Scripts & Translations
Shining Soul
USA Version Script
Area 1: Beast Mountain
Script typed up by: Moogie
Area 1 - Beast Mountain
Beast King:
You, hurt my brothers...
Now your turn!
Rip you apart, my pleasure!
Ha ha ha...
If you die
You have lost!?
You fool!!
Never overestimate yourself!
You suffer defeat even with your amazing strength!?
I suppose the Dark Dragon's army is just too powerful...
But, please don't give up!
When the Beast King is defeated
Beast King:
You beat me...?
No... Can't be.
Want to crush mortals...
Hate mortals...
Prontis Village
I am glad that you have come back alive, comrade.
You need XXX EXP to reach the next level.
Take a little break, and then return to your quest!
Let light shine on your Soul!
(HP restored)
The following is information about Colossus.
Colossus is being developed in an underground labyrinth.
Colossus is excessively huge. Once Colossus is complete, its power will be unrivaled.
If we don't destroy it before it is finished, then there will be big trouble!
Colossus is operated by three control spheres. You should target those spheres.
End of data.
The Dark Dragon has five followers.
All of them are very powerful, but it is impossible to reach the Dark Dragon without defeating them...
They will surely be a true test of your abilities.
The following is information about items.
Just having an item in your inventory does you no good.
You have to place it in a weapon slot, armor slot, or item slot to equip it for use.
You can equip up to 3 weapons and 3 items, and you can change between them by pressing the L Button or R Button during your adventure.
Good luck!
End of data.
Woman (north):
I heard that the land of Rune is unbelievably vast.
We hope that, one day, you can create a world where people can travel between continents freely!
I'm so busy.
Oh, Master [Fabian]...
How are you?
I'm Kagemaru. I'm from a faraway country in the East. I came here to investigate the Dark Dragon's evil deads.
Please take this.
Received Herb
Kagemaru vanishes
The Dark Dragon is a bad guy.
Darksol is also a bad guy.
But, I'm a nice guy.
Blue-haired girl (south):
Blonde child (southwest):
Do you know about Soul Crystals?
When they are equipped, they have the power to absorb evil Souls.