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Shining Wisdom
USA Version Script
Gudo Valley
Script typed up by: SilverShadow
Script typed up by: Magnus Andersson
Man at gate:
I'm certain you've figured it out by now, but this is the town of Odegan. It is the central trade point for the continent of Palacia.
Boy at magicians house:
Hey, mister, tell me somethin'. Who is this Black Elf Pazort, an' why would he want to attack the castle? C'mon, you can tell me. I'm big enough to know! After all, I'm ten and a half next week!
Magician #1:
Pazort's is trying to get the Orb that the King has. It restains the Elemnetals. I also have heard that the Orb grants the bearer special magical powers!
Magician #2:
All the labyrinths are located in the western district, except for the Sand Labyrinth, which holds the Earth Elemental. That's to the south.
Magician #3:
Legend speaks of the Earth Elemntal being contained within the Pyre Coliseum. I believe that horrid place lies within the bowels of the Sand Labyrinth.
Magician #4:
Say, Mars, I heard you may be headed to Gudo Valley. Is that true?
Options YES - No
If yes
Magician #4:
To make the impasse passable, you must obtain one treasure from the Valley. But, you must also gain a treasure from the Mystic Wood...mark and remember!!
If no
Magician #4:
Hmmm...darned crystal must be on the fritz again! But hey! Perhaps it's wrong about Pazort's plan to obliterate our world, too. We can always hope...
Magician #5:
Be on guard against Pazort's mutation alchemy. In one is touched by it, they must be taken to the Millenial Tree in the western district to be cured.
Old man outside inn:
If you follow the road on the east side of Odegan all the way north, you'll find a cave which connects the eastern and western districts of the realm.
Woman at inn:
I don't recommend that you go, but to the south is a deset harboring the entrance to the Sand Labyrinth.
I really am missing those darned Hobbits. Funny thing is, I miss little Timmy Benzedrine the most. They sure are a fast crowd....
Man in northeast corner:
Hey there....Mars, isn't it? I heard you rescued the Princess from Pazort and his corhorts. From what I heard, that was a mighty fine piece of adventuring. Did the princess reward you? .........*wink*...
Man at fountain:
I was actually a bit taken aback by the news that there was a battle at Odegan Castle. Considering they were up against Pazort's goons, I'm really proud of how well our soldiers handled it.
Woman at fountain:
You know, word in the town square has it that one of Pazort's minions was here just last night! They say the Princess was kidnapped! Isn't that awful? I mean, I heard the western district was angerous, but it seems to be getting bad here, too!
Girl (blond):
If you go out through the town gate and head north along the river, you'll find the Gudo Valley on your right and the Mystic Wood on your left.
Girl (red):
You know, I heard the Princess was kidnapped by Bangar, then rescued by a Prince. Oh, why can't I ever meet a dashing Prince who'll sweep me off my feet? It's not fair...
Woman outside church:
Yeah, yeah...The princess was kidnapped, and a hero arrived to rescue her just in the nick of time...Isn't this story getting a bit tired? ...Hello? Mr. Miyamoto? Can you please give the world a different plot to duplicate ad naseum?
Guard #1, main gate:
The Hobbits left for the western district, and should be back in their village by now. They don't even know what happened at the castle.
Guard #2, main gate:
Were those Black Elves next to the Hobbits? Nah, I don't think so. But who were they?
Guard #1, west gate:
Hey, Mars, I heard you were promoted to the King's elite guard. Is that true?
Options YES - NO
If yes
Guard #1, west gate:
Whew! Talk about your fast track to the top. You've sure got a plum assignment! Maybe I'll make it someday. But, at least I won't have to trade on the reputation of my dad to make it like SOME people.
If no
Guard #1, west gate:, ...I guess my source was a bit on the flaky side, eh? I thought he probably was. I can't imagine you making it that far so fast...
Guard #2, west gate:
I don't know who leaked it, but everyone and his brother knows what happened in the castle! I'm getting really tired of saying "No comment".
first floor
Guard outside west gate:
I was glad to hear that the weird events have let up, but I wonder why security was tightened?
Guard #1, west wing:
I wonder if Mist Magic was used? I saw a myseriious fog before I got put to sleep.
Guard #2, west wing:
Hrmph! While you were out gallivanting around, I was knocked out and hit my head! Sleep magic bites!
Guard #3, west wing:
I can't believe that a simpy little runt like you was able to rount the Black Elf Pazort. I think it all to be some sort of clever ruse on your part, you little toady....and no, I am NOT jealous.
Guard #4, west wing:
If you are promoted because of your distinguished service, please don't forget those of us mindlessly toiling away in lowly peon-land.
Guard #5, west wing:
I can't believe Pazort had the nerve to actually snatch the Princess from the castle itself! he's getting bolder with each attack!
Guard at west entrance:
Thanks to you, Mars, peace has been restored to Odegan. Now that you've shown all of us up, I'll probably never get promoted.
Guard #1, main hall:
This is a strange land. It's riddled with secret caves and passages. Once, I was clearing brush around the castle, and I found one under a tree I burned down!
Guard #2, main hall:
It's incredible that Pazort was able to put an entire castle to sleep with just one spell. His magic must be incredibly powerful!
Guard #3, main hall:
Since the castle is now safe, I have time to search for treasure, I heard you can find things, if you just dig holes in the ground.
Guard #4, main hall:
Just because you drove away the Black Elf doesn't mean that all is well. Call me a fatalist, but I don't think we've seen the last of him and his croies.
Guard #5, main hall:
You're saying that we were all put to sleep? Yeah, right. All that I know is that the treasures I'm guarding are still here safe.
Guard #6, main hall:
It's difficult to explain exactly what it feels like to be put to sleep. Actually, I wouldn't mind trying it again some time.
Man #1 next to main hall:
Mars, you had "winner" written all over you the first time we met. Looks like you're on your way!
Man #2 next to main hall:
I was quite surprised to hear of your rather sudden promotion, but it seems you've earned it. Byt he way, if you need assistance in your adventuring for the King, stop by the magician's house...The place is packed with nutty chicks, but they really can be quite helpful at times.
Guard in garden:
If you rescued the Princess, how come she came to the castle alone? Hmmmm?
Cook #1:
Now that the King's appetite has returned to normal, there is lots of cooking to do!
Cook #2:
Mars! How do you manage to do it? I heard of your exploits last night! Driving away Pazort and saving the Princess in one fell swoop! YOu are the MAN!
Scholar in library:
Mars, your excellent work is greatly appreciated. Thanks to you, the Princess is awake, and I can return to my experiments.
second floor
Guard, east wing:
I heard the Princess was in bed all this time because of the curse Pazort placed on her. I hope she's okay...
Guard, west wing:
I hear the most recent ghastly deeds have been the work of the Black Elf! I also heard that you took care of it, right?
Man in bed #1, sleeping quarters:
Unghh...*snort*...knock! Can't you just leave a guy alone?!! ..Zzzz...
Man in bed #2, sleeping quarters:
Mmmm...Zzz......oh...Rumi...Rumi my... ...darling....oohhh...yeahhhh...Zzz...
Alfred, sleeping quarters:
Mars! I heard that you rescued the Princess from the Black Elf. Congratulations!
Man at table, sleeping quarters:
Alfred is in bed, brooding over missing out on his big chance to be promoted again. I feel for the poor kid. The other knights have taken to calling him "candy pants". I'm not certain what it means, but it's gotta be hurting the poor guy's ego...
Woman in Satera's room:
Oh my, Balck Elves, kidnappings, deathly fogs...I'm afraid there's too much to worry about lately...I'm just glad the princess is still safe after all this...
Guard #1 outside throne room:
I heard the Royal Crypt is a scary place pitted with millions of traps. I'd like to know how you made it out of there alive!
Guard #2 outside throne room:
The one behind all the weird happenings lately was the Black Elf Pazort? ......and you're trying to tell me you defeated him by yourself, Mars? ...shyeah...right! Sir Mars is not only a Knight, but asprises to be a court jester as well...
Man #1, throne room:
Well, well...if it isn't the newly Knighted Sir Mars, defender of all ODegan, and champion of tardiness...YOu certainly have made a practice of keeping the King waiting, haven't you?
Man #2, throne room:
It's amazing that someone as young as yourself was able to overcome Pazort! You must have inherited your father's legendary battle skills.
Man #3, throne room:
The fact that odegan's forcers were shown to be vulnerable worries the King.
Man #4, throne room:
Mars, soon after you arrived, you were able to meet the King, gain his favor, and perform deeds that bards will sing of for ages. What are you going to do next? Be honest...Are you considering a Disneyland endorsement?
Woman #1, throne room:
Oh my...oh''s you, Sir Mars! Oh please... ..stop....I'm gonna faint!
Woman #2, throne room:
Oh...Sir Mars, you honor me with your attention! I heard how you swooped in and rescued the Princess from the clutches of evil. It's all just! *sigh*...
Woman #3, throne room:
Even though there were many guards on duty in the castle, all feel victim to the spell. It was a sad testament to the strength and effectiveness of Odegan's military might.
Woman #4, throne room:
Isn't that Black Elf Pazort the same as the famous wizard of Palacia? He seems pretty weak compared to everything I heard about him...
I still can't believe that you managed to defeat the Black's simply astounding. Pazort is one of the most feared wizards ever to room the land. I cannot believe that he could be broken by one so inexperienced as yourself. I fear that he has simply played you for a fool by taking his untimely demise at your hand.
Satera (fake):
Pazort blackmailed poor daddy by placing a curse on my soul. He hoped that my father would surrender the Orb to release the spell from me. I think father might have given in, had you not come along and saved the day, Mars.
Sir Kaizel:
Well done Mars! I heard the story from the Princess. The first thing you should do is speak with the King.
Man in King's bedroom:
Sir Mars, have you seen the King yet? Ever since Satera returned, he's been oh-so-much happier.
Scholar in King's bedroom:
Now that the Princess is returned to us, it's as if a great weight has been lifted!
cut-scene, in the throne room
King Ulrich:
Is it true?! Mars is here! Great! ... Please come forward!
King Ulrich:
I heard the story from Satera. Mars, your deeds were honorable and courageous!
That barbaric Black Elf! How dare he attempt to kidnap the Princess, and hold all of Odegan hostage with his spells!
King Ulrich:
If Satera had been taken from me, I would have sacrificed peace in the kingdom to make certain she was returned safely. Fortunately, that catastrophe has been averted, thanks to Mars!
Sir Kaizel:
Yes, Mars, we have been told of your bravery in battling Pazort's minions. In just a short time, you have distinguished yourself as rightful heir to Sir Jiles.
Satera (fake):
Oh father, Mars' rescue was a dream come true! Just as I began to fear for my very life, he stepped from the shadows to save me!
Satera (fake):
You must reward him for defeating that terrible Black Elf!
King Ulrich:
Mmm....yes, yes, of course, ...of course......a reward. I was thinking just that!
King Ulrich:
In recognition of your service to the Kingdom of Odegan in its greatest hour of need, I hereby bestow upon you the rank of "Knight!"
Sir Kaizel:
Mars, as a Knight, you have risen to the highest rank in the land. You are above even our elite guard. From now on, your only duty is to serve and protect the honor of Odegan. This post shall bring a great many adventures your way.
Satera (fake):
Father!...I mean, Your Majesty ......what's his first quest?
King Ulrich:
Ah...ahem. Mars, your first quest is to journey to Gudo Valley. You must find the Fairy who lives there. To find her, you must solve the riddle of the valley.
King Ulrich:
Take the key within this chest. It will allow you to gain entrance to the labyrinth. Good Luck, and godspeed!
end of cut-scene
Pazort sought to revive the Dark Titan with the magic Orbs. Luckily, his plan was foiled! Your father, Swordsman Jiles, grew strong by seeking danger. I'm anticipating your growth.
after the boss is beaten in Gudo valley)
I knew you would come! You, the one true of heart.
Old woman:
I have called Gudo my home for many years. No one from Odegan has ventured this far into the cave since Sir Jiles.
Old woman:
That's right, Mars. The battle between your father and the Dragon began here. Apparently, Odegan's King was wise enough to tell you to start your adventure here.
Old woman:
Ha ha ha, I'm sure you're probably more than a little confused at the moment, right? I mean, you were told to seek the Fairy of the Valley, and you get me, instead. Don't fret, Mars. You have come to exactly the right place.
Old woman:
"Ah!", you say, "but you are not the Fairy!" He he not let your eyes shield the truth from your heart, young Mars. Perhaps the one you seek has this appearance...
No? Well then, perhaps this?
Ah! How about this?
Or, maybe even......this!
Gudo Valley Fairy:
You see, Mars? Your eyes deceived you! Remember this lesson...
Gudo Valley Fairy:
But now, we must get down to business. The kingdom of Odegan is in far more danger than I suspected at first. Gudo Valley Fairy
The King is a smart man, but even he would not suspect his very daughter of being a traitor. I'm cer:
Gudo Valley Fairy:
Since he will no doubt have you committed if you claim his daughter to be an impostor, you must find the true Princess and present her to him as soon as possible. Only then will he understand what has truly happened. Pazort has turned the real Princess to a swan, and she is wandering the Mystic Wood.
Gudo Valley Fairy:
Go now, brave one...but take this. With it, you can talk to the Trents to gain information. Once you have recovered the Princess, take her to the Millennial tree. The hermit there has the knowledge to return her to her normal state again.