I wonder if there?s someone in the empire who can be relied on?
Old woman in church:
Gracia must come back, take the staff of Besem and drive all those monsters from the holy land ! If Gracia, our child god, is lost, we?re all doomed !
Woman 2 in church:
With those bad people who landed in Elbesem, I?m sure the Elbesem village will be attacked soon. Please, protect the village, my god !
Old man in church:
Good afternoon !
? However, with the Bulzome sect on the island, I don?t think it?s a really good afternoon?
That explosion in the temple of Elbesem yesterday? We, who received god Elbesem?s teachings, were really shocked?
Weapon shop's owner:
My business is to sell weapons. However, I was not really need in here? But now that the holy land of Elbesem is under attack?
Item shop's owner:
The things I sell in my shop are only items that heal or protect people. I strongly believe in god?s teachings?