Scripts & Translations
Shining Force III Scenario 2: Target: Child of God
Chapter 5: The Army of the Third Prince
Saraband West District
Script typed up by: Chris Spiral
Script translated by: Beyd
Umm...for what...reason are you... you have some business?
...I think of the Prince coming here to be such a foolish thing to do...especially since many people are bent on capturing the young prince...
Soldier 2:
Meeting the young Imperial Prince, Medion here of all places, cannot be a chance meeting, I am honored to meet you, sire.
Soldier 3:
I can wait...just a little... I mustn't speak, I can't forget the plan. I'm always troubled before sucha complicated missions...
This is an important...job, we have... We must remain stable, concrete, together, not acting alone. But afterwards...can we have some time off?
Soldier 4:
Ahh it is such a sunny day today.
But, we've been ordered to arrest Medion and his army. But, what is the reason behind this?
Soldier 5:
Ahh Saraband always causes my heart to race... I've been here since the cities early days, my heart has been captured.
Soldier 6:
Now a beautiful can touch it with your can tell this baby isn't dull, and it swings with ease, not a bad sword at all.
You think that I'd bluff, threatening you with this... you should not speak to me so suddenly... You would not like me to swing this and actually cut you, right?!
Soldier 7:
You look like the genuine young prince...
Why..what are you still doing here? Don't you know that you're a wanted man here?
Soldier 8:
Prince Medion left headquarters...
I have heard that he is a cunning, and fearless leader, that is already looking into the reason why the people here are acting strangely, do you know anything about his whereabouts?
Ahh, Prince Medion, prince, disregard everything I've said, it really isn't too important...prince!
Soldier 9:
I've heard that the prince and his army not only passed through the war torn plains of Balsamo, but also went into the holy land of Elbesem, can that possibly be true?
If they actually went on such a long and trecherous march, then the prince must have great leadership powers, and that truly impresses us.
Soldier 10:
There have been many complaints coming from the governor-generals' manor...He's even closed down visitng from VIP's from foreign lands, no one's allowed in.
Soldier 11:
If you must see Governor-General Garvin...
Then it is important that you formally apply at the foreign affairs building.
Soldier 12:
I wonder, that soldier that keeps on flying through the air... Is she a memeber of the Medion army?
Seeing that Pegasus knight fly proves that we have the Medion troops afraid of what is to come...
Soldier 13:
I don't care that the Prince has left the headquarters, but to the unskillful information collector, it could be annoying to find him.
Old woman:
Several soldiers have entered Saraband, but for what reason? I know that we commoners should not worry about such things, but, there's just a strange uneasiness in the air. It doesn't help that there is such a large number of soldiers gathering. It makes it hard to hold conversations in public with my dear friends.
Shortly after the troops in the Medion army returned, many of Sarabands soldiers began to gather around the headquarters where the army is staying.
As more and more soldiers begin to appear, the lazier they becaome. I've heard that they lost track of the person that they're after!
Do you think that it's a coincidence that the Medion army arrived in Headland to find Saraband stationed here? I just hope I see him once while he's here.
Medion just happened to show up here. I unfortunately didn't see him arrive, but I do know that there are many people looking for him.
House 1
I saw something very strange before Emperor Domaric was taken away.
I was walking near the Governor-general's building when I saw those masked monks enter through a wall. Shortly after that, they emerged with the Emperor. However, no one believes me.
I trust my father, but I just can't believe what he's been saying about the Emperor's kidnapping. I mean, it's just too far-fetched. Could my father have been ill, and just imagined the whole thing?
Older Man:
The huge number of soldiers in this area must have something to do with war that's brewing. I knew that this city could not stay nuetral forever!
House 2
Before the peace conferance, and the Emperor's kidnapping, The entire Governor-General building was restored.
The building is almost as good as it was years ago, and I've heard that they finally got rid of all that fungus, whcih is quite a surprise. I heard that it cost a ton of money to have the building restored, though.
I'm all for the cleaning and modernizing of Saraband. But the cost of living here is ridiculous. I mean working as a tradesman alone cannot feed the family, and pay the bills.
I've heard that Prince Medion and his army travelled through dangerous areas, only to meet back up with us. Do you think it's true that the prince really did return to us?
House 3
Saraband left the Balsamo area shortly after we recieved news that the boss of Dusty village was on the move.
We heard that the Synbios battalion safetly made it back to the Republic, and killed the leader of Dusty Village in the process. Could Synbios and his force be that strong?
Old Woman:
With the death of Shiraf, the cold hearted leadership in Dusty has finally come to an end. I mean, as soon as Shiraf came to power, the ideals of the Dusty settlers turned radical.
Now, without leadership, the group of thieves have no purpose, aand are stuck waiting for a new leader to emerge.
House 4
When I look outside my window, all I see are those damn soldiers drinking, and just lounging around.
I wish those soldiers would just go back to the barracks, their drinking could rub off on the younger generation.
Old woman:
My granddaughter has a lot of patience when it comes to her man. I mean she needs patience more than anything now, especially with argument that they had earlier today, I mean wouldn't you agree?
House 5
Over the bar in the Saraband commons...
There was centaur that used to hang laundry there. Prince, you remember ever seeing him?
if YES
In the past, that centaur was a well known warrior. After a scout from the Governor-general building spoke with him...
Well, he began to train for active duty using a spear. It appears that the scout must have wanted to recruit him for the defense corp.
if NO
So, you do not know him? He used to be standing on the roof of the bar, always deep in thought but that seems like ages ago now..he probably would be no use to you anyway Prince.
As expected, the Saraband mercahnts have began selling weapons after the Emperor's abduction...
The soldiers have all bought weapons in order to prepare fully.
Merchants have a lot of power here, and nothing can beat the cunningness of a merchant with a good tounge. If you though that those wretched soldiers where powerful, just talk to a merchant.
Couples house
I've been really starved these past few days, though we just had dinner, I'm no good at cooking and so we usually starve...
Lately, the meals my wife has been making have been terrible...I wonder if something is really troubling her...
We never really talk about the things that matter, and well I want a lot of honesty in this marriage. I know she has been missing her family, and since the city constantly moves, it's hard to receive letters from them, which I feel is troubling her.
Priest building
Priest 1:
It is difficult to learn the ways of the head priest...As we progress in our lessons, the difficulty increases...
I mean we've just learned about the secrets of recovering the cursed, but this summoning magic is just impossible!
Priest 2:
Our head priest went to Governor-general Garvin to start a building for training priests. Don't you think that that was a good idea, Prince Medion? This building was built shortly after Sarabdn opened.
Boy 1:
Do you think that it was a good idea for me to train to become a priest so that I don't upset my mother? I mean, the priests here think that I should have followed my heart. So, is it too late for me to train to be a merchant?
Boy 2:
My father's father lives in a different place.
I remember when we went to visit him, he let me ride on one of his horses. I wish I could go back one day to do it again.
Me and my husband waited a while before we decided to have children. However the newly weds aren't even thinking about this topic.
This subject is a hard one to think about, I know because I was once in their shoes. It's scary to actually become a parent.