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Shining Soul
USA Version Script
Area 4: Otherworldly Forest
Script typed up by: Moogie
Area 4 - Otherworldly Forest
Hm hm hm...
How do you do, "Hero"?
I am Mishaela, one of the Five Generals.
I never imagined that someone could get here.
I'll reward your bravery... by killing you!!
Come on...
Try to catch me!
If you die
You have lost!?
You fool!!
Never overestimate yourself!
when Mishaela dies
... ... ...?
I lost...?
Well done.
I wish...
*Cough cough*
I wish I could see Master Darksol...
... ... ...
one last time...
Prontis Village
(in tree)
You detected my disguise!?
You have earned my respect.
Here is a present for you.
I hope you find it useful.
Received Tasty Sushi
Kagemaru vanishes
The following is information about Iom, one of the Five Generals that support the Dark Dragon.
Iom uses a deadly attack called "Iom beam," and his antennae can penetrate the earth and block your movement.
You should concentrate on cutting his antennas first.
End of data.
Our greatest trouble has been inherited from the Ancient Age, But so has our power.
Over time, people began to call destruction "the Darkness" and call harmony "the Light."
We will be the ones to inherit the knowledge and technology of "the Light."
Have you collected Mithril and Orihalcon ore pieces?
If you collect them and take them to the smith, he will make weapons and armor for you.
You need three of the same type.
End of data.
Woman (north):
In the Far East, there is a land called Hapon. It is inhabited by martial arts masters called samurai and ninja.
The world is vast indeed...
Sometimes they have some great buys in the shops.
Check back regularly.
Blue-haired girl (south):
Please listen, Master [Fabian]!
I'm going to create a fan club!
For who?
For you, of course!
Blonde Child (southwest):
Just like us, monsters have Souls inside them.
You can say that this war is a battle between the Shining Soul and the Soul of Darkness.