Scripts & Translations
Shining Force III Scenario 2: Target: Child of God
Chapter 5: The Army of the Third Prince
Saraband West District
Script typed up by: Chris Spiral
Script translated by: Elbesem (Aspinia Team)
Script translated by: Guido Anchovy16 (Aspinia Team)
Translation revised by: DamonD
Saraband Soldier:
I thought I saw someone there...what would anyone be doing here?
It looked kind of like Prince Medion...but I can't be sure...
if Medion is spotted
Saraband Soldier:
What the...?!
Oh, it's you, Prince Medion...I didn't know you were wandering around here. This area is strictly off-limits. Let me help you back outside.
Saraband Soldier outside Garvin's palace:
You cannot pass through this door...please return back to the town.
if you try to leave through the main door...Medion quickly slams it shut
Saraband Soldier outside Garvin's palace:
...this door leads back to the Central District.
later on
Saraband Soldier 1:
Since we arrested Medion's army, have you seen any strange things around here?
Saraband Soldier 2:
Strange things...I don't know what you mean...
Saraband Soldier 1:
Oh, okay, that's fine...
Saraband Soldier 2:
What kind of thing are you on about?
Saraband Soldier 1:
Since we've captured Medion's followers, I was wondering if he'd try giving himself up to us...
Saraband Soldier 2:
Well, I have to get back and patrol around the prison area...I'll let you know if I see anything!
Ah! If it isn't Prince Medion of the Empire. But where are my manners...allow me to introduce myself. My name is Schmidt, I'm an Imperial diplomat. I'm here to talk to the Governor-General about trying to locate the Emperor. You know, especially here in Headland, I never expected to bump into one of the princes.
Diplomat 1:
I've been a diplomat for many years now, and Schmidt is the best one I've worked with. He's a true gentleman, and well-respected in diplomatic circles. I also heartily agree with him that both our countries would benefit from a close friendship and working association. Perhaps, if you have time, you'd like to join us in our meeting, Prince Medion.
Diplomat 2:
The Governor-General invited me to this conference. The Treaty of Friendship between the Empire and Saraband will soon be signed, right here in Headland.
Diplomat 3:
I'm Mr. Schmidt's personal assistant. We're here to ensure that foreign relations with Saraband remain in excellent shape. We've spent most of the day here already. The drink in particular is superb. A good wine makes life worth living!
Woman 1:
I can't express what an honour it is to meet you, Prince Medion. If my husband does well at the conference, our dreams will be fulfilled. Governor-General Garvin has improved life here tremendously, we have much to thank him for. Both our nations will be able to co-exist on good terms from now on.
Woman 2:
Governor-General Garvin and Prince Arrawnt are deep in discussion at Garvin's private mansion at the moment. They've been talking for quite some time, now.
Saraband Soldier:
I've been posted here on of Medion's army may be lurking around...maybe after the Emperor....or the prince...
Saraband Soldier 1:
Prince Medion, I cannot let you enter here. Governor-General Garvin is currently in a diplomatic meeting, and this room is off-limits.
Saraband Soldier 2:
Inside is the office of the Governor-General. I am sorry, my Prince, but I cannot let you enter.
Saraband Soldier 3:
Prince Medion, I cannot let you pass. There is a diplomatic meeting going on.
Saraband Soldier 4:
There is no reason why you may not enter...whoops! I forgot, Garvin's meeting is very important. I'm afraid you can't enter after all.