Scripts & Translations
Shining Force III Scenario 2: Target: Child of God
Chapter 6: The Ambition of Emperor Domaric
Storich East district
Script typed up by: Chris Spiral
Script translated by: Beyd (Aspinia Team)
I am very glad that the Baersol army gave up the revolt they had planned. Instead they returned to the capital of the Republic.
Governor General Garvin left the Saraband country and came to this town. He hid himself somewhere in Storich. He was probably hiding trying to run away from the armies of Aspinia. Would you believe he is trying to capture the capital city of the Republic!
Fellow 1:
It was a surprise to see the Emperor walk into the Imperial Base with two other people.
Fellow 2:
The Medion army defeated the monsters in the underground ruins. The danger in the upper layer of the tomb is over. The evil person in the ruins is gone However, there are still creatures in the lower floors. The demons down there are very powerful. Whenever I run down there, I end up panicking and running back to the surface.
The Synbios army, in order to stop the Arrawnt army, traveled to the front of the battle to stop the disorder in the Republic.
There have been so many earthquakes. Though they are small, I still watch my feet during the fierce shaking. The quakes of the Earth have advanced.
Young man:
I was watching the fields outside, when suddenly a cloud of dust appeared! It startled me alot. The Earth opened up and revealed a gigantic tank!
My uncle told me something interesting. He said there are tombs underground. He is in the process of excavating them. He said he found a tank. He told me how terrible it is to find a big vehicle underground. He told me that the vehicle actually moves! (I want to ride that machine so badly).
I was sleeping at my usual place when the ground began to move. I knew that it couldn't be a train for it shook the ground violently. I think it came from the underground.
Station employee:
Governor General Garvin took the tank he found in the ruins to the Republic capital of Aspia. He intends to use it to destroy the capital. If he dies during the battles, then Saraband will surely end. However, if it really ends, my business will still continue.
Fellow in private house 1:
I've seen the front of the war in this region. After seeing it, I began to live life fully and actively. When the train comes to town, the plate on my table often drops.
Aunt in private house 1:
I wish, for one day, that the train whistle doesn't blow. I have longed for such goodness. I wish for the sweet sound of nothing. I realize that I must get used to the whistles' ringing. I will have to hear it for the rest of my life.
Woman in private house 2:
There was a machine under Storich with huge arms. I can't believe I lived without knowing it.
Young man in private house 2:
It was a surprise to know that there was mining in the ruins beneath Storich. Some of the people in the city didn't know about it at all. I wonder if Benetram knows?
Grandpa in private house 3:
Governor General Garvin is heading toward the Republic capital of Aspia to destroy it. He must be involved in the Empire's occupation. Governor General Garvin has always favored the Empire to the Republic. Is Aspia finished, or is the Empire?
Grandmother in private house 3:
Governor General Garvin and Prince Arrawnt both agreed on the Aspia occupation. This all happened because both parties weren't in cooperation during the conferences. Their relations were unexpectedly bad.
Fellow 1 in bar:
If the merchant's section of Saraband is lost, then all the special economic activities are lost. If that occurs, then the Empire is damaged. We treat the Empire's bureaucrat's well and they let us into their lands. We want to approach a peaceful direction with the Empire.
Fellow 2 in bar:
If Garvin disobeys the Emperor, then the Empire will destroy Saraband. *** Though the Empire likes special merchants, can't people find better ways to leave their country, then becoming merchants?
Young man in bar:
I think Medion is the best of the three Imperial princes. I know how badly he is treated, and I have a little saying: If he is born a prince, then he is a prince. It doesn't depend on the mothers' rank.
Station employee 1 in bar:
Governor General Garvins' ambitions might lose Saraband. If he changes his mind, and doesn't attack the Republic, should we still allow him to run the neutral city?
Station employee 2 in bar:
This guy suddenly fell in love with my daughter. I heard him tell her that he can't live without her. I think he wants to become more intimate with her.
Clerk in bar:
Prince Medion's army lives with the purpose to fight for the good people of the Empire. Most of the men in this bar are in no shape to fight for their countries like the prince.
Master of the bar:
In order for the Republic to fight Garvin, does Aspia have the power of a mountain like barrier to stop his machine?
I am Unoma, please answer me this question, Is not the eagle made a companion?
Grandmother in church:
The Governor General knows the story of the ruins. I don't think Benetram knows this story though. Garvins selfishness lead him to hide them from the Republic. He never told Benetram of their existence before and after the building of the train station. I am sure he knew the layout of the ruins well, and he knew how to control the tank.
Woman in church:
Did you know that their are more ancient weapons in the ruins beneath Storich? Most of the villagers had no idea that there were violent weapons located underground.
Once the Bulzome priest was defeated in battle, a frightening wave arrived. That wave could have gone anywhere on this planet.
Arms shop:
If you want to be as strong as the princes army, then buy arms in my shop! If their is anything special that you are looking for, then Saraband is the best place to go.
Dealer in secondhand articles:
We do not exhibit valuable accessories in our shop. So, are you going to buy something?