Scripts & Translations
Shining Force Gaiden: Final Conflict
Chapter 1: The Ancient Shrine, a New Journey Begins
Battle 01
Script translated by: Moogie
The Shining Force fought a long
battle at the ancient temple on
the continent of Parmecia.
Adam was injured, and so they
returned to the port town of
Hassan to heal him...
fades to a house in Hassan
How are you feeling, Adam?
Is the wound any better, I wonder?
It's hopeless. I don't think I'll be able to fight anymore.
The others will be able to fight though, they're strong enough.
We should set out to find Max as soon as possible.
If you think it's necessary Adam, set up a persuing party...
Right. If we don't save Max, the world may be destroyed!
For that reason, we should leave here and try to pick up his trail.
Don't worry though, we'll be back.
We'd all like to see this plan succeed, wouldn't we Adam?
I'm concerned that we're leaving Hassan without any supervision.
What if we are defeated, and never return?
There's no need to worry, Mead. I'm happy to go with you as an advisor.
If we don't do something, we'll never put an end to this.
Nonetheless, we'll still worry a little.
Adam, Mead - I think our search will be successful, don't you?
Well, Paige & Adam, I can't imagine how we're going to manage this!
I mean, Hawel's only an apprentice mage, he still has a lifetime of study ahead of him. How useful would it be to have him at hand?!
You're out of line!
What do you think you're saying?
Sonette, are you telling me that I'm just some useless academic?
Yet despite that, I almost always have to show you what to do and help you out!
Just kidding, just kidding!
I've often had to depend on you and your experience, Hawel.
Okay everybody, let's do it, shall we?!
Well, let's head across to the ancient temple to see what devils we must face!
Just a minute!
Shouldn't Knuckles be going with us now?
That guy must have slept in again. He's let Max down this time, he doesn't deserve to come with us.
He's always late, and we always have to wait for him. We'll be waiting until nightfall for him to wake up and get here!
That's right. He's got no excuse.
When he comes out, he can join us. Let's go now.
Oh dear! Knuckles, what shall we do with you!
If he shows up, I'll tell him you've already left.
Thank you. We couldn't ask for more.
Well then, Elder, myself and the others should leave for the Ancient temple now. We'll return soon.
I'll be here waiting for you.
With respect, Elder, please could you let Ian come with us?
Don't be so tiresome, Cynthia.
He's too busy training inside right now. You and the others, go on ahead. Maybe you'll meet up with him back here in Hassan later on.
To tell you the truth, Adam, there's something I want to tell you...
...because of the situation, I'll tell you when you return from the ancient temple.
Well then....
Let's go to the ancient temple!
they go to leave Hassan...
Oi! Wait up!
I'm all set to come along and do my best!
Knuckles, it's you!
You arrived just in time to set out with us. We're setting off for the ancient temple.
Ha ha!
Sorry, sorry!
I slept in late... then rushed to get ready!
I came because I knew how important this is.
Come along then, it's time to depart.
Well everyone...
let's go!!
So Adam and his companions
headed for the ancient temple
to search for Max's trail, however...
Is this it?
It is!
This is the Caravan...
It probably won't be very convenient to take...
I... I don't understand...
How do you get this thing to move?
First we need to work out how to get inside...
Well, that didn't work.
This thing must be broken.
What?... who's that over there?!
He's going to break that ancient relic!
Somone just had to come to spoil this...
We'll abandon the caravan for now - let's escape.
Hey, you!
A thief like me is skilled enough to escape. Men, why don't you keep them company?
The enemy is coming!
Adam, you can't fight... but we can!
Understood. Well then Mead, please lead them!
My men can't have been defeated!
I think now's the time for a hasty exit.
I suppose you must be one of Mishaela's minions, since you're here at the ancient temple trying to damage things.
We can't let you go free until we have decided there is good reason to do so.
You can't catch me, I won't go with you!
Eh... damn!
I've been caught! The great Ruburan is ruined!
Who are you and your gang?
What were you doing here?
This guy's a heretic! He was trying to steal that anicent relic!
Hey! You're wrong!
I don't deserve this treatment!
What to do, what to do?!
I doubt there'll be another chance to escape...
It's a long shot, but perhaps you know what Mishaela's plan is?
Eh? What?
I don't recognise that woman's name.
My coming here was nothing to with your business here...
Well then, what was your gang of ruffians doing here at the ancient ruins, I wonder?
Wait just a minute!
We'd only been here a short while before you came here and caught us.
We were trying to make that ancient relic work somehow...
In any case, it looks like you're going to make me come with you.
This fellow must be a criminal, trying to steal that ancient relic. We can't allow him to go.
What do you think we should do, Adam?
Well, first of all we should probably return to Hassan to discuss this with the Elder.
That's a good idea.
Perhaps that suspicious woman Mishaela has had the same idea...
If she has, we may be able to pick up Max's trail more easily...
In case she has, we should hurry back to Hassan immediately.