Scripts & Translations
Shining Soul
USA Version Script
Area 8: Dark Castle
Script typed up by: Moogie
Area 8 - Dark Castle
Dark Dragon:
I am...
the Dark Dragon, the Lord of Darkness.
I will destroy anyone that stands in my way...
No one can stop me!
When Dark Dragon dies
Dark Dragon:
I cannot be defeated!
I can never be destroyed
I am Darkness Incarnate!
I will revive time after time until the world is shrouded in Darkness...
... ... ...
Otrant, Adam and Chaos appear
It's over now!
... ... ...
It looks like I've made it.
The Dark Dragon is a creature that cannot be destroyed, but we can instead seal its power.
This is the sword, an ancient legacy that will let you seal the chaos of evil. Its name is Chaos Breaker.
I had ordered Adam and Chaos to unearth this sword.
The Chaos Breaker appears, glowing, above Otrant
[Fabian] the hero, take the Chaos Breaker in your hand!
Thrust the Chaos Breaker into the body of the Dark Dragon!
Chaos, Otrant and Adam vanish
The Chaos Breaker floats towards you
Dark Dragon:
Your resistance is futile!
No one can stop me...
No one can stop the invasion
of destruction!
You throw the Chaos Breaker at Dark Dragon
Dark Dragon:
This is not... possible.
This will not be the end!
shall surely return...
after a thousand years...
have passed...
Dark Dragon explodes a lot, and his 'lights' go out
You wander away
Now saving...
Do not turn the power off
Data saved.
Although the Dark Dragon was sealed, the power of Darkness had not completely disappeared.
Would mere mortals be able to overcome the embodiment of evil should it awaken once more?
The End...