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Shining Soul II
USA Version Script
Area 3: Witch Wizari's Palace
Script typed up by: Moogie
Witch Wizari's Palace - Stage 5
If you don't have the Prison Key
Princess Camille:
Hey, you there!
Can you get me out of here?
You passed through the Goblin Fort, right?
Did you find a Prison Key there?
The witch gave it to the goblins for safekeeping.
What can I do...?
If you check the door
The prison door is locked and it won't budge.
If you do have the Prison Key
If you check the door
Use the Prison Key?
If No - nothing happens
If Yes
Princess Camille:
Ah, I'm saved!
Hey, what's your name?
Umm, I'm Camille.
I was out searching for someone, but because I was careless, I got capturded.
Um, by the way...
If you happen to...
Nah, it's OK.
Forget it.
Well, I'm on my way.
See you, Alex!
The Princess leaves
Witch Wizari's Palace - Boss Battle
I see...
I sensed an unfamiliar presence in my palace, but you're younger than I expected, hmhmhm.
I've had a lot of young visitors lately...
Word of my great beauty must have spread.
So, you intend to fight me?
I'm still strong, you know.
But, don't worry, I won't kill you...
You'll be much more useful to me alive... until I sacrifice you for the sake of my magic!
When she is defeated
I guess I'm no match for the young.
I thought that with the power of Darkness, I would surely be able to defeat a child such as you.
But, that power was more than I could handle.
If only I'd sacrificed that girl when I had the chance.
Oh well.
Back to Klantol Castle
Klantol Castle Throne Room
King Marcel:
Oh, you have returned.
Thank goodness!
Wizari was...
She was trying to unleash th power of Darkness!?
Queen Yvonne:
What terrible news...
King Marcel:
But, at least Camille is back unharmed.
Princess Camille:
Thanks again!
Queen Yvonne:
Your father was very worried about you.
King Marcel:
The, That's not important...
Let's have a banquet!
Princess Camille:
Yeah, I should eat up for my next adventure!
King Marcel:
Hahaha, that's true...
Hm? Your next adventure!?
Princess Camille:
Uh... N, No! I meant to say Alex's adventure!
King Marcel:
Oh, I see. You must be tired. Why don't you rest?
Chef enters
Your Majesty! Hobbits are stealing from the castle!
King Marcel:
Did you catch them?
No, I was too late. They took food and treasure...
King Marcel:
What!? Those little thieves!
The Crystal begins to glow
Queen Yvonne:
Dear, the crystal...
King Marcel:
It's shining, but...!?
Princess Camille:
It's really bright!
I haven't seen this before!
A... Anyways, I'll be going back to the kitchen!!
Chef leaves
King Marcel:
Could this be the work of the fairies!?
Queen Yvonne:
Doesn't the Fairy Princess watch over the spring?
King Marcel:
The hobbits live near there, too, I believe.
The hobbits and the strange behaviour of the crystal...
There may be a connection.
Alex, once you've had a chance to rest, could you go investigate at the Fairy Spring?
I'm sorry to burden you once again, but I trust you!
Princess Camille:
Hey, Alex...
You know what...?
King Marcel:
Princess Camille:
Oh, never mind!
I just wanted to chat.
King Marcel:
Then why don't you speak normally to each other?
Princess Camille:
Oh, Father! You don't understand at all.
Queen Yvonne:
Camille, Camille...
Princess Camille:
Well, Alex, let's talk some other time...
Queen Yvonne:
Ah, Alex.
You can save the details of your report for the King.
I am relieved just to see your spririted face.
Isn't the Fairy Spring a beautiful place?
It used to have the purest Light on this island.
Now the area has darkened, like this crystal.
Is the fairy trying to protect the spring?
The balance between Light and Darkness is at stake.
Alex, please bring Light back to the spring.
King Marcel:
Alex, are you making any progress?
The crystal is shining, but more brightly than normal.
The Fairy Princess is a fairy of Light.
She's normally a peace-loving fairy but Darkness may have crept into her heart...
Are the monsters at the spring that frightful?Queen Queen Yvonne
King Marcel:
They may be confused and are behaving abnormally.
I've heard that some will even throw rocks at you.
Keep your eyes open and inspect the area carefully.
Oh, young...
I mean Alex.
You defeated the witch?
Hm, good job.
You were able to resist her magic as well?
Your resistance increases when you are hit by magic.
But, it makes no difference if you're dead...
Remember to balance you use of items and Soul.
You're doing well.
Keep up the good work.
Youngin, are you lookin' for cards?
You can store duplicates in the dictionary, too.
The dictionary only holds up to 99 cards.
Well, there aren't that many different cards to find...
The flowers are blooming.
While you were out adventuring, Alex, I read another book.
Want to hear about it?
"Jacques and the Cornstalk."
It was a very sad story.
A lion enters a restaurant run by a cow...
"Just give me some beef."
Those shocking words...
...were simply magnificent!
Outside the Kitchen
Ah... What have I done?
I was standing right here!
Those hobbits... While I was staring at the meal...
I've failed as a guard.
I only noticed the food!
Old man:
It's good that he works fast, but I can't keep up...
Sheesh, it seems like I am always busy!
Some of our food was stolen, so I'll have to improvise!
Oh! ...Hmhm, yes, yes.
That'll do.
Bottom Left Room
Oh my, where is it...?
I can't find my favorite umbrella...
Left Battlement
That Andy...
Where is he?
Bottom Right Room
Knight in Bed 2:
Anything to rerport?
Nothing to report!
Castle Entrance Hall
Ah, Alex.
Welcome back.
Hidden Passage Right of Castle Entrance Hall
I ate Brother Quatro's mushroom, so I'm hiding.
Huh? Why did I eat it?
Because I wanted to grow up faster.
Klantol Town
Yay! Alex and Wanby.
Who's faster...?
Have you been to the Fairy Spring?
Supposedly, Darkness has spread there...
It must have come from the mainland...
I want to help you out as much as I can, but even the King doesn't know what awaits you there.
There was a time when I visited the mainland.
Listen, keep this a secret.
You won't say anything to Angela, will you? Promise?
OK, I'll trust you.
Where should I start...?
First, Angela is adopted.
Don't act so surprised.
I found her abandoned, so I brought her back here.
My love for her is as strong as any parent's.
She loves me like a father, and she trusts me.
That's why I put the past behind me...
My past...?
Let's talk about that later.
See you, Alex.
Purple guy:
Oh, you're working hard today, huh!
Boarish guy:
How 'bout some service! We're tired, too.
Mouse guy:
He's glaring at us...
Do you know about musical scales?
Do re mi fa so la to do...
That is an octave scale.
Beyond the notes of this scale... is an ideal world filled with love and peace.