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Shining Wisdom
USA Version Script
The First Night
Script typed up by: SilverShadow
Script typed up by: Magnus Andersson
Ohhh... I'm so sleepy today! Is it just me, or are you sleepy too, Mars?
if NO
Mars, you're truly extraordinary! I can see how you could be the son of the great Dragon-slayer, Sir Jiles.
if YES
Whew! For a minute there, I thought I was the only one. I bet it's this creepy fog......Know any show tunes, by chance? I find they help me stay..a..wake...
Man, Mars! I am absolutely exhausted! I cannot even keep my eyes propped open!
Say, will you do me a favor? Can you keep watch while I steal few winks?...Just a very few,...I promise.
if YES
Um? Really? You certainly are bred from a generous stock, Mars.
I...promise it'll only be...a...short...nap....Zzzzzzz....
if NO
Mmmm...yes....Well, I suppose you're right, wise Son of Jiles. That probably isn't a good idea.
I know we're not supposed to sleep...while on duty...b...but... I'm so...tired...I'm terribly sorry, Mars. Right or wrong, I simply must close my eyes for...just......a minute.
Mmmm...let me...sleep...a lil......little longer...
Alfred falls asleep. A figure goes into the crypt
inside the crypt
when reciving the Vigilance Spall
Wow! I know what this is! It's an Elf Vigilance Spall! But, I wonder why he left it in this chest? Hmmm...
Well, one thing's certain. I'm not attempting that jump over this lava flow. Besides, I'd better check on Alfred. I've been gone quite a long time!
outside, next morning
Oooouugggghhh......ahhh! I feel great! What a fantastic nap!
Hey, Mars, what were you doing over by the shrine! Looking for spooks? I daresay you'll be hard-pressed to find any in Odegan. Nothing of note ever happens here...
Guard #1:
Soldier, we have been sent to collect your report on the happenings of last night.
......Uh,...Y..yes, Sir! The night, disturbances,...Sir.
Guard #2:'re certain of that, young man? NOTHING happened on your night watch?
Why...y...yes, Sir! Nothing of import or concern was observed on this watch,...uh...right, Mars?
if NO
What do you mean, Mars? You stated earlier to me, your GOOD friend, that you saw nothing either. You're jesting, RIGHT? (question repeats)
if YES
Hehe...*gulp* uh, see? Just as I said initially. Nothing of import or concern was observed during our watch last night.
Guard #1:
This is fantastic news. The King will be overjoyed to hear this! You must go to his audience chamber at once to tell him what you just told us!
Huh? This news of no import will make the King happen? I...... I'm afraid I don't understand...
Guard #2:
It will all become clear when you arrive....Oh! And you too, Mars. The King will want to see you as well. Be on your way, then! The King awaits....
Thanks for covering me back there, Mars! If the guards knew that I had fallen asleep on my watch, I would have been severely punished! You saved my neck, and I won't soon forget it...but we'd better hurry and go to the King. Follow me!
Boy outside magicians house:
Before the Hobbits left town, I saw them head over this way and pull that disappearing act. I wonder how it's done?!
Magician #1:
Did you know that the Hobbits came here to talk with our covern Elder before they left? I don't know what was said, but it must've been pretty bad. She's been upset ever since they left.
Magician #2:
The Hobbit Elder brought very grave news. He said that someone is trying to revive the Dark Titan to destroy Odegan! The only reason they could want to do that is to gain the royal treasures, but I can't imagine they'd ever go that far!
Magician #4:
The fact that the King has turned back the Hobbit delegation is a very bad omen! A very bad omen indeed...things can only get worse...
Magician #5:
With the son of the Legendary Jiles guarding our kingdom, what do we have to worry about? I have faith in you. You must put faith in yourself. After all, you are our savior.
Man at gate:
If you're still not certain, let me assure you that this IS the town of Odegan. We're located in Odegan kingdom, which is the largest kingdom on the whole continent of Palacia! Any questions? Good...I thought not.
Old man outside inn:
One of the Elves seemed to have been out all night. He returned to the inn very early this morning. Strange people, those Elves...never can tell what they're up to, you know?
The Hobbits and the Elder left to return to their village this morning. I felt so bad for them. I mean, the King was just flat-out rude not to see them!
Woman at inn:
Boy, can those Hobbits drink! They were hitting the sauce in here until the wee hours! One thing I did notice that was kind of strange, though...There was only one Elf. The Elf woman was here, but the man was nowhere in sight!
Man! What a little party we had goin' here last night! Good ale! Great song! Dulled senses! What more could anyone ask? I hope the Hobbits come back soon!
Man in northeast corner:
I'm beginning to think that I'll never find the way into this magic house! It's just plain depressing!
Man at fountain:
There is a rumour in town that things are out of control in the castle! Please tell me it's not true!
Woman at fountain:
I heard that the western district where the Hobbits live is more dangerous than here. Lately, I find it hard to believe! I'm scared witless here almost every night nowadays!
Woman outside church:
Last night I saw an Elf wandering around about midnight. At the time, I didn't think anything of it...But now, the castle is rumoured to have problems with Elven Magic! It just makes me think that the Elf I saw was out for more than a midnight stroll...
Guard #1, main gate:
I'm certain that there were Elves in the delegation that came with the Hobbits. I mention that because we don't often see Elves and Hobbits together in this part of the Realm. The sight just sorta stuck in my mind, ya know?
Guard #2, main gate:
I was dreading the return of that irate Hobbit Elder and his cronies this morning! But I was thrilled to hear that they shipped out this morning! No more hassles...hooray!
Guard #1, west gate:
After the Elves left, I learned that the castle was abuzz with rumours of Elven Slumber Magic being used! I bet I know who did it!
Guard #2, west gate:
Odegan used to be such a quiet little town. The recent surge in bizarre occurrences has me worried! Perhaps the hag in the square was right! Maybe we are *gasp*...doomed!
first floor
Guard at west entrance:
*yawn* For all the sleeping we did around here last night, you'd think we'd feel rested. The strange thing is, I'm more tired than ever...
Man at table:
Last night, during my watch, I suddenly became very, very sleepy. I wonder if that girl slipped me a mickey...
Guard #1, west wing:
Suddenly...a thick fog game and BLAM!...The next thing I know, I'm face-down, droolin' in the daisy bad! talk about embarrassing!
Guard #2, west wing:
Everyone was teasing us because we fell asleep at our posts last night. It was the weirdest sensation...But, you can hear about it another time. I hear the King is waiting to see you. You'd better get up there!
Guard #3, west wing:
Maybe the cooks are asleep. We've been standing here for what seems like forever, and yet, the table remains bare...
Guard #4, west wing:
When the Chancellor and Sir Kaizel found out that all the guards in the west wing fell asleep...Whew! They were fit to be TIRED! I've never seen them so upset.
Guard outside west wing:
Hey, Mr. Wonderful...I hear your the King's new golden child. Is it true?
Guard #1, main hall:
I'm glad that incident with the Hobbit Elder is over! I feel sorry for the knights at the main gate...
Guard #2, main hall:
Oh...that, huh? That lousy Hobbit Elder gave me this shiner when I tried to make him leave. But, he has one to match, as a "parting gift" from me! got me in hot water with the King, but it was worth it.
Guard #3, main hall:
Did you hear about the block eye the other guard got from the Hobbit Elder? Man, that old cuss has a great left jab!
Guard #4, main hall:
Everything's turned upside-down these past few days. First the scuffle with the Hobbit Elder, and now half the guards fall asleep simultaneously at their posts! I'm tellin' ya, it's gotta be Elf Magic.
Guard #5, main hall:
I heard about all the guards falling asleep in the west wing. Too bad I wasn't there! I would have shown them how a REAL man withstands sleep magic!
Guard #6, main hall:
I heard Elf sleep magic is powerful. Despite what dum-dum over there says, I don't think anyone can resist it.
Man #1 next to main hall:
I saw that creepy fog rolling in late last night before I went to bad. The weird part was, it was only over the west side of the castle! It seems like Elf Magic, if you ask me...
Man #2 next to main hall:
I heard the news about the guards on the west side of the castle. Weird, eh?
Guard in garden:! Just because I fell asleep on my wathc last night, they put me on duty again! I mean, MAN! It wasn't even my fault! I can't possibly defend myself from that Elf voodoo crap! Talk about unfair...
Cook #1:
Food! Food! Food! All enyone ever asks about in here is FOOD! Well, I say, "What about me? What about MY needs? I'm not just a freakin' food dispenser! I'm a human being. You know, flesh...blood...feelings!...Ring a bell?"
Cook #2:
You say you're hungry? I'm sorry, all the food is gone. Perhaps next time you'll be on time for breakfast! Now...Shoo!...Shoo I say!
Scholar in library:
Hmm...this is very curious. I checked all the books here and could find nothing on a Sleeping Sickness. I certainly hope the Princess gets well soon! *sigh* I'm trying my best to find a cure.
Second floor
Guard, east wing:
You know, I'm really starting to worry about Princess Stera! She should be out and about by now! If anything's happened to her, I'll never forgive myself!
Guard, west wing:
After I heard about the fearsome fog that caused the western guard to fall into a deep sleep, I began to think that a nowhere position like this was probably a pretty good thing...
Woman outside Satera's room:
I know you've been here for at least a day. Are you a half-wit, or just very persistant? In any case, you should know by now that Princess Satera's room is off-limits. Please leave.
Man in bed #1, sleeping quarters:
Mmmm...Zzz......oh...Babb......Babbette my... ...darling...fog......princess...oohhhh...
Man in bed #2, sleeping quarters:
*snort*...oomh gumm ONN! canjaa give...uh hard worrrkin......guy...a......liddle peace?
Man at table, sleeping quarters:
These guards were some of the ones affected by the Sleep Magic. You'd think they would have had their fill of sleep after last night, but here they are. Talk about a wasted day!
Woman #1, throne room:
Ahh...this must be your first time being called for a formal audience. I know that because you obviously don't know that the formal entrance is to the south. You wouldn't want to breach royal protocol with an improper entrance, now would you?
Woman #2, throne room:
The Chancellor and everyone else are gathered at the King's throne waiting for you, Mars. You'd better light a fire under your boots and join them. It's not wise to keep the King waiting!
Woman #3, throne room:
I imagined that the person who can withstand Sleeping Magic would be big and brawny. And then, you come along and blow the fantasy. Thanks a lot!
Woman #4, throne room:
Ah, I bet you're Mars! You've got that "lost puppy" look in your eyes! The King has been asking where you are, and he is getting more upset by the minute. Hurry to him!
Guard #1, throne room:
Mars, you are cleared to proceed. but first, may I ask you something? I heard you can resist Elf Magic. Is that true? And, if so, what is your secret?
Guard #2, throne room:
Ahem. What excuse have you got for keeping Your Majesty waiting? You should count it as quite an honor to gain an audience with the King so early in life. Instead, you keep him waiting. The nerve!
Man #1, throne room:
I bet you're Mars! You're the one everyone's talking about! I heard you've the mental fortitude to resist the Sleeping Magic of the Elves! Is it true?!!
Man #2, throne room:
The King really perked up when he heard about what you did! you'd better hurry and see him. He's becoming rather impatient!
Man #3, throne room:
I'm certain that your lineage has granted you the strength to withstand the Elf Magic. Sir Jiles was a great man, and you, too seem to be bound for greatness.
Man #4, throne room:
I have faith in Mars. But, I have some serious reservations about the reliability of Alfred. He seems like the slacker type, don't you think?
If what Alfred said is true, you two show a lot of promise for new recruits. Proceed in to your audience with the King!
Sir Kaizel:
I heard that even after the spell was cast, you continued guarding? Well done, Mars!
cut-scene in throne room
King Ulrich:
...then, you're absolutely certain that nothing out of the ordinary happened on your watch?
King Ulrich:
But, how can that be when the other guards at the west gate were overcome by Elven Magic?
Sir Kaizel:
Your Majesty, may I suggest that perhaps this guard has an immunity to Elven Magic...
King Ulrich:
I don't's all very suspicious. The only thing I know for certain is that I must have more security! There must be no more mistakes!
Sir Kaizel:
Yes, Yes...well then, step forward boy and let me have a look at you!
King Ulrich: you are Mars, eh? I've been quite anxious to meet you.
Sir Kaizel:
Well, Majesty, what do you think of our newest recruit?
King Ulrich:
Hmm...yes, Kaizel, it's just as you said. He is the mirror's image of Sir Jiles!
King Ulrich:
It's been 10 years since that Black Day when the Dragon attacked. And yet, it's strange to look at this boy. It's as if Jiles has returned to rescue Odegan yet once more.
Let me fill you in on why you were called before us. Last night, we had a serious breech of security. On the west side of the castle, all the guards were found asleep!
Sir Kaizel:
And to make matters worse, when they were queried, each had no idea how it happened. The only constant was that each cited a strange fog that came across the castle... It seems as if it's the work of the Elves...
That blasted Black Elf! First he curses the Princess, and now THIS...
King Ulrich:
Chancellor! That's quite enough!
I'm sorry, Sire...I've spoken out of turn. You have my humblest apology.
Sir Kaizel:
Now then, Mars! You were unaffected by this attack of Elf magic, correct?
if NO
Sir Kaizel:
Hmmm...that's peculiar. Alfred said that both of you were unaffected. Isn't that the truth?
(question repeats)
if YES
King Ulrich:
Ahhh...this is good news indeed!
Sir Kaizel:
Your Majesty, I recommend that we promote both of them to the elite guard.
Sir Kaizel:
Mars and Alfred! As of tonight, you are hereby promoted to the elite castle guard. As such, you will be assigned to guard the Princess with your very lives.
Sir Kaizel:
The fates of the Princess and our great Kingdom of Odegan are intertwined. Keep her safe at all costs, understood? There is no more important duty in all the land. You mustn't make even the slightest error. I suggest you get some rest so that you're fresh for tonight. Good Luck!
King Ulrich:
I'm sure you two are more than a little surprised at this turn of events, please don't disappoint me.
H...hey, Mars, thanks for saving my lying butt back there. However, now that I prevaricated in the extreme, we're assigned to a guard duty that we can't possibly fulfill! If there's another attack and we've overcome by a sleep spell, Satera will be in danger, and... ...ohhhh...I'm getting nauseous. Perhaps sleep will help...then we can figure this all out tonight...
end of cut-scene
The King and Sir Kaizel are far too easy on you and Alfred. But, don't worry. I won't let up on you until I trust you completely!
Sir Kaizel:
Come now, Mars! I've risked my neck by giving you a glowing recommendation to the King. If you don't get som sleep so you're fresh for tonight, you're going to let us all down! I don't wish to see that happen, understood?
Oh, it's all my fault that we're in this terrible predicament! And beautiful Satera...She's the one suffering the most from Pazort's foul hand! However, I must remember, regardless of what happens, I cannot give in to Pazort!...for that would surely mean ruin for our entire world!
Woman #1, throne room:
Odegan Castle is the largest residence in the entire Kingodm. it's very easy to get lost in here.
Woman #2, throne room:
I'm impressed that you're taking your new assignment seriously by interviewing maids. However, don't you think your time would be better spent resting up for tonight's watch?
Woman #4, throne room:
Did your grandparents teach you nothing of etiquette and manners? It's generally considered a breach of protocol to proposition the royal maids after an audience! At you age, you should know that!
Man #2, throne room:
I'm afraid that all information regarding the condition of the Princess is strictly confidential. What? You've been appointed to guard the Princess? Well then, perhaps Sir Kaizel will fill you in...
Man #3, throne room:
I believe the strength of your lineage is what gave you the power to resist the Slumber Magic. Everyone says that Sir Jiles was the strongest warrior in history. Now, I'm beginning to believe it.
Guard #2 outside throne room:
Even though you are the son of Sir Jiles, I would not have thought you'd meet the King so soon. I have yet to gain a formal audience...I hate you sooo much...
Man in Bed's Kingroom:
I feel nothing but sorrow for the King's condition. He sobs and calls the name of his precious Satera in his sleep. Last night, he awoke in a cold sweat screaming Pazort's name. I'm simply beside myself with worry. And yet, there is nothing I can do.
Scholar in King's bedroom:
I hold that cretin Pazort is nothing but utter contempt. He is so low as to imprison the Princess in eternal sleep to force the King to bend to his will. And noew, the only thing that saves the princess from being consumed by evil is her Royal Tiara. As long as it remains on her head she cannot be fully controlled by the Black Elf's fearsome magic.
Book #1:
Legend of the war for Palacia! Puck & the Granseal Force fought against the impossible odds to stop the revival of Mage Zhaion!
Book #2:
The multi-colored Rainbow Ray can be reflected with magic! Simply use Freeze magic to reflect it back!
Book #3:
The best offense when fighting a chain-wielding opponent is to jump and slash. Jump when the chain appraoches and slash the opponent as soon as you land.
Book #4:
What lies Beyond the Beyond? No one knows, for the journey is fraught with boredom and mind-numbing despair. Even the most enthusiastic adventures became tepid and abandoned the quest.
Book #5:
Though there are several swords of note scattered throughout the kingdom of Odegan, the Shining Sword is the most desirable. The guardian grants its use to brave Knights rising to save the world from disaster.
Book #6:
....Long the bane of a royal life, excessive weight gain can now be controlled. "Royal Aerobics" is a boon to any blueblood with an expanding realm! This informative, step-by-step guide is a must for royals with a kingly appetite for life!
Book #7:
Pleasing your Master - A concubine's guide to life
Book #8:
Princess Satera is the first royal in the Odegan family to capture the hearts of the villagers in years. Each of her 17 years of life have been carefully documented, and in painstaking detail!
Book #9:
Only the bravest of the brave can hope to attain the Shining Sword. To gain it, one must master the magic of all four elements. Only then will the entrance to the Light Labyrinth appear.
Guard #1 on roof:
I've heard talk amongst the townspeople that the Black Elf Pazort is behind these weird events. Yjey say he's targeted our kingdom for destruction! I certainly hope it's not true!
Guard #2 on roof:
If the Black Elf was behind last night's events, why'd he go to all the trouble? Nothing was stolen...
Guard #3 on roof:
I hear all this talk of Black Elves and conspiracies flying all around, and I think, "Hey, it's not your problem, guy. Let theworriers take care of it!". So that's what I'm doing...just soakin' up the rays on this completely bodacious day!
Guard #4 on roof:
Yesterday there was quite a commotion at the castle when the Hobbit Elder arrived. But, he must have left, because it's quiet today...
Guard #5 on roof:
Earlier, everyone was wanddering around scratchinng their heads over what happened last night. I say, send for the Hermit of the Millenial Tree. He's supposedly able to undo magic!
Guard #6 on roof:
I was really quite afraid to take this duty, since I'm terrified of heights. But, at least I wasn't one of those poor slobs who fell asleep on the west side!
Guard #7 on roof:
Am I lucky or what? I'm guarding the tower to the Princess' room. Ohh, I want to see the Princess so badly...
Guard #8 on roof:
This poor schmuck! He's completely in gaga land for the princess. The really sad part is that he doesn't realize he has absolutely no chance of wooing her. I mean, he's definately a witless would-be-wooer. but, I guess ignorance is bliss...
Alfred, sleeping quarters:
Oh...Mars, what are you doing still up? You'd better get some sleep. I have a feeling my little lie has us in over our heads. We need to be as alert as possible tonight! I'm going back to sleep...Zzzz...
Man at table, sleeping quarters:
I heard from Alfred that you were both appointed to the elite guard. You'd better get some rest. Use any free bed to catch a few winks.