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Shining the Holy Ark
USA Version Script
Far East Village
Script typed up by: Rune
King of Enrich:
Sabato has told me everything. First of all, let me offer my thanks.
I still can?t believe that I was possessed and controlled by that hag, Rilix. I am so ashamed. I owe you my life and I hope that someday I can repay you.
King of Enrich:
The moment I met Rilix, I was mesmerized by her powerful gaze. Rilix?s magic duel with Sabato and the putting of a price on Rodi?s head were all parts of her plot.
Rilix is one of the Vandals who have re-awakened to rebuild the Thousand-Year Kingdom, but she seems to lack a Vandal?s super human powers. While her sister Elise looks looks a young woman, Rilix looks lke an old crone, and this is a sympton of her lack of strength. However, all Vandals are still very powerful, and if you hadn?t recovered the Sacred Sword, they would have taken control of Enrich.
King of Enrich:
Sabato sent some soldiers to investigate. We received a report that the mine Panzer and Rilix are heading for has been blocked off. It looks like we must hurry and release the powers of the Spirit inside each of you.
I think I should explain to you what the mystery is all about. Having met with Galm and the master of Far East Village, do you understand what these Spirits are?
So they did explain it? Well, in case something was missed, allow me to repeat what you may already know. The Spirits are
What?! Didn?t you ask? Well, let me briefly explain it to you. The Spirits are
a power that are given to select mortals by the Creator. They are the source of all power, so have been sought after by heroes. The Spirits used to be frequently given to men, but since the collapse of the old kingdom, they disappeared. But now, 1000 years later, the Spirits have reappeared.
King of Enrich:
We were able to predict this event from the many legends and from the paintings found on some of the walls in the tunnels underneath the castle. We have studied both and found that they contain the history of the collapse of the ancient kingdom. They also contain a warning that truly horrified us. All of our research points to the rebirth of the Vandals, and their Kingdom of Darkness.
While we studied, we realized one thing... The three lights depicted in the last painting represented three heroes doing battle with the Vandals!
King of Enrich:
Besides the warning, we found that the paintings also contained a very important message.
We studied the paintings closely, as we needed to prepare for the coming of the Spirits. The painted Spirits consist of two blue lights and one red. If the colors were an indication of gender, then blue would indicate male and red would indicate female. We started looking for the right people.
King of Enrich:
The first person we selected was Rodi. However, we could not find any others, so we decided to look outside the country. The rest you know as well as we. We?ve guessed correctly only once, but things seem to be moving anyway.
That?s all we know. Why would those ancient people leave these paintings behind? Was it a marker to a place of refuge? If so, they seem to be saying that we need to go there.
King of Enrich:
In the paintings are pictures of the mural room itself. It seems to say that whomsoever assembles all three Sacred Treasures can somehow travel from the mural room, to the Tower of Illusion, standing alone in the desert. Although we have the Spirits, before they are useful, their powers must be released. There?s no magic in Enrich strong enough, so the ancient ones are telling us to go to this tower.
Now, we hope you understand the importance of your mission. You must find the other two sacred treasures. Good luck.
King of Enrich:
We are concerned about the mystic barrier in the mine, so we need you to go to the tower. Everything we?ve found in the paintings has happened, and we need you to stop the rebirth of the Thousand-Year Kingdom. You must help us!
You should be able to conquer the West Shrine using the power of the Sacred Sword. We?re counting on you!
I?m not wildly excited about it, but to repay my debt to you, and to avenge myself against Rilix, I will help you fight with my magic.
Forte, the sorcerer, joins the group.
Arthur and the others leave the throne room.
Soldier C:
You know it?s very strange that the day you met Rilix, we were released from our post. I think she didn?t want us to spoil her ambush.
Soldier D:
I wasn?t aware that the evil spirits had possessed our King and that Rilix was controlling them.
Since that hag, Rilix, has been defeated, the King is back to normal. I am very happy.
Sabato?s wife:
It?s odd that my husband didn?t mention the King being under the control of Rilix. Enrich will be a peaceful kingdom again now. But I?m still worried about Sabato. He seems to be hiding something.
Mecenary A:
I heard that you fought your way to the throne room using the underground waterways underneath the castle. I regret that I didn?t join your group. I would have fought to the death!
Mercenary B:
That hag, Rilix, was really spooky. I told you, didn?t I? She had the King possessed by those spirits, didn?t she? Makes me shiver just thinking about it.
Mercenary C:
Doesn?t it seem strange that our contracts didn?t get terminated? We were hired by Enrich to capture Rodi, but I think that Rilix had something else in mind. She wanted us to help her overthrow the King and this almost happened!
Lady attendant (blue dress):
The atmosphere in the catsle was eerie. It was because of that old hag, Rilix, wasn?t it? She?s gone for good, isn?t she? Are you sure?
Lady attendant (red dress):
Everyone is glad to see that Sabato has regained his position. Now peace can be restored to Enrich.
Soldier A:
Welcome back. Thanks to you, we were able to get rid of that hag. But I hear that your job isn?t finished and there is more to come.
Good luck.
Soldier B:
This is the Enrich Castle! If you have no business here, you must leave! That old hag, Rilix! Who does she think she is, trying to take control of the castle! Arthur, don?t worry. If we see any suspicious people, we?ll get rid off them, pronto!