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Shining Soul
USA Version Script
Area 3: Egual Dungeon
Script typed up by: Moogie
Area 3 - Egual Dungeon
My name is Bulzome...
I am one of the Dark Dragon's Five Generals.
However, I do not pledge my true loyalty to the Dark Dragon.
I will rise above all others, and all creatures shall worship me!
Well, Brave One, this is unfortunate, but I can see that you do not understand my noble ambition.
There is no choice but...
If you die
You suffer defeat even with your amazing strength...
I suppose the Dark Dragon's army is just too powerful...
When Bulzome dies
I am destined to rule...
Even gods shall prostrate themselves at my feet!!
Prontis Village
(disguised as stool)
You detected my disguise!?
You have earned my respect.
Here is a present for you.
I hope you find it useful.
Received Valuing Scroll
Kagemaru vanishes
The following is information about Mishaela, one of the Five Generals that support the Dark Dragon.
She uses windup dolls called Mishaela Dolls.
These dolls look exactly like Mishaela herself.
The only way to defeat her is to vanquish the real one.
End of data.
Adam and Chaos are robots created to help with our war.
If you are confused you should talk to them.
Do you always use the same weapon in battle?
It's best to choose a weapon that's right for the situation.
Since you have three slots, why don't you use the L Button to quickly change between weapons?
This way you can fight battles more efficiently.
End of data.
Woman (north):
This land used to be fertile, but since the Dark Dragon revived and settled here, people started to call this place "The Land of Death."
I'm bored.
I'm SO bored!
Blue-haired girl (south):
Master [Fabian]...
Are you not scared of the Dark Dragon?
You are so brave!
Blonde Child (southwest):
You have already defeated the Dark Dragon!?
Oh, not yet?