Scripts & Translations
Shining Force Gaiden: Final Conflict
Chapter 4: The Devil King's Revival
Battle 21
Script translated by: Moogie
This is the place of Lord Darksol's revival....
Soon his revival will be completed. At that time, anyone who stands in his way will be powerless against him!
Until then, Ian and his force must not be allowed anywhere near Lord Darksol.
Dark Shaman:
Mistress Mishaela, even if Max is defeated, those guys pose no threat for you.
Well, I won't be defeated! I think Ian will give us more trouble than Max did...
But, if by some chance they make it here, you must fight with all your strength!
Dark Shaman:
Ian being more troublesome than Max...?
You should not take Ian so lightly. He's a talented man, and will require extra attention when we deal with him...
Don't think you know Ian so well, Mishaela!
Dark Shaman:
It can't be...!
How did those guys get here?!
Thanks to Ian, I've been able to return to my old self.
I'm sure you don't see how sweet Ian is!
Well, well, well... isn't this a surprise?!
It seems there's something you don't know about Ian yet, Max.
20 years ago a prophet in Manarina gave your brother Kane a prediction...
That prediction spoke of our reviving Lord Darksol, at this very place.
Kane didn't like the thought of that. He had a son, and sent him away to defeat Lord Darksol.
and that son was... Ian!
What the...?!
Kane raised his son to lead a Shining Force, just like you, his brother, lead the Shining Force. His son was to follow in your footsteps.
Ian, you...
...are my older brother's son...!
I found out about this through Hassan's Elder, and I was surprised too!
Such a thing just can't be, can it?!
Mishaela moves up to the shrine
Lord Darksol's revival is almost complete! Ohohohoho!
This time, without a doubt, you fools shall not hinder the realisation of our dream.
Mishaela, you can't do that!
I can't allow you to use Lord Zeon's power in the revival of Darksol.
W... who's that?!
Y... you're Oddeye! A devil of similar social standing to myself...
Does this mean you've sided with those guys?
Good for you, Oddeye.
You can try to hinder us all you like, but it will do no good.
I'll risk my life to see Lord Darksol revive completely!
Mishaela, you need to wake up!
Why are you going this far?
All you're doing is what Darksol wants you to do.
You're putting your life on the line here... what will he tell you to do next?!
We must protect Lord Darksol's dear child, Mephisto!
Because of that goal, my life isn't important.
Ian! If it's like this, one man alone cannot defeat Mishaela.
Darksol's revival must be stopped! I'll join your party.
Oddeye the Devil has joined the Force.
It seems I've been defeated, my magical powers are exhausted... I must cast away this life for...
At least...
I'll sacrifice myself for you, Lord Darksol!
Mishaela sacrificed her life for Darksol's revival...
Mishaela's life has completed the revival of my powers. Now, take a good look at the true form of Darksol, King of the Devils!