Scripts & Translations
Shining Force III Scenario 2: Target: Child of God
Chapter 5: The Army of the Third Prince
Airo Village
Script typed up by: Chris Spiral
Script translated by: Beyd
Translation revised by: DamonD
If Garosh Survived in Scenario 1
So, this is the village where Garosh was born?
This village not only grows goods for their country, they also control the movement of the Headland forces...The information we can gather here is very reliable, however, we should try to conceal ourselves in order to proceed safely.
Gathering information is a good thing to do, especially with our current plans. Let's try to find some information on a way to the Republic.
If Garosh died in Scenario 1
So, this is the village where Jade was born?
This village not only grows goods for their country, they also control the movement of the Headland forces...The information we can gather here is very reliable, however, we should try to conceal ourselves in order to proceed safely.
Gathering information is good thing to do, especially with our current plans. Let's try to find some information on finding a way into the Republic.
Young boy:
Airo village is the closet village to Swampland.
But, by closest, we still have to cross through a cave beneath the mountains in order to even leave Headland... It makes going to and from the Republic a little complicated, doesn't it?
Old Woman:
Emperor Domaric hasn't been seen in the capital city for a while. Isn't it his intentions to begin occupying the territory that was taken away from us?
Old Woman:
If it is his will, then why has the Emperor refused to go back to his beloved capital city. Since it is a good probability that the Republic will prepare for war...why not return to Destonia to prepare our soldiers.
The hatred the citizens of the Republic must feel for the Emperor must ba a very strong feeling that they cannot forget. Why did they decide to split from us in the first place?
Old Woman:
Ahh, wise Prince Medion. I see your feelings differ from those of your fathers. I think we should put the feelings of hate with the Republic at rest!
If Garosh lived in Scenario 1
I heard that shortly after joining the Saraband force, Garosh decided it would be a good idea to Join the Medion army instead. It is nice to see that he is getting to see some far off regions in the world, but will he be safe?
If Garosh died in scenario 1
Jade left the Headland troops, and decided to join with the Medion army. Is it true that he really did leave the defense force?
Older boy 1:
As a child, Garosh always seemed interested in befriending different types of birds. Pigeons seemed to be his most loved of the birds, and he found a way to communicate to the parent birds, and used them for sending various messages.
Older boy 2:
Headland is the poor cousin of Swampland. But it was not always like this. There are tales of treasure hidden in the cave that seperates the two areas.
Older boy 3:
One can travel from Headland to the capital city safetly. If you chose to go, then I recommend using the Headland eastern coastal road. It is one of the few paths that do not pass through the cave, and it is out in the sunlight. But most people consider it a long detour. It takes twice as long to travel the coast, but the cave is a dangerous place.
Headland is close to the southern edge of the Republic, to the North is a dangerous mountain range, with Swampland close to it's exit. To the east of the mountains is Baersol.
Not only are these areas within the Republic, but due to the terrain, it is very hard to communicate with them.
If Garosh survived Scenario 1
You you're Jade's brother...
The Headland troops foolishness led to their defeat at the hands of the Medion army!
If Garosh died in Scenario 1
Garosh's brother, Jade...
So, it's true that you decided to join with the Medion army. However, it is sad that your brothers were killed...I'm happy that you aren't crying.
I'm searching for a flower of vivid color...
Do you happen to have any beautiful flowers on you?
If you have a flower
This gorgeous and clean. Prince, do you really mean to give this to me?
For this beautiful flower, I shall present you with this old treasure map.
This flower will always hold some importance with me, prince... This proves that you were raised as a gentlemen...You show me your polite affection by presenting me with a flower.
This flower is beautiful...don't you think?
I'm glad you showed me something so pretty...but it needs some water to live...
If Garosh lived in scenario 1
Garosh was involved in a terrible incident in Saraband...
Without the aid of Synbios of Flagard, he would have lost his life, next to his brothers.
Garosh isn't like most men, he must return the favor, and avenge his brother. How do I know this, you wonder, well he wrote me a letter and sent it on a pigeon...After his parents read it, they showed it to everyone.
If Garosh Died in scenario 1
The final letter written by Garosh recently arrived on the foot of one of his Pigeons. No one can believe what happened to the poor man. We never thought anything like this could happen.
Garosh's parents read the contents of the letter. I will never forget the way they looked that day. He will be missed.
3 little pigs (Kobuta):
House 1
The lords of both the Empire, and Saraband are trying to join into a treaty making them allies...However, not many people want this to actually happen.
The lord of our territory, however, is not happy, seeing as how the treaty isn't going to be made with the Republic...Due to the fact that we're still at war with the Empire due to our independence.
Battles occur all over this area with various parts of the Republic. I'm afraid that the battles are gonna spread to this town.
The equality that caused the Republic to become independent could also be the problem which causes the downfall of them, couldn't it?
House of the Village leader
Because the Republic has a policy that decentralizes power, the ideals of Aspinia aided them in gathering the small country cities that wanted a change.
Headland is technically one section of the Republic, but, we are still affected by some of the powers in the Empire, so nothing has changed... We are very envious of Flagard and Malorie.
The goods that are provided to us from Aspia are not distributed equally to each territory, and this upsets the people living here. This country was formed on equality, but not everything can be equal.
This year, due to the unnatural weather, the harvest was horrible. Because of that, Aspia has had to ration the remaining food that has been stored. Even Mitsugi's food has been collected by the capital.
The lord of Headland was once Nobility in the Empire, however, he longed for a simple life, and this village is the result.
For Headland to survive, we must trade wth Saraband. Everyone has something that they must part with to survive.
You, you're Prince Medion of the empire. Is that person standing next you, Emperor Domaric, by any chance?
Our great ruler, travelling with his honest son. Don't worry, I'll tell no one that I saw you here.
Bar Master:
It is quite a surprise to see Emperor Domaric here, in my lowly establishment.
Today is a legendary day, having you here brings great honor. I knew the rumors spreading around town must be true. But, what is the purpose of your stop here?
The emperor is travelling with his son, Medion. Your praise aids all of those in this force by giving them hope during this time of war.
I pray for a time, when the only thing we must worry about is peace, that's what the prince's mother, Melinda, used to tell him. But the Emperor knows more about that, so I suggest you speak with him.
This bar has a friendly atmosphere, and I would request a drink, but the moment we leave for Aspia is quickly approaching. It is best that the Medion army hurry in its preparation for battle.
We are in for a long fight into the deepest reaches of our enemies land. Hehe, so there really is no time to bring up any young and beautiful women. But I assure you, I've had my fair share of sweet things.
If the Hold Key was accquired in scenario 1
What must really be on the young prince's mind must be crossing the mountains to the west. We cannot afford to remain idle here for long.
We need to leave soon, and be ready to face whatever might be waiting in the cave to the west. We must be able to believe in our strength.
If Garosh lived in scenario 1
Garosh's mother:
My eldest son died during a battle involving the Synbios army...
As for my two remaining sons, they are divided by their beliefs, between the waring countries. They will keep fighting until one of them bows to the other...
If Garosh Died in Scenario 1
Garosh's mother:
Both of my sons that served saraband...As a parent, I never thought that I'd lose my children to battle.
Poor Garosh had a sweetheart in Saraband. His wedding to her was coming up quickly...Such a promising future, I won't be able to stop crying.
If Garosh Survived in Scenario 1
Garosh's father:
All three of my sons where reliable. But, I've lost two of my sons to this damn war...Now Garosh is the only one I have left.
If Garosh Died in scenario 1
Garosh's father:
It was a very proud moment for me, when my two eldest sons joined the Saraband defense force.
However, I can never forget the day the pigeon arrived with the news that I lost my eldest sons in a battle that invloved the outlaw, Synbios. You never know how special your...children are until you lose them...
If Garosh lived in scenario 1
Jade's Daughter:
My father went gloriously into battle with the Medion army. I was not...worried for my father. Though he may have lost, he was the the best in the Headland force!
If Garosh died in scenario 1
Jade's Daughter:
Do you know parents have been here...crying and looking pitiful for a long time?
I know that their sadness has to do with something in Saraband, and I know that my fathers brothers were living there. Isn't it strange that when I ask other people, no one will answer me?
If Garosh lived in scenario 1
Jade's wife:
Garosh, the older brother, is an Imperialist, which is why I'm not surprised that my husband was out to stop you from reaching the cave. Only a single army could win that battle, and it was understood.
Jade also understood that once the fight began, it could not be stopped... Running in battle is a crime that could penalize an entire family.
If Garosh died in scenario 1
Jade's wife:
Jade's the only one of his siblings to be married. So, his older brothers used to stop by and bring gifts to us all the time. But, sadly, that time has come to an end.
The older brothers, whom we all loved so very much, have died. My husband is determined to attack the enemy that took them away from us. I only pray that he will not lose his life in the process.
Man in church:
Before the Imperial army can march into Swampland, they must travel through the cave in the west. That is a treacherous path, and the decision to march there should not be made lightly.
Headland and Swampland have a combined force that is very powerful. When they attack, they use a clever formation used to cut off the retreat of their enemies. Domaric would need the devils luck to attack us.
The Republic has been in a miserable state since the war for independence. Becasue of this, the Empire has begun its invasion. However, there are some loyal warriors that will still fight to save the Republic.
Old man:
The citizens of the Republic all share a common hatred of Emperor Domaric. Which is why I cann't believe that he is in this village. Could this be a sign of things to come?
Old woman:
So, is it true that the Emperor still does not recognize the independence of the Republic?
Old woman:
So, the Emperor still harbors that 20 year old hatred. I was hoping that he would forget about it over the years, but I guess that was just wishful thinking.
His Monopolistic desires are what caused lord Dacca to form Headland, and for Lord Cyos to form Swampland. These two people...betrayed their royal heritidge, and became traitors to form this country.
if NO
Old woman:
If he does not control everything, then he Domaric does not feel complete.
I don't believe that he could ever forget about the Republic, let alone recognize its independence. Even if he did forget, the citizens of the Republic still harbor great hatred towards him. Because of this, the emperor could never really forget.
The cave can be simply passed through, but, you might want to know about the people that are lieing in wait, don't you?
Dacca, the Headland lord and Cyos, the Swampland lord, where once part of the IMperial Royalty, however, they revolted during the Independence war.
Their main reason for revolting is their hatred for the Emperor. Because of this, they will use whatever tricks that they can think of to destroy the Emperor.
Lord Dacca, and Lord Cyos were both part of the Empire's nobility. Even though they are no longer lords, they still act like they are.
However, they will not stop in their plots to overthrow the Emperor, Domaric. Once that day comes, the Empire will merge with thier lands.
If you compare the state that Headland is in now with the Republic, then look back to when Emperor DOmaric was in charge, you'll see that we still suffer from the same problems that we have always had.
Weapon shop
Weapon shop seller:
The Medion army was able to wipe out the Headland defense force. A weapon is what makes an army powerful, you must feel a sort of communication with the weapon. I assurs you, the this is not some kind of joke, but a serious thought that you must consider.
A weapon can aid you in leaving a life of poverty, but, if you're not strong enough to wield it, then your life could be lost.
Ring the bell on the counter to call for assistance, and it will arrive as soon as possible.
Item shop
Item shop seller:
I heard that in the bar of this poor village...The Emperor of the Empire was seen entering through the front door.
I wonder why such a great person would go into that place, and what kinda stuff would he order in their, most likely all the expensive stuff.
Buy this book, and learn how to master the art of disguise in just 3 days!
Whatever appearance you choose, get reading today and discover the secret!!
Even with us being in Republic land, the ideals of the Empire is still strong. The Emperor has not been to this place in many years, but its like the people here...after these many years, still consider the Emperor to be a good person.
Emperor Domaric has waited vigorously for years to be able to come and reclaim Aspinia. The Emperor has finally found that the state of the Republic is ripe to rejoin his Empire. His determination is burning to achieve this.
Airo village seems to be different from similar villages that we've journeyed to, don't you think so? There's just something different in the air here.
The Emperor made a very powerful impression to the owner of that bar we entered. Do you think that the barkeep meant all the things that he said? I mean, it's so reassuring to see that he is still popular.
The lands of Headland are drying up. The grass is quickly fading to that of a dust bowl.
The land that is past the cave isn't as arid as this, though it is supposed to be a very humid country. Both lands are suffering due to these unnatural weather patterns.
After such a tough battle, that conversation in the bar is enlivening... A nice change from the things we learn from other people. That barkeep must have a lot of courage to decide that it is ok to serve the emperor even though we are supposed to be enemies.
I'm amazed that we haven't been persued by any of the survivng... remnants of the Headland army, aren't you relieved? However, I doubt that this is just some nice circumstance, we cannot let are feelings of relief get in the way of the war!
It is almost certain for Headland to have an army stationed inside the cave... I mean that cave is an important strategic point, don't you think?
We need to win that battle, however, in a cave my mobility isn't as good as it is in the open.
I do not know how the Emperor can endure this long journey. I do not see any sign of weakness in his steps. With the oncoming battle in a cave... there can be a chance that the air can thin as we go deeper...
The lords of Headland and Swampland, uniting to set up a trap in the cave... We know that this battle could slow our march, but there is no way around this trap. We have no idea how long they've been planning this, and no means to know the layout of the cave. Are we prepared for this?
The people of Headland have an ease within their hearts. Even in this land where not even a flower can bloom, it is comforting to see, is it not?... However, the women act pitiful due to their poorness, good heavens.
Because we are accompaning Emperor Domaric, we have no choice but to fight the Headland troops. It might be a good leave the emperor here... Would you agree? They would only get in the Medion army's way. But, I understand why we aren't able to do that. Why would I say such a thing? I must be a fool.
bzz...problem with body connection joints...zzzp...
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bzzbzz...this does not feel good...bzz...
Our fights with the Headland troops does not make me feel like a heroic warrior. We are fighting against people that only wish to protect their poor land...The sword of the coldhearted warrior can not cause anything other than pain...
The troops of Headland, I grew up with most of them. Turning on them, labeling them as enemy, is a hard thing to do...
This is such a tough time for any parents of is not possible to bring the dead back...
Dacca is the lord of Headland, with a very strong grudge against Emperor Domaric.
Trying to plan out Dacca's moves is simple, seeing as how he hates DOmaric, he obviously will not let him escape through the cave. I am very sure that there is a trap in there.
If you use the egg on the chicken
The chicken warms the egg...
3... 2... 1
(Me, I would like to see the world. Since I'm a lonely girl, make me your companion, time would pass quick with me there, don't you think? You must have great luck to find me!)
...Looks like it doesn't matter what you say. She's going anyway.
Ruling Headland, by Lord Dakka.
The Republic was founded on an ideal of equality for all, a different goal than the Imperial system where the upper classes hold all the power.
History of the Republic territory of Headland.
Headland received many plaudits for its actions during the revolutionary way against the Empire. Dakka, once an Imperial and a relative of the Emperor, took on the role of Lord for this province.
Diary entry, written by Garosh's mother.
I wonder if there is any chance of the Saraband army coming to Headland. Brothers and friends alike have much to mourn due to this war...