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Shining Soul II
USA Version Script
Area 2: Giant's Graveyard
Script typed up by: Moogie
Giant's Graveyard - Stage 5
Mummy 1:
That human's Soul is hidden under a gravestone?
Sheesh, why did we accept such a difficult job?
Mummy 2:
We really strong.
Lift gravestone only we can do.
Mummy 1:
Well, that's true, but...
Let's finish this job fast and get outta here!
The mummies run upwards
Mummy 1:
This is it...
No one's looking, right?
This thing sure looks heavy.
Let's give it a try...
Mummy 2:
Hey don't be so loud.
Ready... Lift!!
The mummies move the gravestone away
Mummy 1:
Ugh... We did it!
The mummies move the gravestone back
Mummy 1:
Quit making so much noise!
C'mon, let's put this back.
Mummy 2:
Ugh... We did it!
We lifted!
Mummy 1:
I told you to be quiet!
Hey, mark this grave.
Mummy 2:
"Sole sleesp heer"
Is this good?
Mummy 1:
N, Not bad!
OK, we're done here!
Area 2 - Giant's Graveyard - Boss area
Grove Giant:
Who's there...?
I am the Grove Giant, the keeper of the cemetery.
You disturbed my sleep...
As long as I live, you shall never reach...
Mistress Wizari's palace.
When you defeat him
Grove Giant:
I was not... strong enough.
You shall not...
reach Mistress... Wizari's palace.
Back to Klantol Castle
Klantol Castle Throne Room
King Marcel:
What!? You made it through the graveyard? Well done!
You must punish that witch for abducting our daughter!
Wizari lives in a maze-like palace and she has many monsters serving her.
It is said that she has rats larger than humans.
My dear Camille...
Please be safe...
Alex, please rescue her!
And make sure that witch will think twice before doing something like this again. Good luck!
Queen Yvonne:
You seem to be doing your best, Alex.
I'm learning how to bake coolies right now...
I had the chef teach me, and began making them myself.
If peace ever returns to this world, would you care to try some?
King Marcel:
Hm? You sound excited...
What are you talking about?
Queen Yvonne:
Oh, nothing. This is between me and Alex, dear.
King Marcel:
...since we haven't heard from Deatharte yet.
Queen Yvonne:
Yes... Oh! Dear, it's Alex.
King Marcel:
Ah! Alex, I'm sorry that I didn't notice you.
Wizari's Palace is rumored to be like a maze.
Who knows what traps await you...
Queen Yvonne:
It sounds quite dangerous.
Please be careful.
King Marcel:
Yes, be careful on your mission.
Oh, young one.
Hm? You have become stronger than I expected.
What did you say your name was?
Alex? I believe that the King has mentioned you.
That is a good name.
If there is anything you need to know, just ask.
I wonder where Master Deatharte has gone.
Are you gathering cards?
It's difficult to obtain cards from rare monsters.
You have to be patient.
It's rather warm today.
While you were out adventuring, Alex, I read another book...
"The Marriage of Migaro."
It was an astonishing tale.
One day, the poor Migaro is captured by a witch...
"Join me in the grave!"
Those chilling words...
...were simply magnificent!
Outside the Kitchen
Today's meal smells light.Healthy food is good, too.
Old man:
On today's menu is herb soup, my favorite!
It's a clear soup with herbs in it... Ah, I can't wait!
Busy, busy, busy...!
Huh? Where are the herbs?
Sorry, they're in the pot already. Busy, busy...
Bottom Left Room
Little girl:
Hey, doesn't this shoe look good on me?
Left Battlement
That Andy...
Where did he run off to?A
Bottom Right Room
Knight in Bed 2:
I'll wake up!
I'll... wake... Zzzzz...
Castle Entrance Hall
Ah, Alex.
Welcome back.
Hidden Passage Right of Castle Entrance Hall
I ate Brother Quatro's mushroom, so I'm hiding.
Huh? Why did I eat it?
Because I wanted to grow up faster.
Klantol Town
Hey, Alex!
Let's play tag!
Who's the girl downstairs?
Oh, that's my daughter.
Her name's Angela.
That room was going to be for guests but the King asked me to let you use it, Alex.
So, if you're ever tired, feel free to use it.
Angela will keep it clean and make the bed.
She's a good girl.
Alex, will you be her friend?
You're about the same age, so you'll get along well.
Angela doesn't seem to like talking to me...
Well, she's at that age.
I'm sure she'll outgrow it.
Purple guy:
Zzzz... Huh?
What!? I wasn't sleeping!
Boarish guy:
Um, I was meditating...
Mouse guy:
You know? MEDITATING... I dunno *Hic*
Kindness can be expressed through music.
Not everything is easily explained in words...
Music is different.
It speaks to us directly.
Klantol Times Editing Room
if you have a Leather Hood in your inventory
Hello, Alex.
My name is Jackie.
Welcome to the Klantol Times.
This is the editing room of the Klantol Times.
We're going to put a special section in our next issue.
Leather equipment is practical and tough, so...
I'm thinking about doin
If No
Thanks for being so straightforward, but to be turned down like that...
is still a big disappointment.
It would've been a good trade.
What a shame?
If Yes
First, let me say that I am pleased with your decision.
Secondly, I appreciate your enthusiasm.
That said, may I have the Leather Hood now?
This Gabas should finalize our transaction...
Gave Leather Hood.
Received 1 Gabas.
It's everything I expected!
Such a soft texture...
It has a simple design, but is well stitched.
It's comfortable too.
I give it a 7, but it's close to an 8.
Now, I better get started on my article!