Scripts & Translations
Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon
UK Version Script
Script typed up by: Trent
In ages long forgotton...
Light fought darkness for the control of the world.
Dark Dragon led the evil hordes of Darkness.
The Ancients fought back with the Powers of Light.
Dark Dragon was defeated and cast into another dimension.
The Lord of Darkness vowed to return in 1,000 years.
Time passed, and Dark Dragon was forgotton by all.
Ten centuries of peace ruled the land of Rune.
Until the kingdom of Runefaust brought war and fear to Rune.
Hordes of evil creatures ravaged every land.
Here and there, strongholds of Good still held out...
... awaiting a Hero who could weild the Powers of Light!
New game.
Which one are you going to read?
Now then Max, attack me any way you like.
Give it all you've got!
What are you doing? Focus your mind!
Yes, master!
Call that a strike?
The real battle begins now!
Good! Good!
That's it... Breathe!
Now, one more time!!
I...I give up!
If you remember to breathe like you did just now, you'll be the best swordsman in Rune.
Let's take a short break.
My old bones need a rest.
Yes, master.
Thankyou for taking the time to train with me.
Incredible, Max!
You're holding your own against Lord Varios!
You're a natural! Who'd have thought such a great fighter would join out ranks?
A pity that for all your talent, you can't recall the origins or your past...
How about it, Max?
It's been a year. Can't you remember anything?
Nothing, master.
But don't worry about me.
You and the priests have been so nice to me. I've enjoyed every day here.
I see......
Well, if you say so...
Perhaps your amnesia is a kind of trial that you've been given to overcome.
But still...I sincerely hope that we can offically welcome you into the knights' ranks...
Lord Varios!
I've been looking for you!
I bring news...
What... Is this true?
Forgive me, Max.
I'm afraid our time is up.
I must return to the castle.
We'll have another go tomorrow.
Did you see his face?
Varios was white as a sheet!
What's up at the castle?
I'm gonna go have a look!
Meet me there later!