Scripts & Translations
Shining Force III Scenario 2: Target: Child of God
Chapter 5: The Army of the Third Prince
Garvin's Office after Jailbreak
Script typed up by: Chris Spiral
Script translated by: Commodore Zog (Aspinia Team)
Translation revised by: DamonD
Why are you making such a big deal Prince Medion? Saraband is obviously the most friendly nation on the continent. The reason we've got in invade is because the Republican King, Benetram, abducted Emperor Domaric! We saved him and he's in Garvin's house.
Assistant Officer:
Coming in here like this seems pretty reckless, doesn't it, Prince Medion? I'd hate to have to tell Mageron or Arrawnt about it.
My position is the diplomat of Saraband. I've got to put up with the stupid Republic built out of mud, those barbarians! The Empire is much better, but I've got to deal with those fools too. This war won't be easy to stop.
If someone seems to be hiding something right before signing a peace treaty, there's probably something up! Some incident of what have you....
Aunt 1:
Whether or not the Princes of the Empire are involved in starting this war again is beyond me. If it's true, I hope they realized the trouble they've caused.... By the way... did you say you were marching to the Governor General's ofice?
Aunt 2:
Prince Arrawnt agreed to abducting the Emperor. If Prince Medion were to take up arms, Garvin's troops would be all around him in a second!
Scholar 1:
When cold water is heated, it can provide motivating power...that's putting it in simple terms. Different degrees of heat and valve angles can produce different results.
The Bulzome Sect has provided the techniques and skills needed to continue the development of the steam engine technology. We have a great need for their continuing support.
Scholar 2:
Master Garvin's desire for the correct methods is intense...soon Saraband will bask in the glory. We've even managed to exceed our expectations for this project.
Cooperation with the Bulzome has worked well. We've managed to divide the entire business between us...although, I must say, it can be a bit of a dangerous relationship sometimes.
Scholar 3:
A thousand years ago, Bulzome ruled in this area. An ancient kingdom, controlled by the Vandals...the people lived in fear and dread of these devils. The opposing forces were the Innovators. Their power eventually brought down the terrible kingdom of Bulzome, they took an immense role in achieving this act.
Scholar 4:
A lot of people talk about Vandals, but I can tell you one thing for certain...the existence of a Vandal has already been confirmed. To the north of Destonia lies Quonus Village...once owned by Master Garvin, the mansion in this village is host to an inferior Vandal. However, it now appears that the feelings of evil around the village have dispersed...
Bookcase 1:
Shining Saviours Of The Spirit?
Someone can be chosen, and superhuman powers are bonded to them. The Creator possesses this power, and stores it inside his chosen holy vessel.
Bookcase 2:
Secret Legend Of The Superhumans.
The growth of the Spirit happens when someone is chosen to participate in the Evolution Ceremony. Fulfilling this ceremony imbues someone with superhuman powers.
Bookcase 3:
Innovators - Natural Enemies Of The Vandals.
A thousand years ago, the massive evil powers of the Vandal kingdom was sealed away, thanks to the Innovators.
Bookcase 4:
Research Into Innovators And Vandals.
The superhuman Innovators stand for justice and righteousness, whilst the Vandals are deeply evil and vicious.
Bookcase 5:
The Benefits Of The Exalted Vandals - written by Garvin.
The huge power of the Vandals would be a tremendous boon to the country, increasing wealth and strength. To aid my chances with such creatures, I may well need to find and kill an Innovator.
Bookcase 6:
A Written Vow To Rule The World And Face All Challenges Together.
Signed by New Emperor Arrawnt of the Destonia Empire, and Governor-General Garvin of Saraband.
Emperor Domaric is being held inside the Governor-General's office! Garvin has him there, so we'd better go rescue him at once!
The Emperor's abduction... Prince Arrawnt... it still troubles me. Chances are, Prince Medion, that we'll have to fight him in Garvin's mansion. I hope that's okay with you... my Prince?
Since we resuced all our troops, raiding Garvin's mansion shouldn't be a problem.
Though it shouldn't do anything bad litterally, being trapped in that jail cell has left me a little claustrophobic!
When our weapons were taken and we were put in cells, I though everything was all over. I'm still a litle uneasy about it. What if they come back?
Our forces came to save the Emperor... we are usually very tactical in all our plans but now I'm in a mood to just kill stuff! Let's take Garvin's mansion by storm!
Ha, so now it was my turn to take the place General Rogan was in just earlier. I'll put that behind me, because now it's time to go to Garvin's mansion for the final rescue!
Prince Arrawnt... is in Garvin's mansion. That means Yasha is lurking there too! I'll get rid of him as soon as I see him! If I should fall in battle, please leave me.
Garvin's mansion in Saraband... sounds like a luxurious place! It must be all decorated too. I'd like to see it.
The town where I come from was pretty much built all our of nature. Now, seeing Saraband's Governor-General's office, seems to have an incredibly artificial look to it.
I felt it in the prison too... but it was even more prominent inside. There is a massive negative power coming from Garvin's office...
Brr... Click... Whir... This city floats on the water... Brrr... I believe it would sink it the water were to become too rough... Click... I dread falling into the water...Brr.. ZzzrClick
Because our army can pass for a regular Imperial army, I think we were treated better than we would have been were we in a Republic force. My flesh boils when I think about what Saraband is doing here...