Scripts & Translations
Shining Force Gaiden: Final Conflict
Script translated by: Moogie
...and so that's what happened, King Galam.
King Galam:
Splendid work, most admirable!
You really are the Shining Force!
But, Darkol's powers are still present in this world. He's not dead... and his revival must be prevented. So, Ian left this sword, so it's powers could offer some protection.
King Galam received the Chaos Breaker.
King Galam:
This is the ancient sword that Max wielded, and that I awarded you recently, is it not?
That's correct, your Majesty.
This sword posesses the Powers of Light. Please use it's powers to protect against the devils' revival.
King Galam:
I understand completely.
So, how about this?
Since it's said that Zeon is sealed there too, we'll place this sword in the shrine. Because it posesses the protective Powers of Light, I expect it will supply extra protective strength.
Many thanks, your Majesty.
King Galam:
So, after this the sword will be placed in the ancient shrine.
The sword will be renamed to "Force Blade", in honour of all you've done.
It's a good idea, don't you think?
The "Force Blade"?
Thank you, your Majesty, this is a very happy occasion.
King Galam:
And now, my children, have you decided on a person to work together with Galam in protecting the Ground Seal?
Yes, we all agreed that this matter should be decided by Ruburan...
This man is to become the King of Ground Seal.
He's a more patient man than I, and far more suitable.
Allow me to introduce him!
Nosshu is honest... and what strength! I mean, he travelled all the way here by himself.
He'll certainly become a great King, don't you agree, King Galam?
B....but, Boss, I'm useless compared with you...
Everyone has recommended that I make the decision, and I chose you, Nosshu.
I don't expect anyone anyone would disagree that you'll make a good King, isn't that right?
King Galam:
Well, if it's the decision of the Shining Force, then who am I to refuse it?
It's decided, it's decided!
Nosshu will be the King!
It's it great, Nosshu?!
If you hadn't shown up when we faced the Kraken, I don't know what we would have done.
Nosshu... you'll really become a good King.
...Y... yes, boss!
Nosshu, congratulations on being the founder of Ground Seal!
And... would you mind if I were to build a town alongside yours?
There are many things I'd like to look into, following our victory over the terrible crisis.
The existance of devils and the seals... the purpose of Light.
I'd like to investigate the value of some of these phenomenon, there's a lot to learn!
Ah, once again we see the scholar's curiousity in Hawel...
Hawel, do your best!
Together with Nosshu you'll make a magnificent country.
Uh-huh, Sonette, I'll do my best!
Good.... but everyone must try their hardest now that Ian, Max and Adam aren't here anymore.
Where did those guys go, anyway?
You're right... where did they all go?
Even Oddeye fought alongside us.
Everyone joined together, and for the first time we really were the Shining Force...
But, I think I can understand more or less how Ian and the others must be feeling.
As a man, I feel that now is the time for preparations... I want to travel too!
What?! Knuckles, you'd just sleep in late while everyone else left...
But, I'm sure they'll come back to us someday.
Someday, without a doubt...
At Ground Seal's Ancient Tower
Mephisto, this is the place where your parents sleep. Take a good look at it, and remember it well...
Ogyaaa Ogyaaa!
There, there now, Mephisto. Don't cry.
Well, Mephisto... we must go quietly to the place where our comrades wait.
Adam, Max and Ian walk together
Master Ian, Master Max... where should we go to now?
That's right, Ian! Should we go to my brother's place? Or maybe...