Scripts & Translations
Shining Force III Scenario 2: Target: Child of God
Chapter 6: The Ambition of Emperor Domaric
Storich West District
Script typed up by: Chris Spiral
Script translated by: Commodore Zog (Aspinia Team)
Station Employee 1:
Travelers now require a permit from the Empire to ride the train, since many citizens are defecting by it. This is the only way to prevent it.
Station Employee 2:
On this new permit business... do we really need it? When someone can legally ride the train, there's really no reason to defect to the Republic.
Station Employee 3:
Ah, Prince Medion, there's no reason why you shouldn't get a free ride on the train, please enter. You've got a ticket? Good. The only problem is the operation of the train has been suspended because of the local Aspia revolts. It's too dangerous.
Station Employee 4:
Since the train's not runnning, we'd normally have to close the station. But this time we didn't. Hmmm...
If the Refugees were rescued in Scenario 1
Station Employee 5:
Since the Republic has a guarantee of full representation, the refugees took the train here. Benetram also hates the idea of this permit that's been set up, so he's devised a way to get around it. It doesn't lower to cost of the ticket at all though.
If the Refugees weren't rescued in Scenario 1
Station Employee 5:
Barrand has become very dangerous. So dangerous in fact, that we can't unload passengers.
Station Employee 6:
Saraband kidnapped the Emperor, one of the events in this rebellion. It's rumoured there was a bribe involved somewhere, and the Emperor is pretty ticked off... is it true?
Station Employee 6:
Oh, there was some sort of exchange! My respect for Saraband ends here, and the Empire is sure to conquer it!
Station Employee 6:
Domaric... is not angry? Then Saraband can continue as a nation! Our position on this doesn't change either.
I... don't really understand these recent events. So... some people had an invitation from the beginning, the casue of all of this. Yet the train is still around... I wonder when it will start again?
Fellow 1:
This war started suddenly, and Domaric still took a trip here despite all the instability... Oh, when someone publishes this, my respect for politics ends.
Fellow 2:
There's a high-level Imperial official here, as well as a woman who escaped from Saraband. If Emperor Domaric finds out about this, the local administration will be up in arms!
I'm a very high-spirited person, but you'd not assume that while I'm waiting in this boring room!
Now... fights are gettingf more common. Things aren't too stable around here. I also think of that hole in the wall... but there is no hole... Am I losing my mind over all this bloodshed?
Soldier 1:
Through here is Aspinia's goods warehouse. All Imperials are prohibited.
Soldier 2:
I... used to be stationed in Swampland... But when the Empire took over I was transfered here, doomed to watch over stupid things in a warehouse... why must you be so cruel?