Scripts & Translations
Shining Force III Scenario 2: Target: Child of God
Chapter 6: The Ambition of Emperor Domaric
Storich East District
Script typed up by: Chris Spiral
Script translated by: Aspinia Team
Come, Medion, let us go to the ruling district of Storich, and meet with the Emperor. It will be there that we learn the truth.
After what sounded like the rumbling of the earth, Tenor's scream was heard. Do you think that scream could have been his last moments?
In varous places of the Empire, Berland, and the Republic, the fierce battles have taken the lives of a lot of officers and soldiers who scattered to save the prince of the Empire's life.
The Bearsol army was the only strong army here, but as soon as the Braff army occupied Aspia, it quickly withdrew from Aspia.
Fellow 1:
The Bearsol was to attract the Synbios army. The Braff army, which takes orders only from Prince Arrawnt, was doing perfectly until Aspia was occupied. The problems were all caused in the Aspia occupation operation because trying to control the Aspinian soldiers is not effective at all.
Young man:
Algernon, the hostage that was taken by the Arrawnt army was seen hanging from the moat. When the rope was cut by the ninja's dirk, the birdman Fynding, rescued him.
Prince Arrawnt?s army was defeated at a great cost. The Emperor and Medion appear very upset, but there is a pause in the war, from which both armies are taking a rest.
Station Employee:
You want to enter the west Storich district? It is where most of the Empires aristocrats meet. Please consult with the Emperor if you intend to stay.
Storich West District
Fellow in private house 1:
As the Bearsol army withdrew from Aspia, it joined up with the main army in the southern region. They're waiting just outside of Aspia for a conference with Brutus' officials. In the end, however, are you marching to help the Empire or the Republic?
Aunt in private house 1:
The bridge over the reef that connects the continents has always become a problem. The Empire has failed before because it could not get the reinforcements and replenishment of goods in time. This time, its learned its lesson and is landing in Bearsol by using the mobile power of ships. Even Aspia was attacked and taken over.
Woman in private house 2:
Just on the other side of this wall is the independent district of Storich. Since the railroad came in, everybody has started working there. Sometimes i even hear what sounds like huge stones being moved, and I wonder if i should start doing something now.
Young man in private house 2:
The Empire is always trying to occupy Aspia, and they had it for a short while. Although, it didn't take long for the Synbios army to defeat the Arrawnt army and regain control.
Grandmother in private house 3:
Since Emperor Domaric has come and gone, that must mean he isn't planning to take revenge for Prince Arrawnt yet.
Grandfather in private house 3:
Soldier 1 in bar:
Ever since Arrawnt was blown away, Governor-general Garvin has disappeared. I wonder where he went? After all, I didn't think he was such a cold-hearted guy.
Soldier 2 in bar:
The Arrawnt army received no help from us, and thus it was able to do very well by itself. If only he hadn't driven his soldiers so recklessly he wouldn't have been put in the situation where he was struggling to repulse the entire Synbios army.
Fellow 1 in bar:
Being able to provide for its own territory is the wish of the people of Storich. It is because our country has the resources and production base that its able to provide for itself.
Fellow 2 in bar:
Now that the Republic has reoccupied everything, Storich will have the chance to go in and reclaim some lost goods. Even with those, however, the chance for business will still be low.
Young man in bar:
Station employee 1 in bar:
This region of the Aspinian Republic is quite a ways from the surrounding area of the capital. It was thought that we were safe here, but if a fight occurs in the right place, we might be jeopardized.
Station employee 2 in bar:
The daughter here is sure nice to be so kind to me. But is telling her how I feel any reason for her to slap me?
Clerk in bar:
The person who is drunk from sake over there is a spy of Storich and the Empire. The Republic would never hire such a person, and it mortifies me that the Empire has.
Master of bar:
Did that station employee deserved to be slapped? The mark of the hand on his face is a clear sign of the daughters bad mood. Although, It is nice to see that she can take care of herself.
My papa is a fortune teller, and has seen that you are necessary for the future of this world. The only monster which I have killed had the ability to move like the wind, but I was able to charm it before it died. Surely this must be useful to you, Prince. Please let me join your force! I am able to control seven monsters which will be put under your control. Please leave *Todome* to me.
Ramen eating competition fellow:
When you're trying to win the Ramen eating competition, a small appetite will be the end of you!
Woman in church:
The governor-general Garvin and prince Arrawnt cooperated with Bulzome, and it was because of their cooperation with evil that the Synbios army was able to defeat them.
Arms shop:
If you want some new weapons that are truly superior in quality, I would have to suggest going to the arms shop in the independent district.
Dealer in secondhand articles:
One of the shops in the independent district is selling a tool that I'm sure you would find useful.