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Shining Soul
USA Version Script
Area 6: Deol Waterway
Script typed up by: Moogie
Area 6 - Deol waterway
So, you have finally reached here.
I didn't think that the Shining Fleet was this good...
I have underestimated you!
But, I cannot be defeated here.
I won't be overshadowed by him!
If you die
You have lost!?
You fool!!
Never overestimate yourself!
When Zeon dies
To be beaten by someone like you...
I will never accept it!
I'll be waiting for you... at the bottom of the earth!
Prontis Village
(disguised as Boken)
You detected my disguise!?
You have earned my respect.
Here is a present for you.
I hope yo ufind it useful.
Received Shinobi Outfit
Kagemaru vanishes
The following is information about Darksol, one of the Five Generals who support the Dark Dragon.
Shrouded in mystery, Darksol is a great sorcerer who possesses limitless power and various magical skills.
Try to avoid his attacks. It sounds obvious, but this is the best way to beat him.
Listen carefully.
We are the only ones who can fight the creatures of Darkness.
The power that lies within us is our "Shining Soul."
When you realize the power of your Soul, it is then that you can win this war.
Have you acquired any Soul Crystals?
They will show their effects when you put them in the armor slots.
Simply equipping them inxreases your abilities.
Not only that, but when you have then equipped, they'll absorb energy from monsters you defeat
When enough energy is stored, "SOUL MAX!" will be displayed.
At that point, pressing SELECT will let you summon a warrior from another world using the power of the Soul Crystal.
End of data.
Woman (north):
Light or Darkness...
I wonder which awaits us after the war?
I've decided to fight with you, [Fabian].
Adventurer Boken joins you!
Nah, just kidding...
Blue-haired girl (south):
Master [Fabian]!
Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you--
not that I can do much...
Blonde child (southwest):
The ancient wizards sealed their Souls in spell scrolls.
Wizards who have the scrolls can utilize their techniques in an instant.
I should have chosen to become a wizard...