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Shining Soul
USA Version Script
Area 2: Labyrinth of Death
Script typed up by: Moogie
Area 2 - Labyrinth of Death
Hey you!
How dare you interfere with the Colossus project! You won't get away with this!
Come on out, Colossus!
If you die
You suffer defeat even with your amazing strength...
I suppose the Dark Dragon's army is just too powerful...
Keep it up.
When Colossus dies
Prontis Village
(running around)
You caught up with me!?
You have earned my respect, Master [Fabian].
Here is a present for you. I hope you find it useful.
(Received Healing Drop)
Kagemaru vanishes
The following is information about Bulzome, one of the Five Generals that support the Dark Dragon.
Beware of Bulzome. He has the ability to teleport. Since it is nearly impossible to keep up with him, you must predict where he will reappear in order to defeat him.
End of data.
When you level up, you will receive a skill point and four status points.
Have you assigned your points in the status screen?
No matter how much you level up, if you don't assign your points then you won't excel in battle.
End of data.
The war against the Five Generals has begun.
They're not like other monsters. One mistake could be fatal!
Woman (north):
Rune is the name of the land that is located on both sides of the ocean.
Runefaust, where we are, is on the eastern side.
What do you think?
Isn't that good to know?
I want to explore the world, but those monsters are scary!
Please do something about them!
Blue-haired girl (south):
Master [Fabian]...
am I so...
in awe of you!?
Oh! I've said it!
Blonde child (southwest):
A Soul Crystal is an extremely rare item.
You know...
It is said that it has the power to summon warriors from another world, and that it can absorb Souls...
Girls are attracted by that kind of mysteriousness.
I'd like to make it into a ring or a necklace.