Scripts & Translations
Shining Soul
USA Version Script
Script typed up by: Moogie
"The Dark Dragon scorched the world with its destructive fire."
"The Shining Warriors were sent to defeat the Dark Dragon."
Wow! What's going to happen?
I think I have a visitor.
I see. You're here to see my grandpa!
Sorry, but I'm afraid he's not here at the moment.
Oh yeah...
Read this book while you wait!
It's very interesting!
This is a very old legend about the land of Rune.
Long ago...
A dark dragon gathered an army of Darkness in order to destroy the world.
Although the evil forces turned the fertile earth into wasteland...
even in those years of darkness, the power of Light could not be completely erased.
Four heroes emerged to fight for the army of Light, the fate of the world on their shoulders.
Prontis Village
I am Noah.
Soon, this war shall end.
We've cornered the Dark Dragon, the source of destruction, in this land, Runefaust.
Here, settlers shall prosper. Soldiers, I pledge that we shall never let these people suffer the same fate of ours!
[Fabian] shall be our hero!
Now, it's time to defeat the Dark Dragon once and for all!
The power of the Dark Dragon is still unknown.
We must quickly unearth the weapons necessary to seal it.
There are Five Generals under the Dark Dragon's command.
First, we must take the initiative against them!
We have no choice but to fight for the future...
If spoken to again
I am glad that you have come back alive, comrade.
You need XXX EXP to reach the next level.
Take a little break, and then return to your quest!
Let light shine on your Soul!
(HP restored)
My name is Chaos.
Adam and I are robots created to seal the Dark Dragon.
We have fought long and hard trying to stop the destruction caused by the Dark Dragon.
With the power of your Soul, put an end to this struggle!
My name is Adam.
Chaos and I are robots created to seal the Dark Dragon.
Woman (north):
This is Prontis.
We don't have any buildings yet, but we will make it into a splendid place!
Boken (boy, northeast):
My name is Boken.
I want to travel around the world some day, but it's not possible now in this hostile environment.
I hope the time will come when my children can explore all over the world...
Shop - Valuer:
May I help you?
See you!
Shop - Weapons:
Yo, you want to buy something?
Come again!
Shop - Armour:
Hi! What are you looking for?
Come again!
Sort out your equipment and items before you go to battle!
If you think this game is hard, or if you get killed quickly, then try playing MULTIPLAYER MODE with friends.
WANTED: Charming wife
What, a window shopper?
Bring me three ores of the same type and I'll make something for you.
If you have 3 pieces of mithril ore
You've got three pieces of Mithril ore!
Should I make something for you?
What I make depends on my mood though, ha ha ha!
If Yes
*Clang clang*
*Bang bang bang*
There you go!
[Item Name] Received.
Come back when you've collected three pieces of ore!
If No
I see...
Come back when you've collected three pieces of ore!
Blue-haired girl (south):
Are you [Fabian], the hero?
Can I shake hands with you!?
Can I get your autograph!?
Shop - Items:
Can I help you?
See you!
Blonde child (southwest):
For a very long time...
We have suffered in the wake of the Dark Dragon's destruction...
I can feel your powerful Soul. I am sure you will bring us victory.
You ask what your Soul is?
It's like your spiritual power. Didn't you know about it?
Welcome to Prontis Village.
Shop - Locker:
I'll keep your items and money.
Good luck to you...