Scripts & Translations
Shining Soul II
USA Version Script
Area 1: Goblin Fort
Script typed up by: Moogie
Goblin Fort - Stage 1
Goblin 1:
Goblin 2:
...Oh really?
Goblin 1:
I heard something.
Goblin 2:
Um... That was just my stomach.
Goblin 1:
Oh, I'm starving too.
Hey, about that rumor...
I still think that rumor about the envoy is false.
If they reall do know about our plan, then...
Goblin 2:
What!? They know about our plan to raid the castle!?
Goblin 1:
I heard something again!
Goblin 2:
It wasn't me this time... I swear!
Goblin 1:
Has the time come?
My axe thirsts for blood!
Goblin 2:
But, I didn't hear anything. Maybe it's just the wind.
Goblin Fort - Stage 4
...So, the girl has been taken to...
Captain Gully:
Hey! Can't you talk a little louder!?
But Captain, what if someone hears us...
Captain Gully:
Well, that could be a disaster...
Captain Gully!
We're ready for them.
Captain Gully:
Everything is going as planned, but I'm worried.
Worried about...?
Captain Gully:
Oh, never mind. Is the girl ready to be sacrificed?
She's been transported to Mistress Wizari's palace.
Captain Gully:
So, that much is done.
In that case...
Captain Gully!
What are your orders?
Captain Gully:
...Commence the attack, but stay alert.
Stay alert?
Captain Gully:
We received word from the guards. We have intruders.
It, It can't be! Someone got past the guards?
Why are we being attacked?
Do they know that we've kidnapped the Princess!?
Captain Gully:
No one knows that she's been taken from the castle.
But, the King is no fool.
He may suspect something.
Captain Gully! Could there be a traitor!?
Shut your mouth, newbie!
Are you doubting us!?
Captain Gully:
You two, calm down!
Yeah, settle down.
The Captain's right.
Captain Gully:
There's no way this fort will fall.
By the way, what did you do with the Prison Key?
...You put it back on the shelf, right?
Yes! Um, it's on the second shelf next to the eraser... inside the bag og candy...
Oh, here it is!
Captain Gully:
Ugh... It's all sticky!
Clean it off!
Anyways, Captain, if the King is distracted...
Captain Gully:
...then this may be a good time to attack the castle.
OK, goblins! We need a plan!
Write down your ideas.
Yes, sir! We'll write them down immediately, sir!
Alex defeats the goblins
Captain Gully:
We lost...? Our entire unit was defeated...?
Colonel Gobovich...
Please forgive... me...
OR if you butt into the conversation
...So, the girl has been taken to...(etc)
Wah!! You scared me!
Captain Gully:
What do you mean, "Wah!!"?
Did you see a ghost?
T, T...The entrance!
Captain Gully:
What the...!?
Who are you?
An innertuber!?
Um, I mean...
Captain Gully:
An intruder!?
You won't escape alive.
Captain Gully:
We lost...? Our entire unit was defeated...?
Colonel Gobovich...
Please forgive... me...
Goblin Fort Boss Battle
Colonel Gobovich:
So, you're here...
YOU are the cause of all this trouble!?
But, you're just a little twerp!
YOu have the audacity to challenge ME to a fight!?
You must be joking! Aren't your legs trembling?
Aren't you terrified?
Well, it's too late...
I'll teach you the meaning of the word "pain"!
When he's defeated
Colonel Gobovich:
The girl has been moved to Wizari's palace.
Wizari sense imbalance between Light and Dark.
To retain her power, she will sacrifice the girl.
Captain Gully has the Prison Key...
You will need it in Wizari's palace.
Goodbye, brave one...
Portal returns you to the Castle
Klantol Castle - Throne Room
King Marcel:
Ah, Alex.
You've returned.
You made it through the fort safely? Excellent!
Hm, so they were planning an attack...
And Wizari has Camille?
That evil witch...
The only way to her palace is through the graveyard.
I hate asking you this right after you've returned... but could you go straight to the Giant's Graveyard?
Please save my daugher, Alex. I beg of you!
Queen Yvonne:
Greetings, Alex.
It seems that you are doing well.
Don't worry about Camille.
She will be just fine on her own.
Alex, carry out your mission with dignity.
The King and I are both proud of your bravery.
King Marcel:
... ...
Oh, me!?
Oh, of course!
Don't surprise me like that!
Queen Yvonne:
Oh, I'm sorry, dear.
King Marcel:
Alex, I see that you are doing your best.
The Giant's Graveyard is a confusing area...
If you can somehow make it past there...
you'll be able to reach the palace of the witch Wizari. My daughter Camille is most likely imprisoned there...
Be very cautious!
I leave everything in your hands...
Queen Yvonne:
She'll be OK, won't se, Alex?
King Marcel:
I... I may be worrying about her too much...
Queen Yvonne:
I think so too, dear.
King Marcel:
I see. Anyhow, don't stop looking for her!
Oh, young one. Doing your best?
Be careful of monsters that use magic...
Armor will be useless without magic resistance.
Raise your resistance to survive in battle.
We can only pray that Princess Camille is safe...
Outside the Throne Room
Guards say the usual speil
Old lady:
On no, what should I do...?
Monsters keep coming out of the well in my backyard.
What should I do?
How are you doing?
Find any cards yet?
If you want a specific Monster Card, go defeat the monster whose card you are looking for.
Today's a good day...
While you were out adventuring, Alex, I read a book...
"Le Mirbrulee." It was a wonderful story.
The main character goes on a journey in the rain...
"You'll catch a cold."
Those foreboding words...
...were simply magnificent!
Outside the Kitchen
Ah, that smells good!What is he making?
Old man:
I'm kinda busy right now.
Can you wait a minute?
There's so much food...
Hmhmhmmm... Hm?
Oh, it's you, Alex.
I'm kinda busy right now.
Can ya come back later?
Bottom Left Room
Little Girl:
Hmph, where did my other red shoe go?
I can't go outside like this.
If you found the Red Shoe
Little Girl:
Ah, you found this?
Here's a blue shoe as a reward.
Received Blue Shoe
Little girl:
That was pretty expensive, you know.
Little girl:
Hey, doesn't this shoe look good on me?
Left Battlement
Foxling (Quatro?):
That Andy...
I'm not gonna forgive him.
Bottom Right Room
Hello, Alex.
If you bring me 5 Herbs, I'll make you a Healing Drop.
If you have 5 Herbs
Ah, you have the Herbs.
Would you like me to make a Healing Drop?
If Yes
Then, wait just a moment.
*Crush, crush*
*Crush, crush, crush*
Here you go.
Received Healing Drop
If you need more, just ask.
If No
Come back any time.
Knight in Bed 2:
I'm on duty... Zzzzz...
Blonde Knight:
I wonder if there's anything we can do for her.
Redhead Knight:
I feel sorry for her, being so ill...
Maybe some flowers would cheer her up.
Castle Entrance Hall
Welcome back.
Nothing unusual here.
Hidden Passage Right of Castle Entrance Hall
Brother Quatro had 4 of the same Souls, but I lost 'em. Huh? How did I do that?
I put them together and they became 1 stronger Soul.
Klantol Town
I'm Wanby.
"Klantol Times"
-Notice from the staff-
Next issue
So, how's it going?
Back in the day, I used to be a warrior myself.
I served the King, too.
It's been so many years that now I'm really rusty.
See, my arm muscles have gotton flabby.
Hey, Alex. Don't you have to get going?
Purple guy:
*Hic* ...You again?
You're always doing something.
Boarish guy:
Yeah, you work too hard. Just look at us!
Mouse guy:
Anyways,how 'bout ya treat us? *Hic*
If you listen closely to the wind, you can hear music from far away lands... and the rhythm of all living things' Souls...
I love the natural sounds that surround us.
Outside the Throne Room
After completing the Grandma Colida's Well side quest
Grandma Colida:
You defeated the monsters for me?
Thank you so much.
I'm saved.
I have a gift for you...
Please take it.
Received Soul Raijin I
Grandma Colida:
I'm sick of those slimy disgusting monsters.