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Shining the Holy Ark
USA Version Script
Mirage Village
Script typed up by: Rune
Young Lady:
Besides the Holy Ark which attracts evil, the key to the Vandals?s rebirth is the alignment of stars that will block the power of the sun. For Vandals who have been fatally wounded, the sun interferes with their regeneration, so they?ll carry out their plans during an eclipse. After an eclipse, the sun?s power is decreased for a while, and this also worries the High Priest.
The High Priest had a premonition that the rebirth of the Thousand-Year Kingdom would coincide with the eclipse. In anticipation of this event, he calculated the movements of the stars and painted clues in the murals for future generations to behold.
Young Man (blue shirt):
So, have you become Innovators through Evolution?
YES/NO (can repeat for both)
Young Man (blue shirt):
Since your job is done here, you?ll be leaving us soon, won?t ya? That?ll leave me with just the same old other villagers to talk to.
Young Man (blue shirt):
It is known that the Innovators inherit the gift of eternal life. What it really means is that your biological clock stops. It?s a curse. All of us here in the village do not see time pass. But there are only a handful of Innovators in this world. They will never age while others around them wither away. It sounds very lonely if you ask me.
Since becoming Innovators through Evolution, the priest must have explained our history to you. The Vandals were created from Innovators, but their culture died with them. You must remember that this doom may be yours if you don?t fulfill your duties.
I?ve never been inside the Tower of Illusion. What kind of place is it? I heard it?s a very dangerous place, but that?s what intrigues me.
We?ll never forget you, even after you return to your own world. I don?t know when, but if I ever meet another with the Spirit, I?ll be sure to tell them about you.
This world is boring for a warrior like myself. All I ever do is fight those lousy monsters. What I wouldn?t give to challenge a true champion! I don?t sound to unreasonable, do I?