Scripts & Translations
Shining Force III Scenario 2: Target: Child of God
Chapter 4: The Holy Land of Elbesem
On the Seagate
Script typed up by: Chris Spiral
Script translated by: Florent (Aspinia Team)
Translation revised by: DamonD
Soldier 1:
Headland are a region which climate is influenced by abnormal weather. Because of that, the soil there is poor Governor Garvin takes an advantage of this situation to make business there. Taking advantage of the weakness of people to make money should not be permitted.
Stella was spared
Soldier 2:
Letting that ship escape was a big mistake, though it can't be avoided. Indeed, the bombardment from the Executor severely damaged our ship. It would have been foolish to continue the battle Fortunately, the ship is completely repaired now.
Stella was killed
Soldier 2:
A lot of strange things occurred in Barrand those last days. Yesterday, a doubtful private ship landed there. It seems it was a decoy from the Republic to let one of their ship escape. If it was without the bombardment from the Executor and all those troubles in Elbesem, we could have pursued that Republican ship.
Crew member 1:
The floating city of Saraband must have reached the Head Lands, in the south end of the republic, by now Garvin pretends to go there in the name of trade but since Saraband moves there very often, there must be a more sinister reason behind this.
Crew member 2:
Even if it's in the sea all the year around, Saraband is still considered as a territory. Governor general Garvin's has a incredible freedom of movement. But, since this sea city isn't attached to any ground, it can't be relied on at all
In the confession room
Soldier 1:
Please hear our prayers ! I'm not a coward so I'll fight until the end ! You see, men of sea are very superstitious.
Soldier 2:
Since we fight for justice, please protect us from a strong wind and powerful waves. It's our only weakness
Crew member 1:
The monster which usually appears on the way to the holy land, Octopus, wasn't there this time. You must be very powerful to have defeated him on your own !
Crew member 2:
You're the ones who killed the monster who was on the foot road to the holy land of Elbesem, aren't you ? Thank you very much. This monster annihilated my friend's army !
They invaded the holy land of Elbesem, attacked the temple to steal the staff of Besem This Bulzome sect is extremely dangerous. They tried to take the staff of Besem, the ultimate weapon of the Innovator, because it's the weapon that Hyudols fear the most. It's the only thing that can truly defeat them now
Weapons shop's owner:
There are a lot of soldiers who lose their weapon during sea battles. That's why it was decided to open a weapon shop for Rogan's army on the ship. Now, soldiers who lose their weapon can come here to buy another. Recently, the number of sales has dramatically increased.
Items shop's owner:
I heard the story of the weapon shop's owner so I decided to open a shop here as well. I have a lot of useful items to sell.
In General Rogan's room
To complete your training to become an expert mariner, follow these tips!
1. Keep a good disposition!
2. Work hard!
3. Keep your temper!
4. Enjoy your food!
5. Get a good night's sleep!
6. Practise makes perfect!
7. If death comes for you, die like a true sailor!
Stella was killed
I fell right on Garzel and Bulzome's trap I worked for a man which main aim was the murder of King Benetreim Now, I can't return to the Republic anymore. The person who saved me from the rapids was a strange guy dressed all in black and introduced himself as Galm He told me that, even after what I did, I still have a role to play.
In the HQ
Instead of helping the Seagate by cornering that Bulzome's ship, the Executor bombarded the Seagate. General Cruel obviously planned all of this. He must have made a deal with Bulzome
Prince Arrawnt is surely more than doubtful I always thought there was something weird about him He turned against the emperor, rejecting their blood relationship. Now only prince Majesty and you, prince Medion, remain You have an important role to play for now.
Thanks to the Rainbloods, those Bulzome priests were defeated.
Both Bulzome's army and the Rainbloods were against us. Though, we won the battle because they fought against each other instead of cooperating. We were really lucky this time.
Up and down It's my first time on a boat but I had a bad presentiment from the beginning. I'm not feeling good at all
It shakes left, it shakes right I'm feeling quite weird on this boat
I'm feeling very good on this ship. I went on the bridge a little while ago. The sea breeze cheers me up !
The ship is very conformable. When I went outside, I just see water surrounding us. It's quite frightening when we don't see the land on the horizon.
Because we're going pretty quickly and don't have a move to make, I'm feeling quiet. I love traveling by boat !
I'm sure Garvin is playing a very important role in all this ruckus. There have been a lot of bad rumors about him for a long time. It seems that everything was right after all
It's quite unusual for elves, who live in forest, to navigate aboard a ship. So, let's enjoy it !
All of this is only but a background of more sinister things to come What are the Hyudols' aims ? Maybe, they are here to punish the human race
A prince Arrawnt who is plotting to take over the throne and a governor general, Garvin, who want to be at his side Is it the starting point of this stupid war ? Probably not. It seems they only are Bulzome's pawns.
With Bulzome, the Rainbloods and our departure from Elbesem a while ago, there is some reasons to be anxious
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