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Shining Wisdom
USA Version Script
Saving the Hobbits
Script typed up by: SilverShadow
Script typed up by: Magnus Andersson
Talking to a tree in the Hobbit village:
Welcome to Hobbit Village, oh wearer of trendy magic shell accessories...You look as if you wish to know something. Is it about the Hobbits?
Options Yes-No
If yes
One night the village pool started to sparkle, and all the villagers gathered around in awe. Suddenly, the light radiating from the pool flared up and vanished...along with all the Hobbits!
If no
The light that took all the village members looked like a reflection from a fine mirror. Perhaps the answer to this very perplexing mystery lies in the Mirror Labyrinth! I have heard the Hobbits speak of a magic mirror that allows one to enter the Mirror Labyrinth. They also said the entrance to the Labyrinth was in this very village!
end of options
Mirror Labyrinth
When meeting Karry (boss)
I am impressed that you solved the riddle of the Mirror Labyrinth. Such fearsome cunning from the son of Jiles! Perhaps I underestimated you, Mars. Fortunately, the Hobbits we imprisoned here are seemingly dumb as posts! They lack the power to escape, which is just as Pazort intended. They cannot be allowed to...
...wait! Are you holding the Orbs of Fire and Ice? This cannot be! How can one so slight possess the power to slay Bangar and Gwaid?!!!
Had I known that you were this dangerous, I would have crushed you in the Sand Labyrinth. I intend to rectify that small error in judgement before you cause any more trouble!
Village Chief's house, afterwards
Hobbit Elder:
We are greatly indebted to you for saving us from the Sorceress Kari...
I am the Elf Magician Parn! I have come all the way from Granseal kingdom in western Palacia in search of Pazort. Mars...yes, I have heard of you. Aren't you the son of the famous hero Sir Jiles? It seems that you are just like my best friend Puck. he is becoming a great warrior, too.
I am the Elf Salah. It is truly a pleasure to meet you in person. Our quest is similar to yours, I believe. We, too, seek the Black Elf Pazort. Unfortunately, the harder we look, the easier he seems to escape us...
Hobbit Elder:
I never would have imagined that Pazort would target Hobbit Village. I was a fool to think we would be immune from his evil.
Now that you have been rescued from this trap, we are due another visit, I fear.
Three of the Elementals were released while we were in the Mirror Labyrinth, so our time to stop this terrible chain of events grows short...
Elder, we will depart for Odegan Castle and the Ancient Shrine at once. It is the only way we can get an accurate update on the Titan's condition.
All rightm then. Mars, you go to the Air Labyrinth and try to prevent the Elemental's release. If that is not possible, at least try to get the last Orb so that you have them all. If you must fight Pazort, you'll need all the help you can get.
The dark Titan is more fearsome and powerful than any beast from your worst nightmare. I pray you can stop its awakening!
Here! Take this. It's called a "Pegasus Helm". It's one of the most sacred treasures I have. You should find it immensely useful in the Air Labyrinth.
Hobbit Elder:
Mars.......we're all depending on you...
Remember, if by chance the Air Elemental is released, you must find the Shining Sword. The four orbs alone will not provide enough power to stop Pazort...Challenging him without the Shining Sword would be suicide...
Hobbit Elder:
Nuge is supposed to be able to form a barrier to magic with just his mind! But, I have heard that the barrier can be worn down with continued powerful attacks...
end of cut-scene
Hobbit at pool:
Event through you rescued us, I still have flashbacks to that horrible night. it all started out so well. The funtain glowed a myriad shades of color...and we all gathered around to admire the magic, when POOF! we were suddenly imprisoned. had you not come along, I shudder to think what would have happened to us!
Hobbit in west house:
Mars, are you the son of Sir Jiles? Ah! That explains it! Your father's nobility is beginning to show in you, too, lad!
Hobbit outside west house:
We were imprisoned within a room filled with blinding light. But, suddenly, the light faded and we were back here in the village! I wonder if it was all a bad dream sometimes...
Hobbit in southwest house:
While we were imprisoned, three of the four Elementals were released. it's only a amtter of time before the fourth one is released. Once that happens, the only way to stop the Dark Titan will be to use the Shining Sword!
Book #1 in southwest house:
Coming Soon! Another trendy item shop near the Sand Labyrinth. Many tres' cool items!
Book #2 in southwest house:
If one possesses the Mirror of Wonder, doorways will open if reflections are reflected.
Hobbit outside southwest house:
Welcome to Hobbit Village! This town is famous for the well of vigor. Try drinking from it. You'll like the result!
Hobbit in south house:
I can't believe that you defeated 3 of Pazort's 4 followers by yourself, Mars! If you defeat Nuge in the Air Labyrinth, you'll have all the Orbs!
Book #1 in south house:
The well in the Hobbit Village has given forth magical water for ages. It contains the power to heal even the most stubborn of afflictions...
Book #2 in south house:
Come to the Grand Opening of Palacia's trendiest new item shop! It's so trendy, there's no address, and definately no directions, but we will tell you it's near the hottest labyrinth in the realm!
Hobbit in east house:
Not long after we left the castle, we heard the real reason why the King wouldn't see us. We heard Pazort was holding the King's daughter. They say he was forbidden by Pazort to see any Elves or Hobbits!
Book #1 in east house:
...We cannot keep waging this hopeless war against Pazort by ourselves...
Book #2 in east house:
Twin Cape Legend - When one strong of mind that possesses the four orbs touches the black wall, Light appears!
Book #3 in east house:
Only one that possesses the Freeze orb stands a chance of obtaining the Spring Shoes...
Book #4 in east house:
Some of the Hobbits went to Granseal Island to become silver workers.
I am very happy to see that the Hobbits have returned. Ahh, but I see you've come to me for other reasons today. Have you begun wonder about the Shining Sword?
Options YES - NO
If yes
North of the Water Labyrinth there lie twin capes opposite each other. If you have all four Elemental Orbs, and stand in the right spot, the Light Labyrinth will appear. The Shining Sword is hidden deep within it.
If no
Hmm..well then, perhaps you ponder the location of the Catacomb Marsh, then? I have heard it is located beneath Odegan Castle, but I find it quite hard to believe. Legend has it that the Dark Titan rests there! Very scary stuff...
Hobbit at well:
You may drink as much water from the well as you like, but our medicine costs gold. In fact, the Hobbit Medicine costs 100 gold, to be exact. Would you care for some?
If no
Hobbit at well:
Hmm, that's too bad...It's awfully good. Well, if you change your mind, I'll be here...
If yes
if the bottle is filled
Hobbit at well:
Your medicine bottle seems to be full. Come back when it's empty, okay?
if the bottle is empty
Hobbit at well:
One Hobbit medicine bottle coming right up! *Recieved a bottle of Hobbit Medicine* Okay, the bottle is full. If you need more, you know where to find me...
if you don't have enough money
Hobbit at well:
I'm very sorry, but I can't fill your order without 100 gold. No more, no less. Come back once you have the required amount.