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Shining Wisdom
USA Version Script
Sand, Water & Jump Labyrinth
Script typed up by: SilverShadow
Script typed up by: Magnus Andersson
When entering the Sand Labyrinth
"Seek statues long hidden, and doors long closed will open..."
When entering the boss room
Ahh...Mars! Looks like the hero of our little morality play has finally arrived!
Pity that you're too late to make a difference! The Earth Elemntal has already been released! Hahaha!
I know how this must wreak havoc on that little Jiles Jr. ego growing inside you, but there was really no way to avoid it. Oh, and if you're thinking of trying to attack me...don't. You'll just embarrass yourself.
Besides, I don't have time to swat mosquitoes today. No, I must be off to Hobbit Village. If you wish to die, perhaps I can find the time to kill you there, IF you survive...
For you see, this Coliseum is guarded by a giant Sand Worm. I've taken the liberty of giving it the Earth Orb to guard, now that the Earth Elemental is free. I've also informed it you wish to steal the Orb. So long....worm bair! Hah...Hah...Hah...Hah!
back in town, after the Sand Labyrinth
Man at gate:
Do you feel it, Sir Mars? The ground is trembling. It feels as if an immense force is struggling to break out from the very ground below us!
Magician #1:
I read in a book of legend that the Isle of Light can only be raised if you have 4 Orbs. Of course, they have to be the four Elemental Orbs. They have to be used at the Cape of Twin Peaks...but that's all I remember...
Magician #2:
Once you've exhausted all paths in the western District, try the Northern Labyrinth on this should open new avenues to you. But I'll stay here to remind you, in case you forget this little advice...
Magician #3:
If you have set out to recover the Elemental Orbs, listen to me carefully. Once you obtain the Freeze Orbs, you can freeze any place with shallow water. It will erase what erre formerly impassable obstacles...
Magician #4:
now that the earth Elemental has been released, new evil arises from every crevice!! If, by chance, you encounter the Lily Pads of Sudden Discomfort, use Spark Magic. I have found that to ward them off quite effectively...
Magician #5:
If you haven't figured it out by now, equipping an Elemental Orb gives you new magic. Exactly which magic you get depends on what other items you have equipped.
Old man outside inn:
Lately, we've heard a strange rumbling coming from deep within the ground below. That, coupled with the fact that our soldiers haven't returned has me very worried.
Woman at inn:
This infernal shaking has made more than its share of winos this week...
All this shaking is making me the unwilling captain of the Good Ship Yak Yak. I've been blowin' doughnuts since morning...please find a way to stop the ride, Mars!
Man in norteast corner:
Representatives of the King cannot explain these terible tremors we are experiencing. But then again, I can't explain why the lack of a door on that house fascinates me so. Hmm, I guess that makes us about even...
Woman at fountain:
I haven't really let all this ground-shaking get to me. In fact, I think it's actually helping me shed unwanted pounds!
Woman outside church:
Do you remember an old lady who babbled of ill omens in the town square a while ago?
Options YES-NO
If yes
Woman outside church:
It's too bad we didn't listen to her then. It seems as if her insane ramblings were true!
If no
Woman outside church:
Not many people do, but it's too bad. She may have known how to stop this ground from shaking!
Guard at main gate:
There have been no messengers bearing news of our forcers in the western district. I wonder what's happened to them?
Guard at west gate:
Mars, you constantly amaze me! I can't believe that you have returned from the Sand Labyrinth! The last three warriors that entered that accursed pit never returned! The blood of your heroic father runs strong within you, young warrior!
Castle, first floor
Guard outside west wing:
I've gotten used to these freakin' tremors, But the noises coming from the shrine last night have me in a tizzy all over again! That floating voice gives me the creepies every time it wafts in!
Guard #1, west wing:
The western district seems to be the key to stopping all these weird happenings. Maybe you should check it out.
Guard #2, west wing:
I certainly hope the soldiers the King sent to the Western district haven't been..., I shouldn't even think it...
Guard at entrance:
Since the Earth Elemental was freed, the Dark Titan has begun to stir...Everyone is worried about it, though few will admit how much...
Guard #1, main hall:
Mars, weren't you supposed to find a way to stop Pazort? Nice work so far, bud. I mean, at least before we didn't have shaking ground!
Guard #2, main hall:
The kingdom of Odegan has never before faced such a dire fate. I was certain that when our forcers made it to Hobbit Village, things would get better. Now look! They've goten way worse instead!
Guard #3, main hall:
if there's nothing left to guard in the Royal Treasury, what the heck am I doing at this post?
Man #1 next to main hall:
This constant shaking is starting to really get on my nerves. It seems like it's growing stronger by the hour! I fear that the Dark Titan's awakening is upon us!
Man #2 next to main hall:
I'm afraid that the King's pallor is growing worse every day, yet I am powerless to cure him. Hmmm, perhaps the hermit of the Millennial Tree has some insight into a cure...
The King's appetite has shiveled away to almost nothing. I must find some dish to tempt his palate. Any ideas in where I should start looking for recipes?
second floor
Guard, east wing:
All the other guards ar talking about how cool you are. Why can't I be popular? I wanna be popular!
Guard, west wing:
I can't help but feel that there is a major catastrophe rising before us...
Alfred, sleeping quarters:
Mars, I really appreciate the way you take the time to express an interest in people like me. We're all behind you one hundred percent! Go nail Pazort to the wall!
Man in bed, sleeping quarters:
With all the xcitement lately, i forgot to tell you! The other night, I saw a strange light flickering in the west. It could be the Black Elf.
Man at table, sleeping quarters:
Mars, I heard you found an Orb! That means you are able to wield Elemntal Magic!
Oh, Sir Mars, have you really come just to quiet my beating heart and trembling hands? Your kindness is matched only by your bravery. You will defeat Pazort, for I believe in you...
Woman in Satera's room:
Princess Satera worries about you so much, Mars! Some days she just sits by her window, her eyes glistening with tears. It's hard to watch. Please hurry and finsih your quest, for I fear it's the only way she will gain peace of mind...
Guard #1 outside throne room:
Can you do me a favour, Mars? Whe you go to the west, please look for our soldiers and let me know what you find.
Guard #2 outside throne room:
Although I know the Black Elf will not attack us here, I have this creeping nervous feeling...Stupid, huh?
Man #1, throne room:
Despite what Odegan's final fate may be, I have sword to defend the King unto death. On my honor, I will stand by that oath.
Man #2, throne room:
Mars, you mustn't give up! If you give up hope, who can we believe in? You must try to stop Pazort with every ounce of strength remaining within you...
Man #3, throne room:
I wonder what became of the force the King sent out to stop Pazort? We've heard nothing from them since they departed. I'm beginning to worry...
Man #4, throne room:
I used to think the Princess was a kind of porcelain doll, so fragile was her appearance. but after you rescued her, she has shown a strength of character and maturity I've not witnessed before!
Woman #1, throne room:
I wish that I were not just a lowly servant. In times like this, I feel so helpless...
Woman #2, throne room:
You certainly are cute as a button, Sir Mars. I can see why princess Satera has fallen for you.
Woman #3, throne room:
Maybe this constant shaking is a good thing! Yes! Perhaps it precedes a period of peace! .........oh, who am I kidding? We're gonna die! We're all dead meat! And it's all YOUR FAULT Mars!!!
Woman #4, throne room:
The King has been worrying night and day. But he's trying to keep everyone else's spirit up. I just wish I could do more to ease his mental anguish. Seeing him like this cuts right to my heart.
What's wrong, Mars? Your face is clouded by such an expression of despair! You mustn't give up without exhausting all avenues in your quest to stop Pazort! He WANTS you to quit, of that there can be no doubbt. You are the only one that he fears. Our fate rests in your hand, young son of Jiles.
Sir Kaizel:
The look on your face can mean nothing but that you failed to stop Kari. Don't take it so hard, lad! Do you think that your father leapt from obscurity to legend? This is not the end, but the very beginning of your quest for a place in Odegan's Lore. Your father never quit, despite how dire the circumstance. You must boldly press on as well..
Hrmph, though I am disappointed by your failure at the Sand Labyrinth, I cannot lay fault with you. Kari is a strong opponent, and you certainly tried your best to stop her. Now that the Earth Elemental has been released, the ground trembles night and day. Surely this must signal th awakening of the Dark Titan! Mars, listen closely! You must try harder to stop Pazort from releasing the remaining Elementals! It matters not which you visit first, be it FIRE, WATER, or AIR, but you know that all lie to the west. I know that you have the power to stop them, Mars. You must find a way to release it!!
In the water labyrinth, boss room
Ohhh, sssso little masssster Mars finally limped to the ssscene of the crime! I'm ssso ssssorry to dissapoint you, but the Water Elemental is already on itssss way to the Catacomb Marssssh! I've been waiting for this chance to crush you ever since you humiliated me before Massster Pazort.
Sssss! Gaze longingly the Freeze Orb I hold, as I sssssmear you with the corrosssssive fury of my hate! And, sssince I can draw on the power of the water around us, your defeat is all but guaranteed!! Sssssssssssss.......
When entering the Jump Labyrinth
"Only one who bears the Orb of Ice may pass. Else... Begone!"
In the fire labyrinth, boss room
So! The "mighty" Mars finslly worms his way to my humble abode. Since you now stand before me, I take it that Bangar has fallen, correct? Hrmph, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. He was a brilliant tactician, but a poor soldier. As such, his fate was already sealed, no doubt. then, to the matter at hand. I'm afraid you're too late to prevent the release of the Fire Elemental. It is already free, racing toward the Catacomb Marsh to aid in reviving the Dark Titan.