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Shining the Holy Ark
USA Version Script
Enrich Castle
Script typed up by: Rune
Soldier A:
Welcome, Arthur! It's good to see you again. We didn't expect to see you so soon since the road was closed. But, you have returned as Rilix has predicted.
Soldier B:
Greetings, Arthur! We heard that the old hag, I mean Rilix, foretold of your return using her magic crystal. By the way, I have a message for you. You have been summoned to appear before the King.
Arthur, Melody, and Rodi enter the main castle area.
The King awaits you in the royal room. Please go right in.
Lady attendant (blue dress):
Rilix's sedan-chair floats in the air because of her magic. Her magic is very powerful! With that crystal that is installed in that chair, she sees everything. She scares me...
Lady attendant (red dress):
The sorceress Rilix performs the duties that once belonged to the Sage, Sabato. I wonder why the King dismissed him? Everyone respected him, unlike Rilix who everyone fears. Now, no one ever goes to the Northeast tower since Rilix claimed it.
Enrich Castle was built atop of an old city. Many underground passages still exist that wind along, like a maze. Many years ago, people tried to explore these passages and failed to return. Now, no one ever goes there. Why am I telling you this? I can see your future. My name is Sabato and I used to be the chancellor of the palace.
Sabato's wife:
My husband served as the chancellor until that hag took over. Now, we are obliged to live in this dirty little room. Sabato is a proud but stubborn man. He has told me of the disaster which is about to befall our kingdom, and it's horrible! My husband is willing to sacrifice his life to prevent it.
Mercenary A:
Your pal Forte came back before you did, and has wormed his way into the King's good graces. Now he acts like a snob and doesn't even acknowledge you when you greet him. Who does he think he is? He's such a creep.
Mercenary B:
Do you believe in spirits?
YES/NO (can repeat for both)
Mercenary B:
Then, let me tell you what I saw the other day. Something very strange entered Rilix's tower. I only got a glimpse of it, because it gave me the willies, but it must have been a spirit or ghost or something.
Mercenary B:
Yeah, I guess you're right... I don't really believe in spirits or ghosts, either. I wouldn't believe it unless I really saw one myself.
Mercenary C:
Since you guys have defeated Rodi, we're all going to be out of a job soon. Maybe there's work out west.
Soldier C:
The King has been waiting anxiously for you. Please hurry.
Soldier D:
You captured Rodi, didn't you? Well done, mercenaries! Go now and report it to the King.
The team enters the throne room.
King of Enrich:
It must have been difficult to catch an outlaw like Rodi. Come forward and let me see your faces.
Welcome, Melody and Arthur! You aren't mad at me since I came back a little earlier than you did, are you? It's difficult to talk business with you on the other side of the room. As the King has so graciously suggested, why don't you come a little closer?
You're late, aren't you? I heard you captured that great outlaw, Rodi. You must be rewarded for saving our kingdom from disaster! We've been waiting for your report. Tell us about it.
Arthur and the team step forward.
King of Enrich:
We have one pressing question we'd like you to answer at once. Are you sure Rodi is dead?
The accident at the mine was horrible. I barely escaped getting trapped inside, and for you two also to escape...
I was truly surprised when I saw you hale and hearty in my magic crystal.
King of Enrich:
Rilix tells me that saving you would have been beyond even her powers had she been there. I'm very interested in hearing how you survived.
Didn't you hear the King?! Answer him!
You can't tell us because that would involve telling us about the man in the mask, correct?
King of Enrich:
You have the gall to attempt to deceive Rilix? Hah! Do you think that mask can hide the fact that YOU are Rodi?
Why are you helping this outlaw? What's going on, Melody? I trusted you!
It's not what you think, Forte. Please listen to me! I and my companions came to help you!
You came to 'help' me? What kind of 'help' did you think I needed?
Are you feeling well? Look, your body... I saw it...
My body? What are you babbling about?!
Look! An evil spirit has taken control of your body. Show yourself, spirit, and be ready to be struck down!
Rodi begins casting a powerful spell.
What are you doing? I command you to stop! If you don't stop...
Rodi continues casting the spell and evil spirits emerge from the King?s and Forte?s bodies.
Stop it right there, Rodi! The evil spirits have merged with their bodies. If you kill the spirits, your friend and the King will die! Still want to attack them?
Rodi stops the spell..
You can't do it! Can you? You're too soft!
Now of course, I could finish you off right now, but... I'd rather you answer some questions first.
For example, what are those lights which surround your bodies? I can see them in my magic crystal.
Not in the mood to answer me? Well, since you refused, I guess I'll have to put you someplace until you change your mind. Enjoy the dungeons!
Rilix causes the floor beneath you to drop out.