Scripts & Translations
Shining Force III Scenario 2: Target: Child of God
Chapter 6: The Ambition of Emperor Domaric
Storich West Area After the ruins battle
Script typed up by: Chris Spiral
Script translated by: Beyd
Station Employee 1:
How long will this whole passage permit verification job last? I don't see this ending soon, and with my luck, will last a long while.
Station Employee 2:
I must get rid of my strong feeling to leave this town. But, I must admit, I'm curious to know how all this will turn out... I have a feeling that you know, don't you?
Station employee 3:
Usually, to enter a train car you need a ticket...
But for you, Imperial Prince Medion, you're free!
Prince, you do not have to pay for a passage on the train. So, feel free to enter.
As for the scheduale for the next train...well, regrettably, the train track isn't fully fixed yet.
Station Employee 4:
I've increased my sincerety, Prince. Please, make sure that the other employee's convey the same sincerety towards the new Imperial bosses.
If the Refuges lived in Scenario 1
Station Emplyee 5:
Garvin is headed towards Aspia for the decisive battle... What will happen if he is defeated, I wonder... Does that mean that the Imperial troops will march towards Aspia next? I hope that the Republic wins in the upcoming battles the capital faces... Certainly, the refugees hope for the same freedom that they wanted when they left the Empire. Can you blame them for these thoughts?
If Refugees died in scenario 1
Station Emplyee 5:
Do you think that we should retreat from this town? Just once I'de like to see the look on a customers face when they enter here to find it deserted.
Station Employee 6:
Garvin is using that tank found in the ruins to invade Aspia in his decisive invasion of death...Garvins will win, right? I mean, Saraband must be desperate to occupy Aspia, so I'm gonna support Garvin as best as I can...Hurray! Hurray for the Garvin forces...!
Old woman:
This whole situation is upsetting...
It cannot be reconciled with some expensive jewel. I mean, he doesn't even act playfully, which what keeps a relationship together for so many years, don't you think?
So if...he doesn't fix this situation, then do you think seperating is the only possible outcome...?
Old Boy 1:
For the old woman's situation, it seems that she has a strong dislike for the old cod that is her husband. I mean, it isn't fair that she's stuck here while everything she needs is in the Empire is it?...She doesn't even get a replay from her husband...and she doesn't care...for jewels either.
Old Boy 2:
The Old woman's husband is some official in the Government of the Empire. But, would you agree that that seems to upset the fickle partner? However, don't ya think you could learn something from this...? A relationship that at one time was loving now cannot be repaired with something the heart doesn't care for. GOld is useless when it comes to the heart.
The trains are begin to depart gradually...
I'm beginning to think, that soon everything will start to flow normally, right?... As for my job inside, well, being an associate is very tiring.
I heard most of that fight inside the storage building. If I had been able to see it, well, I would have some great things to tell people.
When the battle was finished, I heard the starting of a machine unknown to our time, a thing from ancient times. It was absolutely...I can't just forget everything I saw, it was amazing!
Soldier 1:
Now that a weapon from the ancient times has been unleashed, is there anyway to stop it? Please...please save us.
Soldier 2:
The rumors have spread so quickly...
If the ruins contained such a large-scale weapon then the treasure that's supposed to be hidden there is very much exaggerated.