Scripts & Translations
Shining Force III Scenario 2: Target: Child of God
Chapter 5: The Army of the Third Prince
The Business & Governor's Districts
Script typed up by: Chris Spiral
Script translated by: Beyd (Aspinia Team)
Translation revised by: Rock (Aspinia Team)
Translation revised by: DamonD
Prince Medion's army has been through a lot, I feel sorry for them. While I'm glad they made it back to Saraband in one piece, just one mistake in battle could cost them their lives...
Old Man:
I came to this town from Headland, since I was too afraid of being attacked by the Empire to stay there. I doubt I'll ever return to Aspia, but if young lord Synbios can stop the war, maybe I'll be able to return home.
Old Woman:
Saraband moved to Headland to make more money... But Headland is so poor, the people are leaving their homes to come and live here. Saraband should have stayed where it was.
Man 1:
Medion's army have returned to Saraband. I hear they are wanted men. I could be wrong, but I still don't think it's wise for the prince to walk around town... something bad might happen.
Man 2:
I heard that the railroad Saraband runs was stopped. I don't think Saraband controls it anymore... I guess that's to be expected, what with the war and everything. Here's hoping that the railroad will reopen as soon as this dumb war is over.
Man 3:
Garvin's army has moved inside the palace. It seems strange that the guards aren't protecting the city...
The finest battleship in the Empire is the Seagate. I've only seen it once, a few months ago when it passed by Headland on our last visit here.
Young Man:
It seems that coming to Headland was a bad idea. We came all this way across the sea and no-one wants to trade with us.
1st Soldier:
We've had to close the main gate. We don't want to be attacked by the Republic, and it was the only way to stop all the refugees from Headland getting in.
2nd Soldier:
The gate will have to stay closed for the time being, there are still a lot of refugees out there. Sorry for the inconvenience.
1st Guard at Governor's Office:
Please remain in the city, prince. We can't allow anyone in or out at the moment.
2nd Guard at Governor's Office:
No-one is allowed inside the Governor's office. Please leave now, or be arrested.
3rd Guard at Governor's Office:
You don't have permission to enter the Governor's building at the moment. Now leave, or I will hurt you.
The name's Arthur. I know all about what happened to Synbios' army. I've met him before, he's a very brave lad. I used to be young and brave like him. Try as I might, I can't escape my past, would you like me to use my powers again to help you?
Begin choice options
I'm very happy to hear that. I want to do my part in this war. I will devote my strength as a chivalrous knight to your cause.
Arthur the Paladin joins Medion's Force
Originally, I was going to visit your headquarters and offer my services. However, there have been a few strange things going on in this city today, so I've been keeping an eye on that instead. I pledge my body and soul to protect and defend you on our journey...
Oh? Well, I'm going to be up here on the barroom roof for a while...just hanging my laundry out to dry. I'm eager to help, just come and tell me if you need me.
Man 1:
After the attack on Saraband, most of our soldiers left the West District. I wonder why they would leave?
Man 2:
I wish there was more trading between Saraband and Headland, but Headland doesn't have anything to trade. They're so short on food, they can't even trade that. If we don't get some business soon, we'll lose money.
Man 3:
The Republic didn't get much rain this year, so they don't have much food. They must be eating something though. I heard Aspia has started to sell crops to the other cities... I don't think that's a wise decision... it could start a civil war.
Man 4:
Most of the damage done by the explosions a few days ago has been repaired. But the criminals who caused all the damage are still on the loose. To think they're still out there, roaming the land... I think we should go back to Balsamo.
Drunk Man:
We'll be leaving here soon... so I'll just sit here and drink 'til we go. Say, d'you feel like buying a poor Saraband worker a drink, buddy?
Soldier 1:
I can't believe we have orders to follow those masked monks, I don't want to work with them, they give me the creeps. I hate the way they laugh at me when I walk by, and the way they look at you... Sometimes, I fear for my life.
Soldier 2:
Garvin ordered his army to protect his garden. What a boring assingment! I mean, what kind of an order is that? Well, I guess he must have his reasons.
Waitress 1:
I heard prince Medion has fought some really tough battles, and that his first battle was right here in Saraband. I bet his mother is worried. I wish I could meet him, just to see how cool he really is.
Waitress 2:
I heard that medion, the youngest of the Imperial princes, is a kind person. I'd like to meet him, I hear he's really tough.
I wish we'd hurry up and leave this territory. We haven't made any money from the Republic. We should move this place to Destonia. Saraband could make a lot of money there! There's no point trading with such a poor country.
If Garosh was Saved
Garosh's Girlfriend:
Ever since Garosh returned from the battle on the docking pier, he's taken the opportunity to decide about what he's looking for in life. He's thinking about leaving Saraband for a while, and he seems to have a much more positive mental attitude about things in general now. I think this will all be good for him.
Ever since the battle at the docking pier, I've been mourning the loss of my dear brother... I was saved thanks to Lord Synbios and his army. I greatly respect such intelligent and inspiring commanders. A man must find a true meaning to his life...I feel my aim in life should be to work for such a talented person like that. I feel that, someday...I'll have this chance.
If Garosh was Killed
Garosh's Girlfriend:
Ohh, Garosh, why did you have to die?
Saraband recieves a lot of new armor and weapons every day, but we never get anything from the Republic, because their land is very poor.
I'm glad to be living on a moving city instead of on land. We're far richer than anyone on land could be. The Republic must wish it had the kind of money Saraband has, as they've had a poor harvest, so they won't trade with us. I can't wait to leave this horrible place.
Man 1:
Ever since the bombing, I've been praying for safety and wealth. I'm suprised none of my prayers have come true, I used to think Elbesem was a good god, now I'm not so sure. I guess I need to pray more.
Man 2:
Why did the peace conference fail? I prayed for a peaceful solution, but I guess my prayers weren't heard by Elbesem. Maybe I prayed to late... Ah well, at least my business is doing well.
I was told the Holy Land was attacked by some evil people. I am deeply worried, the attackers had the power to destroy the Guardian Statue, such power is extremely dangerous.
Item Seller:
If you're looking for useful items, you've come to the right place. I've got some great items in today. If you want to buy them, we only accept money, we don't trade. If you want a blacksmith, the best one is in Headland.
Weapon Seller:
I'm going to Headland to sell my goods, they probably need someone like me who's good at making weapons. They'll be glad I decided to go there when the Empire attacks.
Man 1:
I thought I could get rich here, but the Republic doesn't have enough money anymore. Maybe it's time to leave and go to the Empire.
Man 2:
I don't like this place, I'm thinking of going to Headland. I've got enough money to travel there, but I need money to buy food. I've heard that in the Republic, food is cheap. You can even trade household items for food.
Man 3:
This is the worst job I've ever had, I don't even make enough money to buy food.
Man 4:
It's tough working here, I sometimes wish I'd never got this job. I don't get much sleep anymore either.
Man 5:
I don't like the war that's going on. War is always wrong, do you agree, prince?
Woman Behind Counter:
Welcome to Saraband Trading Center! All merchants must check in here before importing or exporting goods to or from Saraband.