Scripts & Translations
Shining Force III Scenario 2: Target: Child of God
Chapter 6: The Ambition of Emperor Domaric
Swampland - Around Town
Script typed up by: Chris Spiral
Script translated by: Guido Anchvoy 16 (Aspinia Team)
What is wrong with the Empire? They have surrounded the capital city of the Republic, Aspia, and have not invaded it. What's more they have spread a rumor that the Emperor was abducted. A Republican plot to black-mail the Empire doesn't even fit with the way the republic has acted in the past.
Fellow 1:
The alliance with Saraband would have made Swampland prosperous.
I wonder why the Lord discontinued the agreement.
Fellow 2:
The Empire will invade the Republican territories until they all exist under Domaric's rule.
The imperial army has a brilliant plan to bring disorder within the Republic. However, most do not want to annex to the Empire again.
The Lord of Swampland was royalty of the Empire.
Life has not become easy since we tried to become independent,
I don't even care if we become part of the Empire again!
Lord Saios was a man of good nature as well as a gentle person. He won the respect of the other lords and was beloved by the people from all his victories in the caves.
Romatera loved her father very much. She must be devastated that he was killed by the Empire.
Boy 1:
After the birdman went to investigate in Aspia,
they told me, "You should go eat at the bar".
You should try it sometime if you get the chance.
Boy 2:
The Lord's son, Jason, is my best friend! But I don't know what to say to him right now. I hope you feel sorry that his father is dead!
If Aspia becomes occupied, Malory will not interfere. The reason is that Tristus' son, Algernon, has been taken hostage by Prince Arrawnt.
Young man:
A rescue signal from Aspia district was seen by some birdmen.
This is serious, the capital of the Republic may be invaded soon.
Fellow in private house 1:
I wonder why my friend is still in the bar. It's his turn today to feed the worm on the marsh belt.
He knows that if you do not bring it food early enough that it will come to town to search for food on its own!
If Synbios killed the baby dragon in Scenario 1
Grandpa in private house 2:
I hear that the Synbios battalion killed a baby dragon in the volcano like it was nothing!
If Synbios did not kill the baby dragon in Scenario 1
Grandpa in private house 2:
I hear that the Synbios battalion journeyed through the volcano very recently. They were even attacked by a baby dragon and completely ignored it like it was nothing!
If Synbios killed the baby dragon in Scenario 1
Grandma in private house 2:
I wouldn't want to be around that volcano right now. That dragon will be furious when it can't find it's baby!
If Synbios did not kill the baby dragon in Scenario 1
Grandma in private house 2:
Synbios should have killed that dragon while he had the chance. Who knows what harm it'll do when it grows up?
Woman in private house 3:
It seems that no matter who you are, if you oppose Emperor Domaric you will lose.
I wonder what will become of Swampland?
Young man in private house 3:
The nobility of Swampland seceded from the Empire 20 years ago, despite the reprecussions from the Empire. They were brave enough to stand up for their cause.
Aunt in private house 4:
The marsh belt's land is very fertile. Our town utilized it for subsistence farming until the worms started to attack. Now no one wants to go outside.
Fellow in private house 4:
Bulzome monks have been coming to the marsh belt and training the worms to make them obedient to their commands. In fact, I've heard that the creatures are attacking people!
Woman in bar:
General Fafhard, who caused a revolt within the Republic, had a grudge against the Symbios army because he thought their land, Storich, was hiding riches from the rest of the Republican territories. His son, Braff, is also a betrayer and has allied to the Empire.
Young man in bar:
The son of Lord Conrad, Synbios, is in the Malory territory. His army seems to be preparing to march to Aspia. However, the rampart on the Malory side is being blocked by the army of General Fafhard's son, Braff.
Grandpa in bar:
When I went to the rest room around midnight last night, you see my bowel movements are irregular, I looked out the window and saw something that was shaped like a giant mushroom floating south west! But nobody else was awake to see it!
Birdman 1 in bar:
When I approached Aspia in response to a rescue signal I saw, a huge soldier stood in the moat of the castle. Although I was frightened at first I realized that it was not attacking the castle. I also heard in town that the armies of Braff and the Empire are closing in.
Birdman 2 in bar:
I recently flew to Malory while on my way to Aspia. When I talked with the locals, they informed me that Braff had betrayed the Republic. Aspia has been occupied by Prince Arrawnt of the Empire....just like Swampland has...
Clerk in bar:
If Emperor Domaric plans to journey to Aspia, he will have to go through the marsh belt and the hole in the volcano, both of which have dangerous, brutal, monsters. There's no way he's going to reach the capital city safely! Then Swampland and the rest of the Republic will be liberated from Destonia's tyranny!
Bar Keep:
Swampland has become occupied by the the Empire, our armies will be assimilated into the imperial forces to be used as they see fit. Even though all my customers will still come to eat and drink...I'm not sure things will be the same here. How can anyone bear this without saying anything?
Aunt in church:
Now that Swampland has become occupied the people are bound to panick. But the Emperor will just strike us down if we resist in any way. Even a hunger strike wouldn't work. If would be safer to just accept the situation and settle down.
Grandmother in church:
There are civil wars and imperial invasions throughout all the territories of the Republic. I'm afraid this new government, our new way of life, has already come to an early demise.