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Shining Wisdom
USA Version Script
Odegan Castle
Script typed up by: SilverShadow
Script typed up by: Magnus Andersson
before the cutscene with the old woman
Boy at gate:
Whoa! That is the shiniest armor I've ever seen! I bet you're on your way to join the castle guard, aren't you? I'm so jealous! I want to be a guard for the King when I grow up!
Girl at gate (blond):
Odegan is surrounded by Ocean and mountains. Since it isn't often disturbed by outsiders, it is a land filled with beauty and tranquillity.
Girl at gate (red):
I'm sorry, I don't talk to strangers, which is what you quite obviously are, I can tell by the way you're gawking at everything like you were fresh off the farm. Get lost, you're in my sun.
Man at gate:
This is the town of Odegan, named for the kingdom of which it's the capital. The kingdom of Odegan spans almost the entire region of Northern Palacia.
Old man at gate:
Say there, who are you?! I'm the town busybody, so if you were from around here, I'd know it! What?! Oh, yeah, right. Suuure you're Jiles' som. Tell that lie at the castle and they'll have your head!
Do you want to know what's going on? So do I! This nut just started babbling!
Woman (brown):
We gathered here because that old lady at the fountain told us to, but now what?
Woman (blond):
I've been living here awhile, but I've never seen her before. She has to be some kinda kooky outsider...
Man (black):
A spectator, huh? Why don't you just move somewhere else and stop annoying the pants off me?
Man (orange):
Everything I see is so lively. I'm glad I moved here. We never had nuts like this back home.
Old woman:
Please! You must heed my words! The fate of the entire realm of Odegan is at stake! If something is not done, all will be brought to ruin!
Old woman:
You! You there! I see the doubt in your eyes. You think me a loon!
Old woman:
And you! Your thoughts reflect on your face, plain for all to see!
Old woman:
Heretics! Your indolence will be the ruination of everything we have built!
Old woman:
I know you all think of me to be nothing more than an old woman who's gone off the deep end, ...but I have been shown a vision of the future so terrible, it has made me appear as mad!
Old woman:
When the future that appeared in my crystal comes upon is, it will be too late! Don't you understand?! We must prepare to...
Old woman:
Hey, wait! Where are you going?
Guard #1:
...crazy old bag! I think we'd better give mental health a tip on where to pick this one up... ...ruin of Odegan! Ha! Yeah, right...
Guard #2:
....oooh! The demented old woman had a scary dream! We'd better listen to her, or maybe we'll have bad dreams, too! What a kook! Ha, Ha, Ha....
Old woman:
Why do you say such things? I didn't dream it! It was shown to the crystal! We must join together to...
Old woman:
I must find a way to make someone understand!
Old woman:
You! You understand what I'm saying, don't you? You must know by know that our land teeters on the brink of...
Don't start up with us, old woman! We were just here to watch the freakshow! We'll have nothing to do with your ridiculous quest!
Old woman:
Oof....But....WAIT!!! Soon all will be lost! We
Old woman:
Oh,...what's the use? Let's face it. If I saw someone speaking as I have, I'd think they were insane, too!
Old woman:
.........It's....all....on your heads!
end of cut-scene
Old woman:
You look like a new member of the castle guard. Perhaps your mind is not yet clouded by pride. I saw that you were there when I was pleading with the townspeople earlier. Did you think I was a crazy old bat, too?
Options YES - NO
if YES
Old woman:
Hah! Perhaps I misjudged you, little one. Your words betray that ignorance in your heart. Go then, and die with the rest when the Dark Titan returns in all his fury!
Old woman:
What are you doing back here? Were you not yet another content to die with the rest in blissful ignorance?
if you say NO
Old woman:
Hmmm...perhaps there is yet hope for Odegan... but then again,'re just a boy...and the task at hand requires a man... But, since a boy is all I have, perhaps he has the will to become the man required. I came to Odegan to find a warrior brave, strong, and powerful in thought and action. A warrior that is the only hope Palacia has of escaping the coming crisis. But, unfortunately, when I arrived here to find that warrior, I found that Odegan was completely devoid of any such hero. What I needed was a hero like Jiles of old. Strong, smart, and smooth. One who could understand what was at stake, and rise to the challenge. It's just to bad that there are no such warriors left in the kingdom........what a pity. But, enough about that. I seem to have caught your ear, at least. Think you're hero material, boy?
it matters not if you pick yes or no; if you pick no, she will merely say
Old woman:
Let me rephrase the ?question'. Do you want to live to see tomorrow? Good...I thought so. Now then, listen up,...hero.
Old woman:
4 Elementals are about to be released to wreak havoc on the land. If they all gain freedom, this land will see a crisis such as has never been witnessed! Know this! You must guard carefully the Princess of Odegan, for she is the key!
Boy outside Magicians house:
Whoa! Did you see what just happened? This freaky old chick headed around this corner and VANISHED!
Magician #1:
Once I saw how useful magic was, I signed on to become an apprentice. The Fairies of Palacia give us the power to do all sorts of wonderful things! I just wish I knew where the Fairies lived...Do you happen to know?
Magician #2:
When the fairies took the power from the Dark Titan, the sheer force of it nearly destroyed them all! In fact, for a time, they were trapped in the Labyrinth they had created! Fortunately for us all, they eventually escaped!
Magician #3:
Who needs an Ez-bake oven when you have the power of Fire Elemntal?! Waah, hah, hah, hah!
Magician #4:
Long ago, 4 Elementals sealed the Dark Titan Zagalt in Catacomb Marsh after a fearsome battle. It took the magic of all 4 Elemntals to overcome the power of his vicious hate.
Magician #5:
This land has been defiled with a corrosive scourge on its very lifeblood! Because the Dark Titan was felled here in the last struggle between Good and Evil...the touch of its black corpse gnaws at the very marrow of the land!
Book #1:
Orb Lore and Legend, Volume 3, Freeze Magic for Dummies
Book #2:
Orb Lore and Legend, Volume 2, Cool Uses for Spark Magic
Book #3:
Orb Lore and Legend, Volume 6, Good Genies Gone Bad
Book #4:
Orb Lore and Legend, Volume 1, Basic Unfounded Rumors
Book #5:
Orb Lore and Legend, Volume 4, Great Balls of Fire! Blaze magic is used primarily for offense, unlike the oter Orb magics, which are used to solve puzzles.
Book #6:
Orb Lore and Legend, Volume 5, Having a Blast
Book #7:
Basic Magic, Volume 1
Book #8:
Basic Magic, Volume 4
Girl (red):
Are you still here? Didn't you creep in here earlier and block my sunlight? It WAS you! Didn't I make it clear then? I don't talk to strangers. And especially not to creepy little rodent-sized ones like you! Beat it, farm boy!!
Girl (blond):
Did you see that weird old lady in the town square earlier? Talk about loony! Whew!
Old man outside inn:
That old lady rambling in the square earlier is a newcomer to Odegan. I heard that she was from the Gudo Valley. But, that can't be right. The Gudo Valley is supposed to be uninhabited now...hmm...
I'm very sorry, all our beds are currently taken. I'm afraid you'll have to come back later.
Woman at inn:
Hey, kiddo! Aren't you a little young to be patronizing the bar? Do your parents know you're here?! You'd better cram, before I sic the guards on ya!
Today, the Elder & his accomplices from Hobbit Village will be staying here. Have you met the Hobbits? If you would like to meet them, come back later.
Man in northeast corner:
Some of the buildings in town have no obvious entrances. We found the false wall to the magician's house, but that one over there is still quite a mystery....hmmm....
Man at fountain:
I heard that this kingdom was unbelievably peaceful, so I crossed the mountains to see for myself. I've been here for only a month, and already I've seen that it's all true! I think that Odegan is really a euphemism for Nirvana...that's what makes the hag's words earlier all the more worrisome! Why would she say that such a peaceful land as this would be ruined? It makes no sense at all...
Woman at fountain:
Do you want to get into the magician's house? I've heard they found a false wall that the magician's constructed. Try pushing on the walls. Maybe you'll find it.
Woman outside church:
The magicians have a house in the southwest corner of town. You know, I've always hated that place. I mean, it's nothing but a buncha spooky, voodoo-shrieking terrors!
Guard #1 at main gate:
Yes, this is Odegan Castle. State your name and business! Wait a minute! You're Mars!! I was told you were coming today. Castle guards must use the west entrance. Head to your left. And, if I were you, I'd light a fire under it. I believe you're late!
Guard #2 at main gate:
West of Palacia, across the mountains, there are endless wars reging. But, here in Odegan, we don't have enough soldiers to fight, or even a reason to. It kinda sucks, because the reason I became an Odegan soldier was to risk my life in battle. But ehre I am, sitting on some crappy guard duty in a kingdom with no wars.
Guard #1 at west gate:
That old hag sure was a ball of fun to watch earlier, wasn't she? I have no idea where anyone could believe that our peaceful land could be in danger! "'Oooh! You're all in BIG danger!' What a hoot!
Guard #2 at west gate:
Hey, you! Are you Mars? You must be the newcomer scheduled to start working at the castle today! Better hurry, Sir Kaizel's been waiting for you, and you're late.
inside the castle
Guard at entranace:
Ahh...the infamous Mars. Your father's legend has lef large shoes for you to fill. But enough of that. You're late, and Sir Kaizel awaits. He's over the passage to the right.
Man at table:
I heard the son of Sir Jiles is coming to the castle. He must be smart as a fox and as big as a bear! I can't wait to meet him!
Hmm...the new guard is late. I hope he's not lost. Sir Kaizel would not be happy...
Sir Kaizel:
Excuse me, but can't you wait?! We are attempting to finish an important conversation!
It seems... Pazort never... contacted us afterwards...
Sir Kaizel:
If we try to reach Hobbit...would they harm the Princess? What could they possibly want? I don't know... know, that new soldier looked just like...Sir...Jiles.
Sir Kaizel:
Ha! I knew it! You, Mars, are Jiles' boy, are you not?
Options YES - NO
if NO
Sir Kaizel:
Come now! Don't go pulling my leg! Your father was the exact same way, and you're the spitting image of the old dog, Mars!
if YES
Sir Kaizel:
Hahaha, I've been expecting you, but you're quite late, Mars. But don't worry about it, lad.
Sir Kaizel:
This is Mars, the lad I was telling you about earlier. Starting today he shall be in the King's employ here at the castle!
Ah, yes. Mars!...The only son of Sir Jiles. Well, boy, you've got quite the pedigree. The blood of heroes courses through your veins!
Sir Kaizel:
Alf!...Alf! Alfred! Are you around?
Yes, right here!
Sir Kaizel:
Can you come over here?
Yes, right away, sir.
Sir Kaizel:
Since I am quite busy as of late, I have asked Alfred to watch over you. You two will be working together. I'm certain you'll make a great team.
Sir Kaizel:
I'm sorry to have kept you waiting. Shall we go see the King?
Nice to meet you, I'm Alfred. ...just signed on here a few months ago, so technically I'm new, too. And you, obviously, are Mars. Don't take this the wrong way, but I was expecting someone much, uh,...larger. Ah well, size is overrated. You and I are gonna make a great team, anyway!
Our night watch doesn't start for awhile. Why don't you take a look around? I'm going to catch some zzz in the Knight's Quarters until then.
end of cut-scene
castle, first floor
Guard outside the west wing:
Oh! ...uh, hi! You kind surprised me. Not many people come this way. I'm s'posed to guard that shrine over there. I think it's a dumb assignment, though. The thing's always locked! I'm pretty sure they smelled my teen spirit when I came on, and gave me this nowhere post to break me!
Guard #1, west wing:
There's a sealed shrine in the middle of West contryard. I wonder what secrets it might hold...
Guard #2, west wing:
Princess Stera's room is in the east wing of the castle. I've voiced my concerns over the lax security in that wing, and I think they're finally listening!
Guard #3, west wing:
Security has been tight lately, expecially near the east tower. They won't even let US enter!
Guard #4, west wing:
The Knight's quarters are located just upstairs from here. Off-duty troops go there to sleep. Unfortunately, it's men only. I've been trying to get my wrench a pass for weeks! But, no go. What a bummer.
Guard at entrance:
There's a commotion near the main gate. It sounds like the Hobbit Elder. But, what could he want?
Guard #1 in main hall:'re a new recruit. Why not test your authority and order the Hobbit Elder away?
Guard #2 in main hall:
The King has declared that he cannot grant you an audience at this time. Please depart at once!
Hobbit Elder:
No! I refuse to leave. I cannot turn my back when the kingdom is in jeopardy! You are aware that the King and I have a long-standing friendship, are you not?
Hobbit Elder:
Then, let me pass! I must see him now!
Like I said, buddy. The King doesn't feel so hot today... come back later.
Hobbit Elder:
Absolutely not! I will not leave the premises until I see the King's face!
Guard #3 in main hall:
The Hobbit Elder refuses to leave until he sees the King in person.
Guard #4 in main hall:
The Hobbit Elder is known as the "Lord of West Odegan," as he heeds a powerful family.
Guard #5 in main hall:
This is the entrance to the Royal Treasury. Unauthorized access is strictly forbidden.
Guard #6 in main hall:
The Royal Treasures are vital to Odegan's security. For that reason, they're stored in a secure area underground. If they were lost, it would be a national disaster!
Man #1 next to main hall:
Odegan's knights are always bragging so much, but their skills have yet to be tested in battle. I wonder if they can fight?
Man #2 next to main hall:
Did you hear the conversation between Sir Kaizel and the Chancellor? They say Princess Satera lies in bed all day and won't wake up!
Cook #1:
I love to hear the princess sing in the morning, as she picks flowers in the garden court. That's why I've been wondering why she stopped doing it a few days ago. Is she all right?
Cook #2:
The King normally has a voracious appetite, but today he just sniffed my souffle! I present a luscious, mouth-watering souffle before him, expecting him to dig right in, and he sniffs it, pokes it, and pushes it away like a courting maiden!
Scholar in library:
I'm well versed in the loe of all Palacia, and yet, I've never heard of this "Sleeping Sickness". I suspect that Princess Satera is fine...and the King is using her "illness" to hide something!
Book #1:
Ancient Shrines
Book #2:
You can make very effective use of the Stone Shoes by jumping in place. If this is done over weakened floors, it will break them. They can also be used to move large objects with ease, just by kicking them!
Book #3:
The Elves most basic Slumber Spell can be countered with the Vigilance Spall. It's a magical stone that has been kept by the Elves for many centuries.
Book #4:
What does the protected chest of treasure in the center of the Sand Labyrinth contain? If one considers the layout of the dungeon, the way to get inside the walls will become clear.
Book #5:
What's the best strategy to defeat the Cumulus Monster? When it's high in the air, run under it quickly. When it's low, attack it in haste!
Book #6:
The stone statues are linked. If you move one stone statue at the Royal Crypt, another might move as well!
Book #7:
Discover the secret of the Wonder Mirror! A hidden mirror in the Fire Labyrinth can be combined with another to open a hideen door!
Book #8:
The combination of Stone Shoes and Blast Magic has been proven to fell stubborn walls.
Book #9:
The Fairies of Gudo are renowned tricksters. They rarely show their true selves to humans. They usually don [sic!] clever disguises.
Book #10:
Those that have faced the Killer Cactus say that the best method of defeating it is this
Book #11:
The Hercules Glove can prove to be a boon to expeditionists! It can be used to throw statues, bombs, and even volcanic bombs!
Book #12:
The Hobbits live in the western region of Odegan. Their home is across the great river, between the Millenial Tree and Water Labyrinth.
Book #13:
In the cave of Gudo, it is advantageous to examine the floor very carefully.
Book #14:
The treasured item of the Sand Labyrinth has many uses. However, it is most useful in areas that have large regions of sand. It can even enable the user to go UNDER walls!
Book #15:
Within the Mystic Woods there is a long-forgotten treasure of great value. It is a magic Hand that will allow the user to grab things that were formerly ungrabbable! It's supposed to be a fantastic on dates...
Book #16:
Life Stock vessels sore life independant of a person's Life Gauge. When you are about to perish, the Life Stock will refill the Life Gauge automatically. However, the only way to replendish Life Stock is to sleep.
Book #17:
Though thought to be annoying by some, turtles can be very useful to any adventurer. A flipped over turtles will slide far when pushed, and not stop until they reach a hole.
second floor
Guard, east wing:
The princess is very friendly, and she always has a kind word for me when she passes. Unfortunately, I haven't seen her for quite a few days. There's a nothing wrong with her, is there?
Guard, west wing:
Sir Kaizel tightened security and posted guards in strange places. I mean, this post is bad enough, but I really feel bad for the dolt posted in the royal privy. He has GOT to be hating life, especially with the slog through next to his post...
Woman outside Satera's room:
Pricess Satera's room lies beyond this door. I am allowed to let no man pass this threshold. Please show your respect for the King and turn back.
Woman #1, throne room:
Oh my! I didn't even know you were there! Whooo! You gave me a start!! Yes, yes...I'm certain you want to see the King. It seems everyone does right now. I'm afraid I can't allow that. he's canceled all audiences until further notice.
Woman #2, throne room:
I can't bear seeing the King like this. Haven't you heard? He is so distraught over the situation with Satera that he's not eating!
Woman #3, throne room:
I heard the Black Elf Pazort is responsible for the King's terrible condition. They say that Pazort has roamed this land for centuries. Have you heard of him?
Woman #4, throne room:
The King was really looking forward to seeing his Hobbit friends. I just don't understand why his attitude suddenly changed!
Man #1, throne room:
This is all so very worrisome! I have never seen the King in this stage of upset! I wonder what could have caused it?
Man #2, throne room:
Pazort's goal is to rule the entire Kingdom of Odegan. He scoffs at the weak forces the King has chosen to protect the land. I'm becoming very afraid...
Man #3, throne room:
Keeping the Hobbit delegation and the King apart is part of Pazort's plan...I just know it!
Man #4, throne room:
Have you happened to see Bouchvurm, the castle Scholar? He left almost three days ago to seek a cure for Sleeping Sickness, and hasn't been seen since! I'm becoming worried!
Guard #1 outside throne room:
Beyond this point lies the King's audience chamber. Even we guards are not permitted to enter without proper clearance. Soooo, if you figured out the point of my little diatribe, you'll just head right back to your post.
Guard #2 outside throne room:
Look buddy, I feel for you, I really do. being a new recruit and all, you're probably hot to see the King in all his splendor. Today's a really bad idea. Better stick it on the "to do" list and save it for another day.
Sleeping quarters
Man in bed #1:
Mmmm...Zzz......oh...Umi..Umi my...darling....oohhh...yeahhhh...Zzz...
Man in bed #2:
*snort*...L....leave me a.......alone. Can't you...see...I'm....sleeping?
Man at table:
Ah, I see you found the Knights' Quarters. This is where all the off-duty guards come to sleep.
Zzzz... Zzzz...
Zzzz...Wha...Oh, it's you, Mars. If you've already looked around the castle, why not catch 40 winks, eh? Whatever you do, make sure you're bright-eyed for our watch, okay?
Man at table, sleeping quarters (second time):
Say, aren't you, Mars? Alfred gave me a full report on your current duty. Glad to have you with us! If you want to catch a bit of shuteye, feel free to commandeer any empty bed in here.
When stepping into the bed)
Mars, do you want to take a nap here until your watch begins?
If yes, next chapter.