Scripts & Translations
Shining Force III Scenario 2: Target: Child of God
Chapter 6: The Ambition of Emperor Domaric
Swampland - In the Castle
Script typed up by: Chris Spiral
Script translated by: Guido Anchvoy 16 (Aspinia Team)
Soldier 1:
For a guard, not much will change even though Swampland has been taken over by Emperor Domaric.
Soldier 2:
If all our forces were focused here we might've been able to keep the Empire out of Swampland for a while. However, all of our generals were out on the battlefield. Consequently, there wasn't anyone competent to defend the castle. We had to surrender unconditionally when Emperor Domaric invaded.
Soldier 3:
Poor's hard for me to keep back the tears. This stay of execution is such a bittersweet gesture. It is suprising that Emperor Domaric, the King of Massacres, can be moved to mercy by his son, Prince Medion. I've never heard of such a display, his son must mean a lot to him.
Soldier 4:
Isn't Domaric afraid of the marsh? By now he must realize that there is an ambush waiting for him. He's either a very smart man or a very stupid one. But don't tell him I said that!
Soldier 5:
Even if you have postponed the execution, it is sure to be conducted sooner or later. Romatera, Signorina, and Jason are only children with their whole lives ahead of them. Being royalty, they also mean a lot to Swampland and it's future.
Soldier 6:
I have received a mission to remain in Swampland from the Emperor. The command system of the Swampland army is to be reorganize so that it is not recaptured by the Republic.
Woman 1:
That Domaric...He will let our land go to waste like before! Things were going so well under Swampland's sovereignty, and now they're all getting executed for making us all happy and prosperous!? It doesn't make any sense!
Woman 2:
Would you like some important information? Swampland's royalty has been cooperating secretly with the Bulzome. It seems they have some sort of strategy within marsh belt. Obviously their armies have been combined but I believe they have some kind of ace up their sleeves...Since only I could divulge such a valuable secret, please take care of a baby so that it is not executed.
Soldier 1 in wagon depository:
The headland castle where the lord was lost...must've had its forces annihilated as well. There is no chance of resistance now...
Soldier 2 in wagon depository:
If I had enough courage I would've died with honor on the battlefield rather than become a prisoner of the Empire. But I'm just a coward...
Soldier 3 in wagon depository:
If the women are brought hereit is possible for them to escape from Swampland. Please take pity on them Medion, their lives are in your hands.
The second floor
It would seem from Iria's stay of execution that Prince Medion is very much unlike his father, the pitiless Emperor. He may be the only Imperial with a heart. How ironic that he is in such position to move the Emperor Domaric to mercy. Although, if Iria has to die, in the end does it really matter?
Soldier 1:
The death of externals of the male Sai also who are the general is <"> f
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