Scripts & Translations
Shining Force Gaiden: Final Conflict
Chapter 4: The Devil King's Revival
Battle 19
Script translated by: Moogie
According to King Galam, evil powers gather ahead of here, at Ground Seal. Master Max is captive in the ancient tower, opposite those rocky mountains over there. ...Ian, I'm worried about Master Max - we must make haste!
the area darkens
Ah, what a simply magnificent view!
First, I'd recommend that you think carefully before you do anything, eh?
That voice... it's Mishaela!
Now we, the Shining Force, have left Galam, it looks like there's a treat instore for us.
This is a bit of an exaggerated greeting, but I suppose our reputation preceeds us, eh?...
We're now in foreign lands, please try to take a look around this prairie.
pans around to strange glowing orbs
There are a great number of strange orbs on the prairie. What could their purpose be?
You'd do well to realise their powers.
Ah, our enemy on the prairie is just one of Mishaela's dolls.
This is, without a doubt, another trap set by Mishaela, no different than before.
Be careful, Ian!
during the battle, when searching the pale grass
__________ found Kojirou!
I've come seeking to travel.
My name is Kojirou, and I'm a swordsman.
With a reputation such as yours, I'd like to serve you, eh?!
If you're not defeated, we should join up - I won't let you know. What do you say?
I understand the true potential of your powers...
Kojirou the Samurai has joined the Force.
Well then, I'll wait for you at headquarters.
After the battle
It can't be...
Because of those Orbs, our magic powers were continually restored!
It's no wonder everyone in the Devil Army used magic. That was the reason!
Well, it's time we went to find Master Max and stop the Devil's revival...