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Shining the Holy Ark
USA Version Script
Enrich Castle & Town
Script typed up by: Rune
King of Enrich:
We heard that you wished to speak to us. You must be tired. What is it?
Are you saying you wish to turn down the King?s offer and leave Enrich?
I thought you might leave... You seem to have made up your mind.
Hah, be true to yourself. I see it in your eyes. Seems like your mind is made up.
King of Enrich:
We offered you the position of Defense Minister because we have confidence in you and need your skills. It is a handsome offer, no?
Even though you know it?s a good offer, you still value your freedom more.
Are you saying that you?re better off being a mercenary, and value your freedom more?
I envy you your youth that allows you to say that.
King of Enrich:
Will nothing change your mind about leaving Enrich?
King of Enrich:
Well then, I guess it?s useless to try to stop you, so I won?t say anything more. Just... when you get tired of roaming around and need a place to settle down, remember that Enrich will always welcome you.
If you remember the King?s kindness, you may return. Take care of yourself.
Soldier C:
I didn?t realize how powerful your adversaries were until today. I wish you would reconsider our offer, and become our leader.
Soldier D:
I?m ashamed to call myself a soldier. While you mercenaries were risking your lives to save our kingdom, I did nothing. Some people may be against the idea of mercenaries serving our kingdom, but what do they know!
Many women are looking for such a promising young man as yourself, Arthur. Some of the young maidens are very aggressive, so be sure you know who you?re dealing with.
Lady attendant (blue dress):
No wonder you looked so serious after defeating Rilix. I guess you had your reasons. Naturally, we want you to stay and protect Enrich.
Lady attendant (red dress):
Arthur, I know that you are a mercenary and that someday you will leave. I wish you would reconsider staying for a while.
Sabato?s wife:
You must be Arthur? My husband always talks about you. I heard you have done a great job. My husband thinks highly of you.
Soldier A:
Arthur... Have you finished talking to the King? I was concerned because you looked so serious when you came in but you look a lot better, now.
Soldier B:
Welcome Sir Arthur! I guess I should wait until tomorrow to address you this way. Feels awkward, doesn?t it?
Town of Enrich
Even though peace has been restored, my daughter is still missing. I feel so torn apart. I won?t have my peace until I see my daughter again.
I have missed many chances to leave Enrich because of the many wierd things that have happened lately. Well, I think I?m finally going to be moving on, now.
Akane is standing against a door alone wiping her eyes and Arthur walks by.
Sniff... Sniff...
Akane turns around to clean her face off.
Oh, it?s you... How embarrassing... I didn?t want you to see me like this...
I?m sorry... I?m fine now. You came to bring me back to the others, didn?t you. Thank you. Let me tell you something. My name is an Asian name. I don?t know why, but my dad named me that.
Akane turns around again to clean her face.
You know, with Panzer?s end being so... so... I don?t feel like celebrating right now. So could you let me be alone for a while, please?
Young Man:
The whole town is celebrating now that peace has been restored... That?s why I?m guarding the town like this.
Young Lady:
Oh, any girl would love to have the hero, Arthur, speak to them. Come talk to me anytime!
I heard that Arthur was offered the position of Enrich?s Defense Minister because of his remarkable work. If Arthur and the others were in charge of our armies, Enrich?s future would be secured. I hope Arthur takes it.
Young Man (blue shirt):
It?s like a dream that the master of the mansion is gone now and I can cut all the good trees in the forest...
Old Man:
My daughter had to leave this town because of the master of the mansion. I never saw her again. In a way, you have avenged my daughter?s death for me. Thank you. She will be able to rest in peace now.
Woof! Woof!
Young girls really want a man with a steady job. That?s why they usually aren?t interested in mercenaries. Now that they found out that Arthur could serve the King and become a knight, he?s all they talk about. He can have any girl he wants.
I heard that the Enrich soldiers had checked Aborigine Mansion, but couldn?t find anyone. It was empty. Its owners must have fled after some of their cronies got killed by Arthur and the others.
Storyteller?s Mansion
Was the Holy Ark returned safely to the Creator?s ship? I?m so relieved! The Vandals? plan to revive their kingdom has failed.
The dark clouds over Enrich have been lifted once again. But I?m afraid that as long as corruption exists, we?ll suffer the same fate. I can?thelp but to think we?re doomed!
Head of storytellers:
Oh, it?s you, Arthur. Welcome. Everyone in Enrich is talking about you. Please come inside.
Head of storytellers:
I heard from the castle messenger that you drove a stake into the heart of the dark messiah. However, the fact that Galm survived and has mysteriously disappeared means that evil may once again raise its ugly head. However, we should enjoy this time of peace while we have it, for it may be short lived.
We heard that you fought valiantly against Rilix and Panzer. Vanda?s are very strong! They must have been very difficult to defeat!
Tool shop:
Sorry, but we are closed today. I was upset at first, when we were told to close down immediately. But I found out we had the day off. Except for the pub, all the other stores were told to close down too!
Since this guy heard about your advancement, he?s been restless. It?s as if he had been given the offer to become a knight. Well, I?m happy for you.
Weapon shop:
When I got up, the sky over Godspeak was bright and clear. I knew something wonderful must have happened.
You have done such splendid work for Enrich, and now you are to serve as a Knight. That sounds like a dream come true. If you continue to do a good job, you could even become an aristocrat, maybe even a King.
You have solved the crisis of the country and are on your way to become an official of Enrich. I didn?t believe that that kind of story could be true! I guess it happened because you worked so hard everyday. I plan to work hard too, and maybe I?ll get lucky.
Armor shop:
If you are here to purchase something, we are sorry but the shop is closed today. All shops are closed. The castle has sent an order that only our pubs will be open in celebration for the averted crisis. I?m just relaxing here.
We could feel power emanating from Godspeak. We knew there was a terrible battle last night. The thought of having that kind of battle in a town makes me shudder. I?m glad that you won the battle.
The only thing that we, the people of Enrich, can do is hope for the best. Our soldiers seem ineffective. We have to depend on mercenaries, hired by the power of money. Sometimes I feel ashamed of this fact.
I misunderstood you mercenaries. I thought you cared only for money. But look at what you did... I am ashamed of myself for thinking that way.
After Arthur left for the battle yesterday, the priest told us about the danger that Enrich was facing... and we gathered at the church last night, hoping that you would win. I?m glad you won. Now everything should be peaceful once again.
When we were young, if we did anything bad our parents would scare us by saying that Vandals would come and get us. Everyone here heard that story. It?s hard to believe that the monster in our children?s bed-time story really exited in real life...
Town of Enrich
Rodi is standing near the door to the pub and Arthur begins to walk in.
I?m cooling off because I felt things were too hot over there. They are all in there waiting for you.
Girl from the inn:
Hey, Arthur, where have you been? Everybody is waiting for you! They say it?s a celebration so they want to party!
Although I received a reward from the King, I agreed to travel with you to fulfill my own purposes. Now that our common task is done, I intend to go on my own way. Our time was well spent, but I believe the score is even now.
Say Arthur, do you like my daughter?
YES/NO (can repeat for both)
Oh, yeah? You like her?!
Hey, I?ve asked Arthur. He says he likes you. Why don?t you say hello!
Oh, so you aren?t interested in her. Well, that?s only because you don?t know her yet.
Hey, I?ve asked Arthur. He says he isn?t interested in you. Why don?t you try to change his mind!
Girl from the inn:
Hi, Arthur. I trust you are enjoying yourself? Please, let me dance for you!
The girl from the inn does a short but graceful dance.
She?s a good girl with a good head on her shoulders. Please remember her even after you become a knight. OK?
Funny how things work out. I was just in this so I could fight alongside my boss, and now look... We?re heroes. Fom someone brought up as a Ninja, this ?being in the spotlight? business is a bit overwhelming.
Wha?... Where?d Boss go? Hmm.... He probably feels the same way as I do and took off somewhere.
I think I?m finally content for the first time now that everything has been... solved. *sigh* By the way, what?s with you and Rodi? You both look upset, Why? We defeated the Vandals and have been offered a place as officers in the army.
I didn?t see you around for a while. Where did you go? I guess we will be leaving pretty soon, and I wanted to say good-bye before we left. Hmm... Looking back, it turns out that all of us were dancing to Sabato the sage?s tune. Well... I?m glad we met. I had wanted to ask you if you wanted to join us but... Good luck, Sir Knight.
We had a very strange first meeting, didn?t we? Very funny, I think. Do you remember the incident in Desire village? I wonder what would have happened if we had fought at that time? Neither Lisa nor I want to join this country?s army, as officers or otherwise. We have our own destiny, so we have no intention of accepting the offer. But it?s a great chance for you. I say, congratulations!
Town of Enrich
What are you going to do, Arthur?
You... are... planning on leaving Enrich now, aren?t you?
I have spent a long time with you. I know exactly how you feel.
Even now, I?m still concerned that we don?t know whose Spirit remains. But I?m sure we will find out regardless in the future. Do you have a plan? Hmm... no plan? I thought as much. But you are still ging? OK. Take care of yourself!
Rodi disappears.
Arthur starts to walk out of town.
Young Man:
Arthur, what happened!?
Young Man:
Oh, you want to get some fresh air because the whole town is getting too carried away, eh?
Young Man:
But... today, you?re not coming back, are you?
Young Man:
On a peaceful, happy day like this, sadness and farewell are mixed. I?ve heard this from the priest before.
Young Man:
It looks like you have something in mind. I wish you wouldn?t leave. But I think I understand. Good luck.
Young Man:
Good bye. Remember to return before it gets dark. And don?t forget! We?re waiting for you!
Arthur leaves the town.