Scripts & Translations
Shining Force III Scenario 2: Target: Child of God
Chapter 5: The Army of the Third Prince
West District after the battle
Script typed up by: Chris Spiral
Script translated by: Rock (Aspinia Team)
Translation revised by: DamonD
When the Saraband army attacked the Headquarters, they won through sheer strength in numbers, not by individual power.
When I heard of the attack on the Headquarters, I was worried it might cause a war with the empire. Had we gone to war, I don't think we would've won many battles, our street soldiers are no match for empire troops.
Young Man:
Returning from such a fierce battle against Garvin's forces has boosted the reputation of your Army, prince Medion.
I would rather see Saraband defeated than become the kind of nation that would imprison both prince Medion's army and the Emperor.
I knew Medion would return to Saraband when he discovered that his father was confined here.
Soldier 1:
We weren't told why Medion's army was captured.
Soldier 2:
Garvin hoped you would just give up if you didn't have an army.
Soldier 3:
The Pegasus knight acted as a decoy, we chased after her and you were able to enter the Governor general's palace unnoticed. But to do so single handed was reckless, you shouldn't have done it.
Soldier 4:
To capture Medion's army but not the prince himself was a fatal mistake.
Soldier 5:
There was a strong political behind both the capture of Medion's army and the Emperors abduction. Soldiers are always pawns in the politicians schemes. We are never told the intentions behind our orders.
Soldier 6:
When your army was captured in a surprise attack, you rescued them. Weren't you afraid to enter the governor general's offices?? Commanders do not understand fear as normal soldiers do.
My aunt and uncle told me a secret, are you leaving soon?
To get to Storich you can either pass through a volcanic cave or take the eastern continental road; that way is too far for me though, it makes my feet hurt, especially when I take the child with me.
The only Saraband territory in the republic is Storich. To get there you should go from Headland to Swampland and from there to the other side of the volcanic mountains. Both Storich and Swampland are reached through dangerous caves.
Because of the suspicion caused by Emperors abduction, Synbios' army was chased halfway across the continent. It's a tragedy to think that all this bloodshed was caused by Arrawnt and Garvin's lust for power.
Even though I now understand the truth of the abduction, I was not surprised when it happened. All of Destonia is embezzled by the ruling class, meanwhile more and more ordinary people are fleeing to the Republic in the hope of a better life.
Young Man:
Titles are usually meangless, but Prince Medion deserves his. Although his upbringing could've made him a spoilt brat, and even though the Empire is full of good for nothing aristocrats, the activities of Medion's forces ensure that people view Medion differently from other nobles.
When the republican army in Headland comes here, I'll protect my mother. I won't let them harm a hair on her head!
We used to have friendly relations with Headland, but Garvin's activities and connections to the Bulzome cult have changed that. When Garvin's forces leave here, barbarians will see us as easy prey.
Were Garvin's forces corrupted as well? Dear me, I used to think Saraband was a decent nation.
Our people have been betrayed and our nation's hopes destroyed. Governor general Garvin cannot conrol his allies, the situation looks bad. To tell the truth, I heard a rumour that Saraband will soon be completely deserted.
Garvin had the idea to cooperate with Prince Arrawnt to get rid of Emperor Domaric, but perhaps they both had other allies elsewhere.
Saraband was a weak nation so it cooperated with the evil Bulzome sect for it's own self interest.
Cleric 1:
We heard of Medion's victory only a short while ago, but the news has now spread all over town.
Cleric 2:
Medion's army is extremely powerful, the battle at the governor general's palace proves it.
I'm busy making my husband's dinner...he's expecting me to make up a meal as quickly as possible. I wish he'd give me a hand around the house sometimes.
But then...I heard about Medion's army fighting in the Governor-General's district. If I ever learnt that my husband was killed, it would hurt me so much...I hope I never have to face news like that.
Many people in Saraband were unaware of the capture of Medion's army. They thought we were being invaded by the Empire, although really you were only fighting to rescue your father.
Soldier 1:
Why was the Medion army captured? My commander told me that it was for the safety of Saraband, but now I know that it was to prevent the Emperor's rescue.
Soldier 2:
My commanding officer is at a loss, he can't understand how your forces defeated the Saraband army. You are a great commander.
Soldier 3:
The Empire values rules, both as a nation and as an army. Because of this, Medion's army are well trained in the art of war, it's soldiers are not valued by their rank but by their ability to fight. Saraband is mainly a trade nation, and does not have such traditions. Perhaps that is why we lost this time.
Emperor Domaric regrets letting the republic go twenty years ago, he has not forgotten their treachery yet. He intends to lead the Medion army to conquer the republic and annex it to the empire once again.
Even though it is good to have saved the emperor and learned of the crisis in Destonia, we simply don't have enough troops to march on Aspinia.
Emperor Domaric had a strange attitude when he was saying thank you. It makes me feel uneasy.
Letting Prince Arrawnt and Garvin get away is indescribably regrettable.
I wonder what will happen to Saraband now that governor general Garvin has fled?
Saraband's main advantage was that it could move by sea to avoid trouble. Now that that rat Garvin has run away, it seems that it can't move anymore.
Now that the pact of friendship has failed, Headland is likely to raid Saraband for supplies.
So Yasha assisted Prince Arrawnt and Garvin in their plot to kidnap the Emperor...
With the aid of Fidelity, Emperor Domaric was able to spy on his son Prince Arrawnt.
Although we find it unpleasant to assist the invasion of Aspinia, we will not leave the Medion army.
We succeeded in defeating Dessheren this time, but we only wounded her. She is a powerful enemy, no doubt we will face her again.
Our *bzzzt* business here *bleep* is finished *fzzz* Ohh... *bzzzzt* the sea *bleep* has made my *fzzzzt* nodes ache *bleeeep*
In Headland Domaric is despised by many. When we accompany him we will face violent attacks from the enemy.