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Shining Soul
USA Version Script
Area 7: Dark Tower
Script typed up by: Moogie
Area 7 - Dark Tower
It is a pleasure to meet you...
My name is Darksol...
I am the guardian of destruction for all eternity.
Shining Warrior...
The Dark Dragon is a work of art.
It is far too strong for you to handle.
All you can do is admire it.
Enjoy the spectacle of total destruction created by the Dark Dragon!
If you die
You have lost?
But don't overstretch yourself
You will lose everything
if you die...
When Darksol dies
Ha ha ha...
Just admire it, Shining Warrior.
That's all you can do.
Everything is just a game...
a game that I created!!
Otrant appears
Well done.
You've defeated Darksol.
The real battle has only just begun.
The Dark Castle has appeared at the top of the nothern peak.
That is the lair of the Dark Dragon.
... ... ...
This will be the final battle.
I must return to headquarters and prepare myself.
I wish you the very best of luck...
Prontis Village
(disguised as a sign)
You detected my disguise!?
You have earned my respect.
The final battle against the Dark Dragon is near.
This is an heirloom handed down in my clan.
Please make good use of it.
Received Shinobi Bracelet
Kagemaru vanishes
Glad you came back, comrade.
You need [XXX] EXP to reach the next level.
The final battle is near.
Complete your mission with care!
Let Light shine on your Soul!
Listen carefully, [Fabian].
The Dark Dragon is the ultimate destroyer.
It is probably impossible for us to defeat it.
However, we can seal its power.
It is my responsibility to find ways to defeat the Dark Dragon.
But, more importantly, you just have to believe in your Shining Soul and fight!
Woman (north):
The Dark Castle which stands on top of the far mountain is the lair of the Dark Dragon and the Dark forces' base.
The end is finally near.
I'm here to show my support!
The final battle is near.
Embarking on my adventure depends on you, Master [Fabian]!
I'm counting on you!
Blue-haired girl (south):
I heard you are going to the Dark Dragon's castle.
I know it'll be alright! I'm sure you'll win
Master [Fabian] is invincible!
Blonde child (southwest):
Only those of the Shining Fleet, like you, can use the Soul Power.
I wonder if this amazing power will be lost as time passes.
It's a sad thought, isn't it?