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Shining the Holy Ark
USA Version Script
Enrich Dungeon
Script typed up by: Rune
Move along the waterway in a northeast direction, find a wooden pier, and go to the end of it. Then, I will call for the hidden boat there.
Arthur and the rest walk up to a pier.
This is not the right pier. Please find another.
The team walks up to another pier.
Please wait here. This must be it.
Akane steps forward.
This is the place. I will perform the ceremony to summon the boat. Please stand over there and watch.
The spirits of water and air, who protect these passages! I command you in the name of the King and the sage Sabato! Let the hidden boat appear to take us to the palace!
There is a flash of light and a boat appears.
OK, shall we go?
The force gets in the boat and they are taken to a new area of Enrich Dungeon.
The pasages take the team to the thrown room of Enrich Castle.