Scripts & Translations
Shining Force III Scenario 2: Target: Child of God
Chapter 6: The Ambition of Emperor Domaric
Storich Train Station
Script typed up by: Chris Spiral
Script translated by: Aspinia Team
Steward in station facilities:
The emperor of the empire is staying here. I believe Domaric is on the second floor. The emperor loves the food in our shop. We can become famous.
Grandpa in station facilities:
I hate this bar's smelly stew. The smell really collects in here and lingers for days. I don't think the stew should be worth the money that we must pay for it. Do you think the price should be examined?
Grandmother in station facilities:
Since I had to buy the ticket for the train, I have no left over spending money. Which means that now I can't afford the stew.
Aunt 1 in station facilities:
I heard that the youngest prince of the empire, Medion, and his army is staying in our town. I'm afraid that I can't talk anymore. The rumbling in my stomach grows strong. Promise me that you will tell me if you see the youngest prince.
Fellow 1 in station facilities:
The emperor came to Storich! Could that mean that a bad event is about to occur? The emperor must be planning a battle in this town. Could he be upset about his recent abduction?
Fellow 2 in station facilities:
Is Emperor Domaric in this town because the Arrawnt army was defeated? I hope there isn't a battle, the emperor is an excellent commander, and he fights like an ogre. He could destroy the Republic with a single army.
Help of station facilities:
Most of the people that order food from our shop order Beef stew. No one seems to like our other delicious foods.
Cook 1 of station facilities:
The beef stew isn't the best thing I eat. The cook always boast about his good beef stew. He claims that you don't need to put any special sauces on it. But I always have to put ketchup to drown the horrid taste.
Cook 2 of station facilities:
Their is a boy who lives on the Republic side of town who enjoys the smells of our stew. He seems to enjoy the smell too much. I think he should stop sniffing the stew, and buy some. Of course, he probably is to poor to afford any of the food, so he probably imagines the taste.
Fellow 3 in station facilities:
I really hate that ninja from the Empire. He always jumps in here from nowhere, it really startles me.
Fellow 4 in station facilities:
All of the weapons of Aspinia are stored here. I have heard that the Republic can't afford to keep the weapons. That is why Saraband controls them.
Fellow 5 in station facilities:
If the Arrawnt army wasn't defeated, then they could have manipulated the republic. I'm glad that didn't happen.
Fellow 6 in station facilities:
I'm glad we finished the excavation of the ruins. We finally got that stupid machine out after a week of digging. We had to lift the contraption out with a few ropes, and we didn't even get paid. We even installed a powerful motor to run it. But the machine has problems when taking turns.
Station employee 1 in station facilities:
We all know that the food here must be stored in a cold place. That stone room in the underground ruins is the perfect spot for foodstorage.
Station employee 2 in station facilities:
I hate sleeping when a train comes. The noise creates a horrible work environment.
Station employee 3 in station facilities:
What hey ohh. Why did you wake me up. I need a good sleep before the next train comes. I only wake up whent he train whistle blows. What a sound that whistle makes. I love to hear it every day.
Station employee 4 in station facilities:
Everyone hates to hear the trains' whistle blows. I love to hear the whistle.
Station employee 5 in station facilities:
I'm sorry, but there are no tickets left to go to the empire. The schedule is in the middle of a change. I will tell you if someone gives up a ticket. I will also tell you if the schedule arrives.
Station employee 6 in station facilities:
I am angry with the armies of the neutral country. Garvins army wants to shut down the train station for an unknown reason.
Woman in station facilities:
I don't like wars. Most of the people sent out die in a battle. I am thinking of leaving Storich before war breaks out.
Stationmaster in station facilities:
Garvins instructions to his army must be obeyed by everyone. Until the Governor General tells us to restart the train, we can't let the trains run.
Fellow 7 in station facilities:
I told my wife to take the child to the station to wait for the train. I told her to let my son play by the train. I'm thinking of leaving without them before I have to sign up in an army.
Fellow 8 in station facilities:
The last train to arrive here was from Railhead. I heard that a Republic battalion stopped the train at the switch point and got on. I heard that the battalion was heading to Aspinia, when thieves attacked the train. I think they killed the thieves.
Aunt 2 in station facilities:
I heard that the empire reclaimed Barrand only to enter the holy land of Elbesem. The republic general stationed their ran away like a coward. After they reclaimed Barrand, their next goal was probably Aspia.
Responses depend on outcome at Switching Point in Scenario 1
Girl in station facilities:
1. The Republic welcomed us into their country. They even payed our train fare.
2. I can't believe how many of us were killed by the empire.
Defection people (young man):
1. I am happy to have arrived at our destination.
2. I can't believe I survived the massacre at the switch point.
Defection people (grandpa):
1. My wife and I have made it to a land of freedom and equality.
2. I may have survived, but my wife didn't. i wish I had died with her.
Defection people (Grandmother):
1. My husband and I are lucky to have survived that battle at the train switch point.
2. I wish my husband were alive to be here with me. I am so very lonely.
Defection people (child):
1. My mother and I are finally free of the Imperial tyrany.
2. How will I live in this world without someone to take care of me. I miss you mother.
Defection people (mother):
1. I will create a better life for my son and myself. It is a new beginning for the both of us.
2. I should have been more careful. I wish I had saved my son, then sit and watch him die.
Help 1 of the second floor:
If you stay in our spare rooms, then check in at the counter. Please follow the procedures listed near the counter.
Help 2 of the second floor:
Only the most prestigous person can stay in the best room. The room will remain empty until a well recognized person arrives. the room is currently occupied.
Fellow 1 of the second floor:
Do you know who is staying the best room? Is their guest in their at all? Please tell me who it is.
Fellow 2 of the second floor:
I have a lot of money to spend. So, when I asked for the best room, they brushed me off. All the money I have made came from the construction of the Storich warehouse. I was the highest paid member of that construction team. Ah well, what do you think I should do with my money? Should I travel?
Steward 1 of the second floor:
I wonder what you tell people if a hotel is full. I wonder how people would take it if I told them that? I'm surprised that this five star hotel is never full. This is the best hotel in the Republic and the Empire. Is it useless to lower our rates to fill it up?
Steward 2 of the second floor:
This hotel is controlled by Saraband. This is a first class, five star hotel. Your lineage, you know, being a prince and all, will get you the best service.
Young man 1 of the second floor:
The most expensive room is a very good room. After all, that is what one would expect from a five star hotel. I bet the person staying in their finds the service satisfactory.
Young man 2 of the second floor:
This is my first time in a hotel of this quality. I can't even afford to stay in this place, unfortunetly. I'm so poor that the maids won't even talk to me. However, I enjoy the free hot water that the maids throw in my face. I almost break down and cry when the maids laugh at how pitiful I am.
Steward 3 of the second floor:
Keep this between us but, I heard that the Emperor Domaric is staying in this hotel. I also heard that he is waiting for Prince Medion.
Help 3 of the second floor:
I heard that the emperor patiently waits for his polite son. I heard that the youngest prince is a dream to look at.
Help 4 of the second floor:
Medion's army has never been beaten. They are very powerful. His elder brother, Arrawnt, may have been defeated, but I think he is hot. I wish I had met him personnally.
Fellow 3 of the second floor:
I can't believe I saw Emperor Domaric. I mean, he just walked right by me. It was exciting. This is the first time I saw him. Wait till I tell my friends. they won't believe me. That guy is a very distinct man. I heard that he never drinks, at all.
Fellow 4 of the second floor:
Do you know any other ways to leave this city safely? I'm afraid to walk on the roads, but I will probably have to since the trains aren't running.
Fellow 5 of the second floor:
as a representative diplomat in the saraband consulate I will make me clearly and have it. The our country Unakami city saraband <"> is occupied. [It] is put under the rule of the empire ???. The right of the railway is the one in the saraband country.
Fellow 6 of the second floor:
The empire has occupied Saraband. They are searching for Garvin and his army now. The trains now belong to the empire, and they have been shut down. Don't you wish that the empire would allow the trains to run once more?
Fellow 7 of the second floor:
I hate war a lot. Whenever a war breaks out, I run and hide like a coward. The only time I am happy about war is when the military finally wins the battle.
It is about time you arrived Medion. We have much to discuss.
The Emperor is concerned about the wherabouts of garvin. With the defeat of Arrawnt at the hands of Synbios, we need to find the governor general.
We must discover the strategy that Garvin has. That is why I am asking you, Medion, to accompany me to Aspia.
So that is why you were waiting for us.
You know better than to talk while the emperor talks. Emperor please continue.
You are becoming a pain Fiderit. Let them speak, I want to here what they think. I'm glad you spoke Grantack.
So, Domaric, you want to go to the capital. You want the Medion army to be your group of bodyguards. Am I correct at assuming this? Well, the Medion army is the only Imperial army in the area. So, we shall join you on your journey to the Republic.
That is a good answer, peasent. You should listen to your leader.
Fiderit, quiet down and let Grantack speak.
The journey you requested will require the Medion army to fight many battles. I want to know why we must go to the capital.
Mainly, Grantack, we need to see how the occupation is going. The occupation in Aspia is in danger, ever since the Imperial soldiers were defeated.
We must head over their, Grantack. We need to reclaim our territory. The Medion army is strong enough to help me take the land which belongs to me.
So that is why you need our army, Domaric.
I know why you fight my son. You protect the innocence. Medion, if you come with me, you can protect me and get the land that once belonged to me. Will you go with me.
I have another question for you my son. Medion, will you attack Aspia? Will you fight the army that killed Arrawnt, Medion? The Synbios battalion fought him in a battle on the bridge in front of the castle. He had an ingenius plan to form two attack teams, and took out the army of my middle child. Surely you would want to avenge him. I know that Arrawnt hated you but I know that Arrawnt was killed in a cowards manner by the republic. *** I also know that we should have two targets to attack. Out of revenge, we will take Aspia. We will also kill Garvin for his job in my abduction. *** I know you hate Garvin, my son. I know that you will avenge Arrawnt for the whole Empire. So Medion, will you capture the capital and take revenge?
I knew you would decide that my son. Now we need information on Garvin. Yasha...Yasha...appear before me.
Yasha appears
So you have summoned me my lord. What do you require from my survices?
I want you to find the wherabouts of Garvin.
So you want me to find Governor General Garvin. It is finally time for another job for you, my lord. I believe a good place to start would be the ruins beneath Storich. I know Garvin has something down their that will help him in his march to Aspia.
Well Medion, I want you to go to the ruins. I know that the Synbios army can destroy the governor if he arrives their early. But, I do not want Garvin to fight them, I want you to fight him. I want to see you fight.
I believe you should leave now. It is best to arrive as early as possible.
Just because you want us to fight Garvin? I don't like you plan to take Aspia while they suffer.
We must follow orders, Campbell. I guess that means we must leave. Medions armies have to stop Garvins forces.
You must take the life of Governor General Garvin without fail. You must stop him, you must end the final portion of Arrawnts' plan, Medion.
I know that Governor General Garvin secretly communicates to Bulzome. He is a dangerous man who dislikes both the Republic and the Empire. He will try to stop your army in the name of the monks he works for.
Because I can get into any place, I believe I shall spy on The governor. I am sure he will trust me for I was with the middle prince. But, you Grantack must check the ruins under this city. Enter the warehouse and go down the stairs at the south end of the building. The soldier will be told of your arrival. He will let you pass.