Scripts & Translations
Shining Force III Scenario 2: Target: Child of God
Chapter 5: The Army of the Third Prince
Governor-General District
Script typed up by: Chris Spiral
Script translated by: Medion of Destonia (Aspinia Team)
Translation revised by: DamonD
The lord of the Head Land and Swampland....they seem to be connected because of some deep bond... I'll be careful when Saraband leaves.
Head Land and Swampland. Two Republican territories, Saraband, and the Empire came together to attempt a peace agreement. However both Republic lord and Emperor Domaric have withdrawn their sentiments for peace. The Emperor is the one disliked for it, though.
Oh my, after the bombardment of Saraband and the abduction of the Emperor...the Governor's plans, too. The people are making fun of him completely.
Emperor Domaric is really scared of the Republic now. When he is recovered, he'll likely attack the Republic full force.
Young Man:
This move of Saraband's to Head Land signifies the ruin of our great city. I am very blue about this.
The Emperor who was abducted, after a few days, was returned to Saraband and confined here. I think he was put in his place by the event.
Soldier 1:
Why oh why did you do this, Governor-General Garvin? With this act you throw away all your support. Your people are saddened by this.
Soldier 2:
From the friendship between Saraband and the Empire, our town flourished. Now that Saraband as a whole sided with Prince Arrawnt, will Saraband become ruined?
Soldier 3:
The Imperial Guards are superior in number yet Medion's army defeated them with ease. What will become of Saraband now?
Fellow 1:
Having the Imperial army in Saraband while docked in Republican territory... I wonder which of the countries will come out on top?
Fellow 2:
Just because one Imperial egg is bad doesn't mean that it should spoil our friendship with the Empire. I am not happy with this situation at all!
Fellow 3:
Since the Emperor was recovered as quickly as he was kidnapped maybe there is a chance for Saraband to escape from the Emperor's wrath. Partially at least.
Fellow 4:
Call me crazy....but I think the recent bombardment of Saraband might have something to do with the Imperial presence here. Could also explain why we're in Republic territory, too.
Young Man:
We thought since we weren't an inland city that we wouldn't be capable of corruption such as this. I guess even an indepandant sea city can be corrupted.
Soldier 1:
Because Bulzome Monks are involved in all this, our mistake is complete. We cannot go back to the way things were.
Soldier 2:
Since we were around during the abduction event, the Imperial guards attached to us know our methods of fighting.
Clerk 1:
The Governor-General Garvin ran away from Saraband. The Imperial Guards that are left fear Medion's army. Hmmm...we seem to be approaching the Head Land.
Clerk 2:
I fear for myself in these tragic days. The Medion army seems just, I flee this city or not?
The supposed "Leader" of this country has destroyed it. The only thing that keeps the Empire from crushing us is Prince Medion. The only thing that stands between us and death is swearing loyality to him.
Garosh's Girlfriend:
My boyfriend Garosh has told me about his younger brother...he's called Jade. He's spoken about the split between them, and I know that Jade is part of the Headland army.
The proposed treaty of friendship with the Empire wouldn't go down well in Headland. The lord of Headland is known to be a bitter enemy of the Empire, no matter what the men and women in his kingdom decide.
Young Man:
With the diplomatic relations between Saraband and the Head Land going sour, its thought that the Head Land isn't all good. The merchant left from and this proves it. Because Emperor Domaric was liberated I see Saraband becoming a part of the Empire through conquest. Did we do this to ourselves?
When the merchants are panicking, shouting even, about sending out food and clothing...they said it wasn't important, though. Saraband has always depended on merchants....its a surprise to hear myself say that. What has become of me?
The merchants here knew something underhanded was going on with the Governor-General. We knew he was basically throwing away the future of Saraband, we of the Trade Center included. Our glorious yet brief history is at a short end.
Those who have allied themselves with Garvin have moved to the other side of the shore towards Baersol. At least they deprived the Empire of a ship, the cowards ran away with their tails between their legs.
Saraband has always prospered because of its merchants. However this was ruined because of Garvin's machinations.
Garvin runs away from Saraband when the country becomes a liability for him. This is a relief for some. At least with the Empire here there is peace and safety, we know we are defended.
Weapon Seller:
The Saraband army, as a result of the Medion army arriving here, has trained to be more of a fighting force. They didn't sharpen their skills because of fear of an attack.
Second Hand Goods Trader:
Even I'll sell things in a situation like this. Even though times may be hard, I have the courage to sell what is needed for the fight. Enemies and Allies are often blurred in times of war.