Scripts & Translations
Shining Soul II
USA Version Script
Script typed up by: Moogie
The Dark Dragon was defeated and Light returned to the land.
The four heroes were hailed for banishing the Darkness.
The people were thankful that peace had returned, and the legend of the Hero of Light was passed down.
But as time passed and pe
Fades to black
Forest Scene
One clear day...
King Marcel of Klantol held a tournament. Word spread far and wide, and those who wished to become heroes attended. One of these would-be heroes named Alex headed for the colosseum on the outskirts of Klantol.
It was as if Alex was drawn to the tournament by some unseen force...
Alex runs onscreen
I am Boken, an adventurer.
What's your name?
...Alex, eh?
Nice to meet you!
I heard that the King is holding a tournament.
What!? Really...?
Alex, you're going to enter!? You're kidding! I'm on an adventure right now, but this area is...
A blue ooze appears
Yikes! It's here again!!
I just got rid of it! Man, that thing's persistent!
You'll take care of it?
But, do you even know how to fight?
Um, Alex, can I take a look at your stats?
...Let me see here. Your current experience is...
Ah, you just started out! But if you're careful, you'll be all right! Just get close to that thing and attack with A!
Alex kills the ooze, you level up & a herb appears
Wow... That was great!
You gained a lot of experience!
Did you level up?
But, that in itself won't make you any stronger.
Remember to check your status when you level up.
You should have more Status and Skill Points, and you will be able to strengthen your character.
Press START to open the menu, and choose "Status" to assign your points.
Assign each point however you like, but if you equip a Spell Book and want to use it, you'll have to raise the corresponding skill first.
Anyway, that only matters if you're a spellcaster.
Take the herb & assign your Status & Skill Points
If you talk to Boken again
Follow this path north to reach the colosseum.
Do you see it off in the distance?
I must get started on my next adventure...
Head north
Good luck and good-bye!
Fades to colloseum
Hm... That was all right.
You may leave.
Alex, are you ready?
Ref moves back, Alex & Deatharte begin to fight
Is that your best?
Alex dashes at Deatharte
Y, Your Majesty!
I'm sorry to interrupt...
but we have a problem! Princess Camille is nowhere to be found!
King Marcel:
My daughter Camille...
I'm terribly sorry, but the tournament ends here!
I... I understand.
Everyone! We'll continue this another day.
That's it for today!
King Marcel:
Come here.
Yes, my Lord.
Deatharte approaches the King
King Marcel:
I'm sorry for the urgency, but please find Camille... Bring back my daughter!
I understand, my Lord.
My Lord, one other thing...
King Marcel:
I see.
If you say so, then so be it...
Yes, my Lord.
Fades to black
Everyone but the King, Alex & a soldier has left
King Marcel:
That is a good name.
Having seen you fight...
Deatharte tells me that you are rather skilled.
I will have a guard escort you to the castle.
Please join me in the Throne Room.
I have a favor to ask...
fades to black
Klantol Town Entrance
Alex, we are here.
Thisis Klantol Castle.
Please follow me.
Alex follows the soldier to the castle
Klantol Castle
King Marcel:
I thank you for coming so far, brave one.
This country, Klantol, was known to be peaceful.
But things seem to have changed lately.
The crystal of Light, the royal treasure, is cloudy.
Its shine has always signified peace, but now that it is cloudy, I have a bad feeling...
I have heard rumors of goblin activity...
They have erected a fort not far from this castle.
They seem to be up to something...
It'll be a catastrophe if they invade this castle!
There is one other thing on my mind...
My daughter Camille is missing. Of course, Deatharte is looking for her right now.
They may be holding her captive at the Goblin Fort.
Queen Yvonne:
Dear, you worry too much. Camille will be all right.
King Marcel:
You think so? But...
She's so reckless...
Anyways, please search the fort immediately.
If they are planning an attack then...
Alex, I leave everything in your hands!
Free to roam now
Queen Yvonne:
Ah, Alex.
I am Queen Yvonne. Nice to meet you.
It would be nice if there was some way I could help, but I must leave this to young people like yourself.
My daughter Camille will be just fine.
Please be careful while searching the fort.
If you grow weary, come back at any time.
If you search the crystal
The crystal is cloudy.
King Marcel:
Oh, it's you, Alex.
Do not underestimate the goblins...
They are known to fight in groups.
Also, they may have taken Camille captive...
If you find her, please rescue her.
Deatharte has yet to send word, so I am counting on you, Alex.
Is the Crystal of Light getting even more cloudy?
The goblins may be planning something against us.
Anyways, be careful while searching the fort!
Oh, young one... Doing your best?
Is something wrong?
I am Samuel. I don't really have anything to teach you.
This is between you and me, but...
Are you able to interpret this ancient writing...?
"Press SELECT in the Item Screen for details."
That's all that's written, I'm unable to decipher it.
You're more familiar with these things, aren't you?
Master Deatharte is out looking for the Princess.
Outside the Throne Room
Throne Room Guard 1:
Welcome to Klantol Castle. This is the Throne Room.
Throne Room Guard 2:
Welcome to Klantol Castle. This is the Throne Room.
Castle Library
This an an ancient Monster Dictionary, but there is nothing written in it...
If you find Monster Cards, put them in this book.
Hello, my name is Reed.
You're Alex? Nice to meet you.
I love books.
I want to become a writer in the future...
Left Room
Blue-robed Kyantol:
Have you ever had an apple?
Nothing tastes better than a bite of one of those!
Blonde Soldier:
Hey, are you listening?
Oh, you are. Sorry.
There are many interesting things in the world.
Of course, my information is amongst them.
The "Shield" skill has to do with your ability to block.
Do you understand?
It can only be lea
Brown-haired Soldier:
I won't say this twice.
This is...
really important.
Angel Wings...
Have you heard of them?
They're really great.
I'll only say this once, so listen up!
Angel Wings can be thrown...
by holding and releasing the B Button.
A character hit by an Angel Wing...
will be......
transported back here, to Klantol Castle.
However, this does not apply to monsters, Alex, only to your comrades...
as well as...
inhabitants of the castle who are lost in a dungeon.
I won't say this again.
Make sure you try it out.
And, if you see anyone in a dungeon in need of help, throw a wing!
I'll say this one last time...
Throw a wing.
Just try throwing one.
I don't think I need to say any more.
Green-robed Kyantol:
My name is Oldie. Areyou fully equipped?
The Ancient Series equipment is my invention!
My name is Hiryu.
Technically, it's H.hiryu.
How do you like it? Is it cool? Huh!? ...Not really?
Do you know Kitten Champ? It's cute, but be careful.
Hallway by Kitchen
Yo, my name is Galic.
I'm guarding this entrance.
This is the best post.
*Sniff* ...Man, I'm hungry.
Old man:
How much food is he planning on making?
Even I can't eat THAT much.
Garlic, minced meat, onions.
Dice them up and mix!
Add a dash of pepper.
Add a dash of salt.
And then put it all into the pot!!
Hidden Room to the Right
Hello. You must be Alex, right?
You're going to be traveling to different places?
I want to see snow!
I've only seen it in books.
Have you ever seen it, Alex?
Is it beautiful...?
Is it cold...?
Oh, sorry to disturb you at such a busy time.
Bottom Left Room
Little Girl:
Hmph, where did my other red shoe go?
I can't go outside like this.
Please don't stare at me.
Hmph, my granddaughters are so careless.
Hidden Room to the Right, through passages
With this secret training, I'll surpass Deatharte, and the position of Head Knight will be mine!
He notices you
Did you hear that!?
If Yes
Please don't tell anyone!
If No
My training is a secret...
I must ask you to leave.
Klantol Times Room
Hello, Alex.
My name is Jackie.
Welcome to the Klantol Times.
This is the editing room of the Klantol Times.
We're going to put a special section in our next issue.
Leather equipment is practical and tough, so...
I'm thinking about doing a piece on Leather Hoods.
If you have one, it would be very helpful to me, but I feel like I should explain something first...
If you have a Leather Hood Alex, but it is equipped, then we cannot trade.
You can only give it to me if it is in your item bag.
In Klantol, there is a saying...
"Thou shalt not want what another is wearing."
Have you heard it before?
If you keep this in mind...
I think you will enjoy your adventure more...
That's just my opinion.
Anyways, I really need a Leather Hood.
Oh, Alex.
We're having a meeting.
This is the editing room for the Klantol Times.
I'm Hamasan. Would you like to hear some good news?
Well, we have a new idea...
We're gonna feature certain items in our next issue.
Alex, do you have any suggestions?
Something made of bone, maybe a fancy shield...
Something really impressive!
Something that everyone will want for their very own!
Please help us select something good.
You must be Alex.
Hi, I'm Editor Bakatar.
Lately, we've featured a lot of rare items.
They're popular because they're rare, but color is also important when it comes to fashion.
China Dresses are common and many people wear them, but they are more appealing with the right model.
For example...
A pink China Dress worn by a beautiful fairy.
Although it's not anything out of the ordinary, it's something that every girl will want.
Hello, Alex.
My name is Keita.
I love to listen to 80's music while travling...
This ancient music player makes traveling fun.
This one band's music might be considered offensive.
It's unfortunate that it may be banned...
I wish they'd sell music like this around here.
Anyways, for the next iossue of the Klantol Times, I'd like to write about the Goblin Axe.
When mastered, it's a formidable weapon.
No one will mess with you if you have a Goblin Axe.
It's a passport to freedom.
Amazing, isn't it?
The Goblin Axe may seem like a bit much, but it's sure to excite weapon fans.
Its power is incredible...
Everyone should get one.
You wanna taste the Chige that I made? That'll be 100G, OK?
If Yes
Received Chige
Thanks a bunch.
Come back again.
If No
You're too picky.
Left Battlement
Foxling (Quatro?):
That Andy...
Where is he hiding?
Outside The Knight's Guild
Hello, my name is Azie.
I am a traveling apprentice for the smith.
Klantol's fusing tecniques are well-respected.
I hear that smiths from all around the world come here.
Do you know what fusing is?
If Yes
Oh, I see.
I guess I'm not needed.
If No
Have you heard of Mithril, Dark Matter, and Orihalcon?
There are other materials, too, which can be fused...
They can be combined into weapons or armor.
Even the smiths don't know exactly what will result.
But, with a good artisan, anything's possible.
Different items result from different combinations.
Please give it a try.
Do you know how to fuse items?
If Yes
Oh, I see.
I guess I'm not needed.
If No
It's really easy.
First, find 3 materials and go to the smith.
Then, set them on the table to the right.
After placing them, take care of payment.
Decide on how much you want to give to the smith.
Smith Craft is the most talented in the world.
He's generous and will work for almost nothing.
But, if you really want the job done well, then don't hold back on the cash.
The more you pay, the better the result.
If you have a lot of time on your hands, then experiment with different materials...
to find the perfect combination.
Be sure to give it a try.
The Knight's Guild
Welcome to the Knight's Guild.
My name is Pelign.I'm the receptionist here.
This is the billet. Think of it as a waiting room.
The knights are training to protect the castle.
Our knowledge of fighting should be useful.
Here's a tip from me...
There are different kinds of weapons and scrolls, but if you find one that you are really interested in, and if you improve your skill with it, you'll become a strong, unique warrior.
Also, being good with it can boost you confidence.
You're Alex?
I am Cognito, executive officer of the knights.
See how quiet everyone is?
The head knight is strict!
He's been irritated lately because of the rumors.
...You have talent.
I can see it in your eyes.
You were putting up a good fight against Deatharte.
It was interesting while it lasted.
You show a lot of promise.
Ah, so that's why you were called by the King!
Let me share a good tactic to use in battle...
You know about Soul Magic? Use it by pressing SELECT.
I am not sure what SELECT refers to, though...
When fihgting with comrades, try using it together.
Supposedly your Soul Magic will combine!
Was that helpful?
Well, good luck!
Yo, I'm the one who keeps everyone healthy.
My name? Sorry, I forgot to tell you. I'm Vegitar.
I was named that so I'd remember to eat my veggies.
Delongue is really quick (high DEX).
He rarely misses. He doesn't spill his juice, either.
Yes? Oh, I forgot to introduce myself.
I am Romblem, the wisest of the knights.
I love books.
I read as many as I can.
But, there are documents that even I can't read.
Scrolls cannot be equipped by just anyone...
and supposedly you can cast spells with them...
I learned that from books, too.
Oh, and let me tell you one more thing...
If you want to use higher level magic, then you must equip a higher level scroll to do so.
I could use magic, too, if reading was all it took!
I am the knight, Quincy.
My hobby is tap dancing.
I shall teach you what I learned from our leader.
After doing a charge attack, press the A Button again.
The timing is tricky, but you can do a lot of damage.
If you do it correctly, a blue aura will appear.
"A newbie like you will need years of training!"
That's what the head knight said to me.
Yeah, he became really frustrated with me, so I gave up and started training to guard better.
Do you need something?
We are the Klantol Knights.
I am Delongue, head knight.
Nice to meet you.
The King has mentioned you.
So, you want to be a hero?
Then, I shall teach you some basic battle tactics.
Fight using the A Button.
The B Button is for items.
You can select your equipment by pushing START.
But, remember this...
Time still flows while you are looking at your items.
You may be attacked without realizing it, so be cautious and practice using this system.
Bottom Right Room
Hello, Alex.
If you bring me 5 Herbs, I'll make you a Healing Drop.
Person in Bed 1:
Never mind.
Knight in Bed 2:
Blonde Knight:
I wonder if there's anything we can do for her.
Redhead Knight:
I feel sorry for her, being so ill...
Maybe some flowers would cheer her up.
Identifier's Shop
I've been expecting you.
Item Shop
Irma, Rin & Ran:
Item Locker
May I help you?
Weapon Shop
Armor Shop
Ah, it's you.
Yo, what can I do for you?
Castle Entrance Hall
This is Klantol Castle.
I'm Lester, a guard here.
It's my duty to keep an eye out for suspicious people.
Secret Hallway Left of Castle Entrance Hall
Shining Force...
That's such a cool name.
You have that weapon that emits blue light, right?
Isn't my name cool too?
Rice balls, rice balls!
Yay, yay!!
Ah, Alex.
I'm the Hero of Justice!
I love rice balls!
But, I'm full right now.
My name is Hoursey.
Everyone keeps calling me Horse, but I'm Hoursey.
Be careful of Sunmoon.
He's really strong.
Secret Hallway Right of Castle Entrance Hall
Foxling (Andy?):
I'm hiding. I broke Brother Quatro's treasure chest.
Huh> How did I break it?
I sort of hit it.
Klantol Town
Little Girl:
Yay! It's Alex!
It's Alex!
Old man:
I have a grandson that often sends me letters.
I can't wait to receive my next letter!
I know that this fire isn't rea.
It's hot, but it's not hot.
Since it doesn't hurt, your HP won't decrease.
You'll see red numbers when you touch it, but don't worry. There's a reason for that. Your magic resistance is increasing. Try it out.
Your reistance to fire will slowly increase.
...but only so much.
There's a limit to how much it will increase.
Do you understand magic resistance better now?
Be careful of traps from now on, or you'll get hurt.
Your resistance will go up a little, though when you fall for a trap, but don't overdo it.
I am the Card Master.
My name is Zavi.
I'm older than I look.
I'm collecting Monster Cards.
I'll trade you a Poison Mummy for 3 Goblins.
Now, back to my banana juice.
Welcome. Hey, this place is for adults only...
Hm? Aren't you the one that everyone's talking about?
...I see. So, you're an adventurer?
The fight with Deatharte was impressive.
Haha, I enjoy a good fight!
Well, take your time.
Oh by the way, I'm Jensen.
Nice to meet you.
Do you wanna try this? It's banana juice.
Purple guy:
*Hic* ...You want something?
I'm listening, so speak up.
Boarish guy:
Huh? Hold the B Button and release to throw an item?
Mouse guy:
Good idea. *Hic*
My name is Fender.
I am a wandering minstrel.
There are many kind people in Klantol.
I am fond of this place.
I enjoy playing here.
...So, shall I play something for you?
Room at the Tavern
Alex, do you need to rest?
If Yes
Alex goes to bed, HP & SP are restored.
Don't push yourself too hard.
If No
Nothing happens