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Shining Wisdom
USA Version Script
Air & Light Labyrinth
Script typed up by: SilverShadow
Script typed up by: Magnus Andersson
When entering the Air Labyrinth
When the gem turns blue, then the Pegasus will soar, until the gem loses its shine.
Boss room, Air Labyrinth
Ha! So Mars arives to save the day!!
I'm impressed that you wound your way to this high peak, little one.
I personally hate places like this, and Pazort knows it, but he sent me anyway. Kari would have been much bet....wait! If you're here, then that means Kari...
Then you must have defeated Bangar and Gwaid, too! Oooh! YOu will pay!!
But, you shall suffer an extra blast of fury for taking my dear Kari!!!
I will make you writhe from the pain of a thousand searing knives of each of my tears!
At the end of Light Labyrinth
Mars... son of Jiles...The day has finally come.
Much time has passed since your heroic father, Jiles, came to this very place for the sword. I promised him on that day that the Shining Sword would one day fall to you, also.
Today, that promise stands fulfilled. Mars, hold the Shining Sword high so that all may know you are the chosen one!
YOu are now equipped to ward off any evil that may befall the land of Palacia.
Go, now, young hero! Save Odegan from the evil festering below the castle. Use the sword and the magic orbs you have collected to stop Pazort yet again!
Back at Odegan City
Boy outside magicians' house:
Did you see THAT! There was a streak of something flying in the air!
Magician #1:
Life Stock are magic vials scattered all over the land which hold extra vitality. After they are depleted, they can only be refilled by sleeping.
Magician #2:
The heavy thud technique that Dagg uses will make Accelration ineffective! Don't rely on it too heavily, or you'll be in a world of hurt!
Magician #3:
I bet Pazort uses the Rainbow Barrier to protect himself from attacks. It renders most attacks useless. But, try adjusting your magic based on its color.
Magician #4:
Now that the four Elementals have been released, the time remaining is limited. If you have the Shining Sword, you may a chance of stopping the Dark Titan. You DO have the Shining Sword, don't you?
Magician #5:
While the Titan draws power from the Elementals, don't go near it. In fact, they say that you can be blinded by just looking at the Dark Titan! Scary, no?
Man at gate:
Elves have come to Odegan once again. I think they are the same ones who were with the Hobbit Elder earlier.
Man outside inn:
I'm certain that the thing we saw flying from the west was the Air Elemental...What will we do now that it's been released?
Woman at inn:
Hey, it's nice to see someone besides Marty over there for a change. Business has been so slow, the work crew's all I see. Say! How 'bout a drink?
It appears that Odegan is on the highway to hell, and business is in the dumps. But, I still have to show up here every morning to get more depressed.
Man in northeast corner:
I knew you wre talented, but I never thought you'd solve the riddles in the labyrinths. You're much better than I thought.
Woman at fountain:
Seeing that armored beast flying in the air sparked my imagination! What if, one day, our soldiers can fly in the air like that! Wouldn't that be great?!! That would mean that our army could create an Iron Storm!
Girl (blond):
The Elves say that you were the one that saved the Hobbits from Pazorts deadly trap! You are definately becoming a hero like your father!
Girl (red):
I used to think Hobbits were the bees knees, but now I'm kinda sweet on Elves.
Woman outside church:
The Elementals can fly because they are powerful spirits. I'm not going to spend time worrying about what else they can'll make me sick.
Guard at west gate:
I wonder what happened to the forcers the King sent out to the Western district? There's been no word since they departed. I'm becoming quite alarmed!
Guard at main gate:
Mars! You made it back! I was beginning to worry about you, kiddo. I know the King is concerned, too. You'd better give him a full report.
Castle, First floor
Guard #1 west wing:
There has been a shadowy figure sighted near the west shrine. Since all of Pazort's followers have been defeated, it must be Pazort!
Guard #2 west wing:
I...can't......stop......SHAKING! This news..of the Dark..Titan!!
Guard at entrance:
Since the Air Elemental was sighted over Odegan, the shaking has stopped! I've got a very bad feeling about this...
Man #1 next to main hall:
The young Elves that came with the Hobbit Elder before have returned. They are supposed to be bearing a message from the Elder himself!
Man #2 next to main hall:
Did you know that the Marsh where the Titan was felled lies below the castle? I know...I know! I can't believe we're sitting on top of a disaster waiting to happen!
Guard #1 in main hall:
I suppose the Elf family that came with the Hobbits before were on our side. ...but, I'm taking precautions, just in case...
Guard #2 in main hall:
Mars, your strength is becoming legend! We heard that you defeated all four of Pazort's followers by yourself!
Guard #3 in main hall:
My friends who used to guard the Treasury were sent to the western district. Since they left, we have heard nothing, and I'm getting worried...
The fact that the Air Elemental has been sighted can only mean one thing. Pazort now has all the power he needs to revive the Dark Titan! It's only a matter of time until the Titan absorbs the power it needs to break free!
Second floor
Guard, east wing:
I'm glad to see that you're filling your father's shoes. I can't help but be a little jealous, though.
Guard, west wing:
I heard the sound of something huge crashing when the Air Elemental flew here.
Woman in Satera's room:
Princess Satera is acting more like a lovesick schoolgirl than a Princess lately. Rumor has it that it's all your fault.
Man in bed #1, sleeping quarters:
*snore*...Zzzz.... Zzzz....
Man in bed #2, sleeping quarters:
The weird light that I saw before was from the Hobbit village. The Hobbits said the light imprisoned them in a terrible labyrinth!
Man at table, sleeping quarters:
Guests have arrived from the Hobbit village. Of our two visitors...that's weird. The male Elf is missing...He was just here. Where could he have gone?
Alfred, sleeping quarters:
Zzzz... Zzz... man sh... shrine.... don't...don't go inside.... Zzz...
Guard #1 outside throne room:
Since Odegan's Forcers haven't come back yet, I thought I wouldn't see you any more! I can't tell you how glad I am that at least YOU came back alive, Mars.
Guard #2 outside throne room:
I guess the rumor about the hidden passage in Odegan Castle was true...
Man #1 in throne room:
I think I've held it together pretty well so far, but now that the Elementals are out...I'm scared to death!!! You've got to save us, Mars!
Man #2 in throne room:
Don't worry, Sir Mars! So a few lousy Elementals were released. Big whoop! What does that mean? There's still time to seal them again and stop Pazort. I'm not worried.
Man #3 in throne room:
What is it that makes Elf women so stinkin' sexy? Is it the ears? I don't know, but all this Elf bait around lately has me in a tizzy! Whooohoo!
Man #4 in throne room:
I certainly hope you found the Light Labyrinth to get the Shining Sword. If you don't have it, you don't stand a chance against Pazort.
Woman #1 in throne room:
Since all the Elementals are free, is this the end of Odegan? *sob* *sob* I don't wanna die!
Woman #2 in throne room:
You're going to seal away the four Elementals? You're either incredibly brave, or incredibly stupid.
Woman #3 in throne room:
We're all depending on you to save us from total destruction. But, hey, no pressure.
Woman #4 in throne room:
I don't know what it is, but I find Elf men so very...sassy! Do you think that I could tear that honeypie Parn away from that Elf Salah? ..Just, uh..., thinking out loud...
Man in King's bedroom:
Sir Mars, we're all depending on your skill to save our kingdom!
Scholar in King's bedroom:
What are you doing up here? The four Elementals have been released! There is no time to waste! Hurry to the Catacomb Marsh!
Hrmph! I certainly hope the King's faith in you pays off before we're all history! I still think you, young lad, are in over your head.
Sir Kaizel:
If you have the Shining Sword, Pazort's defeat is within your grasp!
When you leave, know that I will remain here, silently awaiting your return. Know that as you rise to fight Pazort, I am at your side, if in spirit only...I could not bear to go on if you did not come back to me...
Parn went ahead to the marsh, despite my plea that he stay. I just can't bear to think of what might have happened to him...
Oh, Mars, thank the stars you've returned! I'm certain you know by now that the Air Elemental has been released!
Bah! Of course he knows! He's the simpleton that failed to stop Pazort 4 times! We gave him a hero's task, and he failed like the boy that he...
Enough!!! Chancellor, you've overstepped your bounds!
Mars...Though you were rebuffed at every turn, you did not give up! You persisted and recovered the four Elemental Orbs. My soldiers failed to do even that! You tried your best, and I expected no less. I feel nothing but gratitude toward you.
Besides, the kingdom of Odegan isn't ruined yet! Though only the slightest hope yet remains, we must grasp it firmly and pull it to reality!!
Sir Kaizel:
Mars, since the Elementals have been released, there is only one course of action left. You must find each one and send back to the sealed labyrinths from which it came. You must leave for the Catacomb Marsh at once!
Sir Parn has already gone there to see what he could do. And, though he left quite some time ago, we have not heard from him...If you can, please look for him as you wind your way toward Pazort's Lair, for I fear he may have fallen into something for which he wasn't prepared.
Mars, the way is now open to you. The blood of Odegan's greatest hero courses through your veins. Rise and conquer!
Sir Kaizel:
In order to defeat each of the Elementals, you must have the Shining Sword. As long as you have it on your person, go forth to the Catacomb Marsh!