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Shining the Holy Ark
USA Version Script
West Shrine
Script typed up by: Rune
Young Man (blue):
This is Far East village. We all heard about Rodi and your adventures. What a great story!
Young Woman (red):
I didn?t know the Sacred Sword was needed to break the King?s spell. People everywhere are talking about that. They are surprised to know it had that kind of power.
Young Man (green):
I heard that you rescued the King from the control of the Vandals. Listening to that story, I got so excited that I could not stay seated. Please remember me! I want to go out and make my mark across the whole world. I want to be a Titan in a world of mortal men. I will go rogue, and start adventuring to improve my skills!
The man disappears.
I... was listening in when they were talking about Panzer, and they said... uh oh. If Akane heard anything like that, she would cry.
Young Woman (white):
Panzer was a member of the Vandal group that cast the spell on the King, wasn?t he? That rumor is true then.
It was... more than 20 years ago. She was a beautiful woman. Her body and soul were horribly hurt and she didn?t want to answer any of our questions. I remember that everyone was shocked to find out that she had traveled so far while she was pregnant. That was Panzer?s mother.
The woman delivered a healthy boy soon after she arrived in the village. Since she went through a lot on her journey and her body was weak, we told her that it would be dangerous to give birth. She said that the new life was more precious than her own and bravely delivered the baby. Then... she died. That?s what Panzer?s mother was like.
I like Doyle. He got hurt so he had to stay in the village, and while he was here he played with me. But now he has recovered... I know he will leave again soon.
Female Ninjas are called Kunoichi. Do you know why? Because the character meaning woman can be broken into pieces that are read as Ku and ichi. Kunoichi therefore means woman.
I was wondering if the Megalith belief and the sealing spell have similar effects. If so, then maybe the people of the Far East and of the West have the same origin?... I?m not making sense, am I?
Other Side of House
Other Side of House
I?ve heard of a race who live in the North part of the continent whose magic is similar to ours. They may be the descendants of Far East Ninjas or they may be magicians of different origins. I would like to see them some day.
Lord?s House
Welcome back everyone. Our Lord is waiting for you. Please come inside.
I heard about Doyle?s injury. It seems that Panzer did it. He really bit the hand that fed him. As long as Akane is in your group, he may hesitate before attacking, but remember, he?s still a Ninja. Please be cautious.
No one else in the village knows how tormented Panzer was when he decided to part from Akane. Panzer once said that there was another who lived inside of him. I wonder what he meant by that?
Beware of the Vandals. They are incredibly strong, so be well prepared. Even with the best weapons and armor the Vandals are formidable enemies.
The way you defeated Rilix was brilliant. You?ve learned to conserve your power and have become an equal to her. However, don?t get overconfident. You never know what kind of power they will have at Godspeak.
As you may have seen already, Panzer is exceptional. He is very powerful...
He lost his mother at birth and grew up in this village, but other than that we really don?t know anything about his background. Although misfortunes happen to many because the world is cruel and fate capricious, it is hard to find anyone that carries that much sorrow. I pity him because I understand him.
As he began to grow up... he felt that there was something else inside of him. He often got irritated by it and became violent. The only support he ever got was from Akane, but he realized that if he couldn?t suppress himself, he might hurt her someday. Then, he left the village. We didn?t hear anything about him after that. But now, he has appeared as the enemy.
I have investigated a little about his mother and have come to suspect some things. Even if what I suspect is true, I wouldn?t be able to tell anyone. My suspicions are not based on facts, but even if I knew the truth, I still couldn?t disclose it. That?s just how any parent would act. But I can?t let you lose either. I won?t be silent and watch while my poor child creates disaster.
I thought that I could send Doyle with you... He has recovered from the injury he received from Panzer...
Where is he? He was telling me that he was ready to fight along side of you, and now... It?s too bad that he is not here at this time.
Doyle left to go look for you when he couldn?t wait for you to come back... If he returns, I?ll send him after you. Focus your energy on this mission. You must stop the revival of the the Thousand-Year Kingdom.